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Do you want to lose fat and get your heart fit? Or would you love to climb a flight of stairs or even walk for some distance without wheezing like you’re going to die? Then lace up your sneakers. There’s no exercise better for your heart than walking, jogging, running or sprinting. Now, running outside can have its advantages when you live in a good neighborhood. However, not everyone has this option. If you for some reason can’t always run outdoors, you should consider getting the best treadmill.

In this post, we will consider 15 of the best options on the market right now after reviewing more than 30 different models. From our research and testing, our top pick is the Exerpeutic TF1000. The TF1000 is primarily made for walkers. It has a top speed of 4 mph. The 1.5 HP motor is decently powerful. It also has a clear LCD screen that reveals distance, energy burned, pulse rate, pace as well as time. It can carry weights of up to 400 pounds. Due to the design, it is a silent unit. Hence, no person else inside the residence will know that you are walking on a treadmill. We will discuss more of its features as well as those of the other 14 products reviewed in this post.

In creating this post, we considered several important factors. Some of these factors include the type, weight limit, dimensions and weight. We spent hours researching scores of these products and are sure that you’ll find this post helpful. Aside from the in-depth reviews of each product, we have also provided a buying guide, a comparison table and an FAQ section. Read on to find out more!

Top 15 Treadmills Review 2021


Exerpeutic TF1000Editor’s Choice

  • Type: motorized
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Workout programs: not specified
  • Max. speed: 4MPH
  • Incline: 2
  • Dimensions: 60 x 36 x 15 inches
  • Weight: 142 lbs.

More features: extra-long handles; 5-year motor and 1-year frame warranty

Exerpeutic treadmills are made by Paradigm Health & Wellness. Paradigm is a well-known producer of high range health products at less expensive prices.

In addition to the treadmills, Paradigm makes and sells quite a few other fitness merchandises including inversion tables, elliptical trainers, education cycles, bikes, rubdown tables and amongst others.

The TF1000 is primarily made for walkers. It has a top speed of 4 mph. The 1.5 HP motor is decently powerful. It also has a clear LCD screen that reveals distance, energy burned, pulse rate, pace as well as time. It can carry weights of up to 400 pounds. Due to the design, it is a silent unit. Hence, no person else inside the residence will know that you are walking on a treadmill. Another thing we love which separates this version from other treadmills available within the marketplace is that it’s available at a low cost rate. In fact, it is significantly less expensive than the average price charged by gyms for annual memberships.

Since this is meant for home use, it’s compact and easy to put away. You can, without difficulty, fold it down to a totally compact size. Although it weighs around 120 pounds, moving it is not that hard. There are wheels on the front that make it easy to move once it is folded up.

This product comes almost fully assembled out of the box. We discovered that it has a fifteen-minute assembly.

The handlebars comes at 18″ which is nearly twice that of the standard treadmill handles. This makes it simpler to get on and off the treadmill.

In addition, the velocity and heart charge controls are on the bars for convenience.

Another factor that separates this machine from others available on the market is that this model is extraordinarily quiet. The belt has a width of 20 inches and a length of 40 inches. It is as wide as the treadmills normally located in health clubs. This width also makes the treadmill more secure to use.

It makes use of the Quiet Drive system that reduces the noise while using it. This is essential if you need to pay attention to kids around the house.

What makes it special?

  • Weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comfortable to use
  • Very safe to use
  • Dual inclined positions
  • Adjustable speed settings
  • Excellent safety handles

What cons did we find?

  • The wheels get stuck
  • Low handle for short people
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XTERRA Fitness TR150Best Value

  • Type: motorized
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Workout programs: 12
  • Max. speed: 10MPH
  • Incline: 3
  • Dimensions: 63.4 x 28.75 x 51.4 inches
  • Weight: 3 lbs.

More features: lifetime warranty on frame, 1-year warranty on motor; XTRA Soft Cushioned Deck technology

If you’re seeking out a lower priced treadmill, the XTERRA TR150 is genuinely one to place on your list. It’s no longer a commercial-grade system; however, it does have quite sturdy construction. It offers 10 MPH max speed and additionally has a manual incline.

All the steel elements in the frame are made with a corrosion-resistant paint finish. Thus, despite being considered a light-duty option, it comes with a sturdy build that can last for a long time. The only plastic parts are found on the dashboard, covers and motor cover.

