What is the Best Pillow for You? Choose the One and Sleep Well!

What is the Best Pillow for You? Choose the One and Sleep Well!

Many of us take the time to research and consider a selection of mattresses before making a mattress purchase. However, when it comes to selecting our pillows with care, unfortunately, we often don't even know what is the best pillow type for our individual needs and how to choose one.

By investing a small amount of time, as well as a little extra money, we can be sure of getting the best pillow for our individual needs and wake up feeling refreshed. A more informed purchase will also prevent you suffering from headaches and neck pain, and in some cases even numbness in the arms and shoulders, upon waking every morning.

What Type of Sleeper Are You?

You may wonder how to go about selecting the correct pillow for your specific needs? After all, with a wealth of these products on the market, how can you assure you’re getting the most suitable product?

It is worth remembering here that one size does not fit all when it comes to pillow choice! You need to find out what type of sleeper you are beforehand. There are three predominant types of sleepers including back sleepers, stomach sleepers, and side sleepers:

Back Sleepers

back-sleeperIf you tend to sleep on your back, the best kind of pillow for you is a medium support pillow. The reason for this is because you do not want to push your neck up too high and therefore throw it forward.

However, if you can select a thinner pillow which has a bit of lift in the bottom of the pillow, this will help to cradle your neck. This type is also considered the most practical pillow for shoulder pain.

The key here is to opt for a pillow which offers you all-over support and is consistent in this. A memory foam pillow is perfect here as it works to mold to both your head and neck shape. You could also try an ergonomic design here as well.

Stomach Sleepers

stomach-sleeperIf you find that your preferred sleeping position is on your stomach, you may at times notice slight niggles and pains in the lower of your back during the day. Sleeping on your front means placing much stress on the lower of the back.

A soft support pillow is recommended here as the best pillow for stomach sleepers, as not to elevate the head and neck above the body, thereby preventing any arch of the spine. You could also try a water pillow or a pillow with natural fillings, all of which give gentle support.

Health experts will often recommend those stomach sleepers amongst us try and develop better sleeping habits, for example lying on our sides instead.

However, if you find this difficult to get used to, you could always try hugging a body pillow, which gives the effect of sleeping against something but is actually better for you in the long term.

Side Sleepers

side-sleeperOne of the more common ways of sleeping is on your side. If this is how you prefer to sleep, then a firm pillow or medium firm pillow will do the job well here.

The idea here is to ensure that you align your spine correctly when you sleep on your side, and this means selecting a pillow type that has an extensive enough support to enable you to link that crucial distance between your ear and shoulder.

These types of pillows should provide you with the right amount of height. However, you could also benefit from a medium to firm or firm pillow here that also offers added neck support, thus being a suitable type of pillow for neck pain.

Consider an Alternative Type of Pillow

If you find that you sleep in a variety of all these positions throughout the night, you may subsequently wonder just what pillow would be suited to someone like you? An overwhelming majority of us will take up many positions while sleeping, so you could consider here one of the best pillows for combination sleepers. It will combine the necessary support with plushness that you need when you turn over to sleep on your stomach and medium height to support your head as you turn on your side.

Here, why not look at the many benefits of a bamboo pillow? Designed to support all types of sleepers, this pillow type offers all the required support you need throughout the night and is made up of what many in the industry believe to be a perfect consistency!

And of course, if you're looking for a pillow for your little one, remember that a pillow designed for adults won't work. You'll need a special toddler pillow made of hypoallergenic and safe materials and small enough for a little head.

Additional Ways to Ensure the Effectiveness of Your Pillow

As well as selecting the right type of pillow for your primary sleeping position, you should also bear in mind how you care for your pillow, as over time with continued use, all pillows will begin to reduce in usefulness:

  • Try to get into the habit of regularly plumping your pillow to encourage its natural shape.
  • Consider placing a pillow protector over your pillow to prevent discoloring while protecting its
  • Ensure to read the washing guidance that comes with your pillow, so you care for it correctly.

Change Your Sleeping Habits in an Instant

With experts recommending that we change our pillows at least every 18 months to 2 years, and the average adult sleeping around a third of their lifetime, you owe it to yourself to buy the best pillow you can. Ensure the perfect balance between comfort and support and you will manage some of the best night’s sleep you’ve ever experienced - for a long time to come!

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