What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner Type for Your Needs?

What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner Type for Your Needs?

When it comes to selecting the best vacuum cleaner for the job, the type of floor you intend to hoover on will make a considerable difference in your choice.

What works well on one-floor type doesn’t necessarily mean it will work well on another type. With more of us now combining laminate flooring with carpets in our homes these days, it pays to ensure beforehand that you select the best vacuum for the most appropriate flooring type. So what is the best vacuum for your specific needs? Let's find out!

In general, there are five standard vacuum cleaner types available to purchase for use in the home.

Upright Vacuum


These types of vacuums are often the cheaper of models to buy, but they also offer a more extensive range of cleaning modes.

Many prefer an upright cleaner to get a deeper clean of all carpet types. They also offer a more powerful suction.

Most upright vacuums have various height adjustment levels. This means they can tackle multiple pile thicknesses on carpets and rugs and even work effectively on bare floors.

Available as bagged or bagless, they tend to be the easier of models to store. However, they can be quite noisy, and those heavier models are usually harder to push comfortably.

Upright cleaners are also limited, as they are unable to get into tighter corners of the room, and not always complete with many attachments.

Best for: upright vacuums are better for use on carpets and a good choice of a vacuum for shag carpets.

Canister Vacuum

What is the Best Vacuum Cleaner Type for Your Needs?

These types of vacuums are more versatile as they can clean a lot more areas and floor types, plus they come with many attachments as standard.

Usually the quieter of products, they are the lighter of vacuums and allow a smooth glide as well as sheer practicality when hoovering stairways.

With powerful suction properties, canister vacuums tend to clean just about anything including carpets, rugs, bare floors and even upholstery!

These models can also get into corners more successfully and are also able to clean ceilings while they’re at it!

Storing a canister vacuum can be awkward as they can be harder to fit into a cupboard, with the long hose and wand attached.

Some people find these models slightly annoying when you have to drag the canister around behind you everywhere you go! A great alternative to this type of vacuum cleaners is a central vacuum system, which gives you the best of both worlds: the flexibility to hoover around without the canister getting in your way, and the powerful suction only a canister vacuum can give.

Best for: canisters are convenient to use on stairs, due to their longer hose length, on carpets, and on bare floors.

Stick Vacuum


These types of vacuums are tall with long bodies and handles and a powerhead at their base. With low-profile heads, they are great at maneuvering in and around furniture, gliding effortlessly with ease.

Many stick vacuums are battery-powered and are therefore the more convenient of vacuums to use quickly and simply.

Lightweight and more ergonomic in design, these types prevent the need to bend each time you hover your floors.

A great cordless vacuum choice, the slight niggle some have with stick vacuums is their smaller dirt bin, which makes them unable to perform as well on larger surface areas.

Some users also suggest that these can be quite loud when in use!

Best for: stick vacuums are best for use on areas that don’t have as much traffic, and cordless models are also good for hard-to-reach areas.

Handheld Vacuum


These types of vacuums are small handy units which are designed for use on the go and lightweight in construction.

Available as corded or cordless models, they are perfect for use on all car interiors.

Many people like to use handheld vacuums on the stairs due to their ease when holding them and their lack of cords, canisters, and tools dragging behind!

Perfect for smaller areas of the home, they are great at picking up surface dirt and can be used on both carpets and bare floors.

Usually considered for jobs such as crumb cleaning or removal of pet hair, these models aren’t considered the best regarding suction due to their lower power range and lack of capacity to hold much dirt inside them.

Best for: handheld models are among the best vacuums for stairs and are also great for quick small cleaning jobs.

Robotic Vacuum


These types of vacuums are ideal for setting them down in a room and just letting them do the work of hoovering for you!

Perfect for light work, robotic vacuums work on gliding across the room and performing a light vacuum of the area. However, they aren’t usually considered the greatest of cleaners.

These models are also not recommended for those rooms with rugs or a shag carpet, due to the fibers being more than likely to clog up the vacuum.

Some robotic vacuums can be controlled by an app, which makes them great for those who want a room touched up when they are out, and are great for in between cleans.

Best for: robotic vacuums are best for use on bare floors where there are minimal obstacles to maneuver around. There are even robot mops that you can use on your tile or laminate floors.

Hopefully, this information will guide you through the word of vacuums and help you find the best one for your needs!

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