It can easily hold weights up to 250 pounds.

The XTERRA TR150 isn’t always as big as a business trainer. However, it’s still 63.4″ (161 cm) long, and 28.75″ (73 cm) wide.

Coupled with the small size, it is great to note that it is also foldable. When folded, you can keep it in small spaces. This is great, especially if you have limited space in your home.

One issue here is the weight. Although it is compact, it weighs about 108 pounds. Fortunately, there are wheels that allow you move it around with relative ease.

It offers a running surface of 50″L x 16″W (127 x 40.6 cm). A person taller than 6’0 ″ (183 cm) may additionally find this short for an enjoyable stride. But for short people or those of middling stride, it is an excellent option.

As it isn’t an expensive option, it comes with a manual incline system.

This cushioning device includes three shock absorption factors on every facet of the deck.

The XTERRA Fitness TR150 is geared up with a 2.25 HP motor. The unit’s motor gives a speed variety among 0.5 MPH and 10 MPH. While this isn’t a very powerful motor, it should be sufficient for your regular needs.

It comes with different workout programs. We also love that it is relatively quiet when in use.

What are our favorite features?

  • Sturdy construction
  • Up to 250 pounds weight capacity
  • Foldable, compact design
  • Transport wheels
  • 3 adjustment levels

What could be better?

  • Inaccurate calorie calculator
  • Non-backlit display
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  • Type: manual
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs.
  • Workout programs: –
  • Max. speed: –
  • Incline: 1
  • Dimensions: 45 x 23 x 50 inches
  • Weight: 46 lbs.

More features: folds and locks in the upright position for storage; 1-year warranty

MaxKare Manual Walking Treadmillare a popular manufacturer that makes exercising system and then sells them at wholesale price. The MaxKare Manual Walking Treadmill is their cheapest entry-level treadmill to date that tries to trap in clients seeking to begin working out. With a meager price tag, it is MaxKare’s affordable system.

We recommend that users stunt their expectations a little when it comes to buying a cheap treadmill since gadget is sure to be missing in features and options due to the low price tag.

The machine comes with assembly dimensions of 46 inches length, 23 inches width, and 50 inches of height. It is compact and consists of an area-saving design which ensures that the treadmill will not take an excessive amount of area for your room. It is also capable of being folded and might measure as much as 20 x 23 x 49 inches whilst in that state. Built-in wheels at the base will help you transport the treadmill from one place to the other as a way to save storage area.

The MaxKare Manual Walking Treadmill is created from a heavy-duty steel body and weighs 44 pounds. It seems to be pretty durable for use and has a weight capability of 250 pounds which is pretty right for this type of low-value treadmill. It is also customized with a heavy-duty flywheel with the intention to offer an easy and consistent walking operation suited to your fitness needs. Since there’s no motor, the rate of the belt relies totally on you and how rapid you need your training to be.

The lack of motor also signifies no noise, and you could consequently do your exercise in relative silence while paying attention to music and even talking with your family.

Admittedly it does have its fair share of problems. For one, the display is too basic, and the incline cannot be adjusted. While it would’ve been great to have an adjustable incline, it ends up being a totally properly-rounded machine considering the price. With those matters in mind, we strongly advise you purchase this one if you’re looking to begin exercising on treadmill for your home. Entry level manual treadmills do not get much better than this.

What are our favorite features?

  • Extremely cheap
  • Compact
  • Foldable and built-in wheels
  • Weight capacity of 250 pounds

What could be better?

  • Narrow running suurface
  • No adjustable incline settings.
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Fitness Reality TR1000Best Simple Use

  • Type: manual
  • Weight capacity: 230 lbs.
  • Workout programs:
  • Max. speed:
  • Incline: 2, 6 and 10 degrees
  • Dimensions: 47 x 23 x 51 inches
  • Weight: 49 lbs.

More features: foldable design; LCD display (batteries included); 1-year warranty

Walking is one of the best ways to reduce your weight and to keep yourself fit and active. During the summer, it becomes impossible for one to go for a walk or a run without getting out of breath or annoyed by excessive sweat. For this reason, and for having privacy whilst exercising, you ought to get a treadmill for your home.

This treadmill comes with several exceptional capabilities to make your workouts highly enjoyable.

The Fitness Reality TR1000 Treadmill, which includes 2 Level Incline & Twin Flywheels also comes with an LCD screen which suggests your exercise development to keep you up to date and motivated. It shows elapsed time, distance walked, energy burned, pace and scan.

Also, this exercise machine has 2 degrees of inclination, 6 stages and 10 ranges. You can modify it in line with how tough you want your workout to be. This treadmill does not have a motor so that you will have to rotate the belt manually. This makes your workouts extra effective.

This Fitness Reality TR1000 treadmill is very lightweight, weighing around 49 pounds. This reason, along with the transportation wheels, makes it very smooth to transport from one location to another. This exercise device does now not take up a lot of space in the room as well because of its compact size. You can fold it after you’re done working out.

The dual flywheel feature makes sure the user is provided with a clean walk or run. Also, it does not let the treadmill produce excessive noise. The lengthy handlebars feel snug and secure as they’re foamed. The robust metal frame guarantees the device can undergo a weight of 230 pounds.

Buy the Fitness Reality TR1000 Manual Treadmill with 2 Level Incline & Twin Flywheels for your home or the gym due to its first-class capabilities like the LCD, lengthy handles and the twin flywheel. You can be happy with the results, although you might be bumped by the effort required to move the treadmill because it has no motor.

Why did it make our list?

  • Compact size and lightweight
  • Increases portability
  • Long and comfortable handles
  • Smooth and quiet workouts

What is not ideal about it?

  • Tricky assembly
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NordicTrack Commercial 1750Best Membership Program

  • Type: motorized
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Workout programs: 16,000+ (through the app)
  • Max. speed: 12MPH
  • Incline: up to 15%
  • Dimensions: 81.2 x 39.2 x 69.9 inches
  • Weight: 309 lbs.

More features: 1-year free iFit membership; 10-inch color display; 10-year frame warranty, 2-year parts warranty, and 1-year labor warranty

The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 is ranked a top of the line folding treadmill. Also constructed with power incline/decline, the Commercial 1750 is one among the nicest treadmills for iFit Coach workout routines with simulated outdoor routes.

It comes with such features as Bluetooth speakers, touchscreen compatibility, and more.

Unlike some reviewed above that come with manual incline and decline, this unit features auto incline and decline. The exercises are terrific to apply with the 1750’s incline and decline which levels from -three to +15, permitting trainees to construct muscle and come to be stronger runners/walkers.

It comes with iFit Coach App. iFit gives customers unlimited customized workouts through their month-to-month membership. Furthermore, you will get tutorial videos from some reputable fitness gurus. If you have the app synced with Google Maps, you can plan a route of your choice, and the app will let it be as if you were actually running on the route. This is usually a very immersive program. The treadmill will simulate the terrain. Therefore, you get the cadence of the ground.

It features EasyLift technology which allows you to put it away easily and compactly when you aren’t using the treadmill.

Cushioning is another excellent feature of this treadmill. It can carry up to 300 pounds; hence you can pound on it without any damage.

While it is an entry-level option on the market, it gives some of the best performance we’ve seen.

Performance specifications consist of a high pleasant 3.75 CHP motor, energy incline/decline, and deck suspension with firmness settings. All these ensure that it is a powerful, reliable unit capable of helping with intense workouts.

Heart rate tracking permits users to extra correctly keep track of their development and achieve the mission of improving their cardiovascular abilities.

The belt is wider than what you might be used to. However, this ensures better stability.

Why are we impressed?

  • Powerful
  • Gentle undulation
  • Heart rate tracker

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Heavy
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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1407MBest for Kids

  • Type: manual
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs.
  • Workout programs:
  • Max. speed:
  • Incline: 1
  • Dimensions: 49 x 23 x 50 inches
  • Weight: 58 lbs.

More features: soft foam handlebar; non-slip running surface

The Sunny Health & Fitness comes with a high-grade build that ensures an intense domestic exercising with the SF-T1408M Manual Walking Treadmill. This top-quality treadmill has a robust steel frame with a user weight capacity of 220 lbs. The body is likewise foldable, so while you’re finished with your workout, you can get it out of the way quickly.

Even although the body is solid, it best weighs 66 pounds, so that you can wheel it out of the way without a strain.

The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1408M Manual Walking Treadmill affords 3 incline positions to get your heart pumping as you enjoy a work out session. And you could track your heart with the pulse grip heart price monitoring. This ability is not commonly found in low-level options on the market. Hence, it makes it better than the typical options. When used properly, this option ensures that you burn extra calories and enhance your cardiovascular health quicker. The console in this treadmill also gives you the ability to reveal your time, distance, pace and energy burned simultaneously. For the money, and for walking at home, this Sunny Manual Walking Treadmill is one of the greatest alternatives on the market.

On an entry stage treadmill, you don’t expect these many great features. The capacity to tune your coronary heart fee will help you out immensely in dropping weight and enhancing your cardiovascular fitness. By calculating your desired heart rate zones and ensuring you are running out in those zones, the calories will reduce. You won’t discover this option on many treadmills in this range.

Another splendid characteristic on the SF-T1408 M Manual Walking Treadmill is the capacity to incline the belt surface. Again, this is a function that you don’t usually have on low-stage treadmills. Having the capacity to incline the treadmill is first rate for adding depth to your exercising. While you may be buying this treadmill to get a little more active, within a few months, you will be searching out methods to get even a harder exercising. Incline adjustment is the perfect way to do this.

The biggest issue with the Sunny SF-T1408M Manual Walking Treadmill is the dimensions of the belt surface. At 13” wide, this belt is extraordinarily narrow, but if you are a smaller person or you plan it to be used by kids, it’s obviously your best pick.

For the money, the Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1408M Manual Walking Treadmill is difficult to beat. It is properly built and made by way of a reputable manufacturer within the fitness industry. This treadmill gives some excellent capabilities for buying a good, extreme exercising like 3 incline settings and coronary heart charge tracking.

What are our favorite features?

  • Portable
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • Excellent incline

What could be better?

  • Thin belt size
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Exerpeutic Magnetic Manual TreadmillBest Manual Treadmill

  • Type: manual
  • Weight capacity: 325 lbs.
  • Workout programs: –
  • Max. speed:
  • Incline: 3
  • Dimensions: 50 x 29 x 50 inches
  • Weight: 73 lbs.

More features: 3-year warranty; shows speed, distance, calories, time

The Exerpeutic Magnetic Manual Treadmill is certainly one of the most low-priced treadmills on the market today.

It features a wide running area that is bigger than that found in other models in the price range. As it comes completely assembled, you do not have to do much work setting it up yourself.

There are certain features that are quite useful, as well. One of these is a display that shows important things like speed, distance and more.

While it isn’t electrically powered, it comes with 8 levels of magnetic resistance. Therefore, you have to run it under your own power.

It is lightweight and foldable. To help you transport it, this unit also comes with useful wheels. Hence, you can save some space even if you have a small apartment.

Why did it make our list?

  • Good price
  • 8 magnetic resistance levels
  • Onboard computer to track progress

What is not ideal about it?

  • Not as sturdy as more expensive machines

Bowflex BXT216Best Weight Capacity

  • Type: motorized
  • Weight capacity: 400 lbs.
  • Workout programs: 11
  • Max. speed: 12MPH
  • Incline: up to 15%
  • Dimensions: 85 x 39 x 55 inches
  • Weight: 341 lbs.

More features: 9-inch color LCD display; SoftDrop technology

Up next is the BXT216. It is a highly rated tread treadmill that comes with several useful features that will surely appeal to the most demanding runners.

Bowflex is a reputable company that produces high quality exercising products. This particular model comes with important features like a full color workout screen, calorie calculators, wireless heart rate monitorings, and other impressive features.

It is a heavy-duty unit that can hold weights of up to 400 pounds.

Considering all these extensive features, it is therefore somewhat surprising that it comes with a foldable frame. Foldable frames often lie in the category of ‘weak’ treadmills. However, this unit is quite versatile. Due to this design, it is easy to use in a small space. It is quite easy to fold and unfold it as it comes with shock-assist technology.

It features a 4.0 CHP belt motor. This powerful motor means that you can enjoy wonderful performance for extended periods. While many others on the market come with around 3.0 CHP power, this maximum CHP from this unit makes it a top choice for anyone looking to get the most from their workout.

It comes with one of the biggest workout belt surfaces from all the products we have reviewed. As with several high-quality options, it is a three-ply belt. Therefore, it feels thick and delivers powerful performance. Furthermore, this design means that you don’t have to do frequent maintenance. It also does not require any recalibration.

The rollers are also some of the largest on this roundup. The rollers are 2.75” in diameter. Therefore, it lasts longer than you might expect. You can expect it to last as long as even health club rollers.

There are extra features as well that improve the overall usability.

You enjoy Bluetooth connectivity and wireless heart tracking. This can help you transfer your fitness statistics to Bluetooth compatible devices.

There are several workout programs available on a 9” screen. The 11 training programs offer you a wide variety of options. You can decide what you want to focus on in real time.

What makes it stand out?

  • Incredible horsepower
  • Wide belt size
  • Excellent belt rollers
  • Bluetooth, heart rate monitoring features

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • The folding technology has some issues
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Best Choice Products Portable Fitness TreadmillBest Portable Treadmill

  • Type: manual
  • Weight capacity: 240 lbs.
  • Workout programs:
  • Max. speed:
  • Incline: 1
  • Dimensions: 44 x 22.5 x 45 inches
  • Weight: 44 lbs.

More features: foldable with wheels; digital display

Next is a manually controlled treadmill. The Best Choice Treadmill is undoubtedly one of the best manual treadmills on the market today. Due to the design, you do not need to have any electrical connections before you can use the treadmill.

As it is powered by your sheer power you will definitely burn a whole lot more calories than with your typical models. It comes with an LCD screen that shows you important information to guide your workout. Some of the important parameters that you will find on the screen include the time, speed, distance, and estimated amount of calories expended.

While you might wish for an electric-powered model, manual models come with certain advantages. First, since it is not electrically powered, you don’t have trip hazards due to cables. Furthermore, the lack of electricity reduces danger to pets or children.

It is a robust unit that is made with good quality parts. The sturdy base contributes heavily to the weight. However, it ensures that your treadmill doesn’t slip as you workout.

It can carry a weight of up to 200 pounds. This is relatively low, however, considering that this isn’t a high-end model, it isn’t too shabby. Despite the robust build, it is good to know that it can be moved rather easily.

Another interesting thing about this model is that it is foldable. It can be easily folded and locked. To transport it, you can use the two wheels in front.

It offers users with incline settings as well. This unit offers you a pair of incline settings. Therefore, it adds another dimension to your workout routine. Whether you are a beginner or a frequent runner, you’ll get in shape by using this feature after some months. After some months of working out, you might want to increase the intensity of your workout. The adjustable incline offers you the ability to do this quite easily.

You will be hard pressed to find a better option at this price on the market. While it isn’t the absolute best in this price range, it comes with several other options that are sure to make your workout more enjoyable and productive than usual.

Why did it make our list?

  • Light and compact
  • Space saving design
  • Low noise

What is not ideal about it?

  • Poor assembly instructions
  • No workout programs
  • Limited running area
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Sole Fitness TD80Best Desk Design

  • Type: motorized
  • Weight capacity: 325 lbs.
  • Workout programs: 3
  • Max. speed: 4MPH
  • Incline: not specified
  • Dimensions: 78 x 47 x 57 inches
  • Weight: 284 lbs.

More features: 47 x 31 usable desk; adjustable desk height; Cushion Flex Whisper Deck; foldable design

In today’s world, more and more employers are concerned about productivity and health of their workers. The TD80 is an excellent treadmill that comes with a large work surface that lets workers maintain good health while working. It comes with a big work surface with plenty of real estate, a robust and durable frame, and impressive usability.

As a desk treadmill, it does not come with the same amount of technological features as other types of treadmills on the market. It also does not give you the same level of speed as some of the other models on this roundup. However, if you are looking for a desk treadmill, speed and advanced features aren’t likely top on your list of desired features.

A desk treadmill is primarily designed to provide you with a walking pace while you are doing other stuff. Therefore, you do not expect to run at 9 miles an hour. Furthermore, since the LCD screen can actually hamper your work, it isn’t also a needed feature.

One benefit of a desk treadmill is that you walk more than you usually would on a regular day. This makes you fitter and improves your health.

This unit comes with basic features. Some of these include a 2.5 CHP motor. It also comes with a top speed of 4 miles an hour. Lastly, you can choose the speed settings. These come in the generic slow, fast, and medium settings.

It is very straightforward to use. It also comes in a portable size. Therefore, you can easily put it away after you are done working out.

Why are we impressed?

  • Large desktop
  • Adjustable desktop height
  • 2.5 CHP motor
  • High quality frame construction
  • Foldable design for easy storage.

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • It cannot incline
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US STOCK Samury Folding TreadmillBest USB Connection

  • Type: motorized
  • Weight capacity: 265 lbs.
  • Workout programs: 12
  • Max. speed: 10 mph
  • Incline: not specified
  • Dimensions: 44 x 13.8 x 52 inches
  • Weight: 61.7 lbs.

More features: built-in speakers; USB port; Bluetooth enabled

The next unit on this roundup is not a very popular option. However, from our testing and reviews, it is one of the best treadmills in its category.

If you live in a small apartment and space is important, then you need to look for equipment that will conserve space. Aside from an ability to save space, it is also essential that the equipment comes with impressive durability. The best bet for such small spaces is foldable treadmills. Earlier in this review, we have reviewed some really good foldable units. The Samury Folding Treadmill is a good example of such a treadmill.

As a foldable option, it allows you to keep it away without plenty of problems. It comes in a compact form factor and can be put away in a jiffy.

This unit, despite the relative small size, comes with several useful features. For instance, you will find that it has a clear multi-functional LED display. This will assist you to track essential parameters like your speed, distance run properly or walked, the number of calories burned and more. It is highly effective, and you can be sure of getting fitter by using it.

After it has been set up, it is quite easy to use. This unit comes with Bluetooth compatibility. Therefore, you can listen to your favorite music or podcasts as you work.

Performance-wise, it comes with a 2.5 HP motor. While this is not the most powerful available on the market, it is good enough for new users. It also features 12 preset workout programs that will improve your fitness.

What are our favorite features?

  • Multifunctional
  • Affordable
  • Compact, foldable design

What could be better?

  • Relatively poor durability
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MaxKare Folding TreadmillBest Materials

  • Type: motorized
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs.
  • Workout programs: 15
  • Max. speed: 8.5MPH
  • Incline: 3
  • Dimensions: 53.39 x 26.18 x 45.95 inches
  • Weight: 91 lbs.

More features: multi-layer running belt

This unit is one of the most popular options available on the market today: with no surprise. It comes with an excellent design that elevates it above several of its contemporaries on the market right now. In fact, some of the features are better than those found in more expensive models.

For instance, it comes with up to 15 inbuilt programs. These programs come in a wide variety and when followed, will improve your workout experience. With these programs, you can set body-oriented goals. Some of the things you can enhance by using these include improved endurance, heart health, weight reduction, and more. There is a clear LCD monitor that helps you to keep track of time spent, distance travelled, calories expended, and more.

It comes with a 2.5 HP motor. The maximum speed of 8.5 mph means that you get all the speed you need for all but high-intensity workouts. One advantage of this unit is that the running surface is quite wide. Therefore, you get plenty of stability. If you are a big-sized person, you will definitely find it very useful.

Another advantage of the unit is the trio of incline levels. Each of these can be manually set.

It is a well built unit. The frame is made of high grade steel and can hold up 220 pounds. While this is definitely not the best in this category, it is useful for people of average weight. The stability is aided by a sturdy base that has a rubber mat underneath. The mat offers several advantages. It absorbs vibration, and it ensures durability. It also protects the floor of your space.

As with some of the options reviewed so far, it can be folded. Thus, it is easy to store and great for all types of apartments.

Since the engine isn’t very powerful, you shouldn’t consider using this treadmill for heavy workouts. It is primarily great for jogging, brisk walking and light workout. Any intense workout can ultimately cause problems for the unit.

One of the best things we observed about this treadmill is the running surface. It has one of the best running surfaces of any treadmill. This surface ticks several boxes. First, it is made from several layers. These layers serve different functions. There is a layer that reduces the effect of friction, another reduces noise, one is made to absorb shock, and the top layer is made of high strength material.

Therefore, you can enjoy a good, quiet workout in your home.

What makes it special?

  • 15 pre-set programs
  • Manual incline system with 3 levels
  • Compact and has a space-saving design
  • Portable with transport wheels

What cons did we find?

  • No online or Bluetooth connectivity
  • It is not suitable for serious runners
  • No tablet holder
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Goplus Under Desk Electric TreadmillBest for Home Office

  • Type: motorized
  • Weight capacity: 220 lbs.
  • Workout programs: 3+12
  • Max. speed: 4MPH
  • Incline: up to 5%
  • Dimensions: 51.5 x 23.5 x 6 inches
  • Weight: 63.9 lbs.

More features: super compact; remote control included

The GoPlus Underdesk treadmill is a unique treadmill that comes with several innovative features. It is definitely not the most powerful unit on this roundup, but it can be termed as the most ‘ambitious’. It comes with several technologies that make your workout more enjoyable.

Despite the nice features, it is quite economical and is certainly one of the cheapest on the market right now. If you are looking for a treadmill you can use while you work, then you’ll be hard pressed to find a better option on the market right now. It comes in a compact form factor which means that you can use it even in small spaces.

The deck length of 41” is great for those with small strides and keeps with the compact design. While the length is forgiving to small-sized people, the width is quite impressive. It offers plenty of walking space and ensures stability.

Another interesting feature is the shockproof design. Hence, walking on the treadmill is a soft experience that feels like you are treading on soft ground. It features several inbuilt programs that are really useful in improving your fitness levels.

You also get an LCD display that is bright at all times of the day. It gives you essential information like time, distance and more. Interestingly, it is a remote-controlled unit. The remote has a range of up to 15 meters.

What are its best features?

  • Wireless remote control
  • Noise-reduction features
  • Top speed of 4mph
  • Wide walking platform
  • Touchscreen LCD display

What could be improved?

  • Low maximum weight
  • Only runs for 99 consecutive minutes
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Nautilus T618Best Upgrade Pick

  • Type: motorized
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Workout programs: 26
  • Max. speed: 12MPH
  • Incline: up to 15%
  • Dimensions: 72.2 x 35.2 x 57.6 inches
  • Weight: 200 lbs.

More features: Bluetooth connectivity; Nautilus Trainer 2 App available; synchronization with RunSocial App; integrated handrail speed and incline controls

The penultimate option on this roundup is the Nautilus T618. It is a full-sized unit and is great for all types of runners. The 3’ x 16’ dimensions make it a big option. Due to this large size, it isn’t surprising that it is one of the heaviest options on this roundup. If you have a small space, you might be better off looking for a smaller option. It is not a lightweight option to be easily folded and kept under your bed. Instead, the folding option simply allows you to fold it in place. Once this is done, it is a relief to know that it is secure. To ensure safety, it doesn’t fall suddenly when released. The slow release is safe, especially if you have kids or pets in the home.

In keeping up with the relatively large size, it isn’t surprising that it comes with a relatively powerful motor. The 3.5 CHP motor is impressive. If you are looking for an intense workout, the 12 mph top speed should prove the challenge that you need. Thus, if you are training for a race or marathon, then you should look closely at purchasing this unit.

If you want an even harder challenge, you can activate the secondary motor. This serves to incline the track up to 15%. Therefore, you will get the challenging terrain you desire.

The belt is quite impressive. This should not be surprising since it is one of the most expensive on this roundup. It comes as a 3-ply belt. Therefore, it is very durable and thick. This also means that it is quiet during operation.

The 2.75” rollers are some of the biggest on this roundup as well. The large diameter ensures smoother rotation and reduces wear and tear.

Other interesting features include the chest strap that wirelessly tracks your heart rate. It comes with sufficient memory to track your statistics. Hence, you can gauge your progress over a period.

These statistics can be transferred as well to any Bluetooth compatible device.

To help to reduce discomfort and contribute to a more enjoyable workout, you also get a fan, speakers, and water bottle holder.

What are our favorite features?

  • Media shelf securely holds phone/tablet
  • Bluetooth enabled for wireless stats sharing
  • Chest strap for wireless pulse monitoring
  • Water bottle holder and towel rack
  • User weight capacity is 350 pounds

What could be better?

  • Heavy machine weight
  • Poor warranty
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Spirit Fitness XT285Best Bluetooth Compatibility

  • Type: motorized
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Workout programs: 8
  • Max. speed: 12MPH
  • Incline: up to 12%
  • Dimensions: 80 x 35 x 58 inches
  • Weight: 235.90 lbs.

More features: handlebar mounted toggles; accessory storage; folding design; Bluetooth compatible

The last on this roundup is the excellent Spirit XT285. It might be the last, but it is not the least in terms of performance.

The 2.75 CHP motor allows you to engage in some intense workout sessions. Despite the intensity of your workout, it is quiet and convenient to use.

This unit is a very durable option, as well. The metal frame is sturdy and can take a beating without any significant damage.

Despite the sturdy and robust steel frame, it is still a foldable unit. Hence, you can keep it conveniently and safely. If you have a relatively small space, you’ll likely love using this unit.

It should be noted that the tread belt isn’t especially designed for people with lengthy strides. It is thus great for folks that have medium to short strides.

Additionally, you’ll find that this unit comes with excellent shock absorption. Therefore, if you are just recovering from injuries, you’ll find it an excellent unit.

To enhance comfort as you exercise, it features rotating cooling fans. You will also likely enjoy the speakers that belt out your favourite songs.

Overall, it is an economical unit that serves you excellently over time.

What do we love it for?

  • Easy to use
  • Compact
  • Smooth and quiet operation

What were we disappointed with?

  • Small tread for tall runners
  • Small motor
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Things to Consider

In the section above, we reviewed 15 of the best treadmills on the market right now. Let’s now consider some of the important features that can affect your buying choice. We will also discuss other information that can assist you to choose wisely.

Benefits of a Treadmill

Running is great for your health. However, it’s even better when you have a treadmill in your personal gym. Let’s see these benefits.

Lower Impact

There is a difference between running on a treadmill and pounding on concrete.

A treadmill is better due to the fact that it has easier surface for you to run on. It is even better when it comes with some shock absorption too. The treadmill also gives an even walking surface. Therefore, you don’t suffer from jolts as you walk or run.

15 Best Treadmills - Feel Free Any TimeControl

Another advantage of running on a treadmill is that you are completely on top of things. Depending on your fitness, you may want a simple walk or run, or an extreme run. It’s exquisite for humans of all health levels due to the fact you may personalize the exercising to your liking.

Due to the technologies embedded in them now, you see what your health level is and how hard you are exercising your body.

The best treadmills will show you all the important information that impacts your health and fitness. You will be able to track your progress over time.

Improved Cardio

One of the most obvious advantages that come alongside with going for walks or brisk jogs and runs on a regular basis is that it is fantastic in your cardiovascular fitness. First, normal aerobic exercise helps to improve heart fitness and the stream of blood in your body. More movement clearly ensures that your muscle groups get extra oxygen. This means that you have better endurance and can for longer periods without breaking down.

With improved cardiovascular health comes better blood pressure. Hence, if you are suffering from such issues as blood pressure, running on a treadmill can certainly help you. It can aid in stopping coronary heart ailment and the hazard of suffering a heart attack.

Another good thing from using a treadmill is that it eliminates harmful cholesterol while improving the level of good cholesterol in your bloodstream. The best treadmills include a heart rate tracker (monitor). It tracks your heart rate. This is especially useful if you are looking to keep your good health.

15 Best Treadmills - Feel Free Any TimeUsability

They are easy to use. All that is required is to press a few buttons, pick the settings you need, and start exercising. Even if for some reason you don’t seem to understand how to operate it, they all include guidelines that make matters as easy as can likely be.


These units provide privacy. You don’t need to visit the fitness center or run on the road either.

Running on a treadmill is a good deal more secure than jogging outside. You don’t run the threat of being hit by a car or being kidnapped.

Some folks love privacy and hate being stared at as they work out. The treadmill affords you the opportunity to work out privately.

Features to Consider when Using a Treadmill

Before you purchase a treadmill, and mind you, the price can vary greatly, you should always consider the following features first!

Size and Space

Before you make a purchase, measure the ground area you propose to position your treadmill on, the same as you would’ve done whith any other item, as for example, elliptical. If you’re thinking about a folding treadmill, think about where you will store it when not in use. The sizes are often labelled by the manufacturer. Therefore, check these out before making a buying choice. Note the running space on the treadmill, as this will affect the overall size of the unit. In our opinion, a 22” wide belt is great for those interested in running. On the other hand, walkers might enjoy a 20” or thereabouts width.

Once that is sorted out, you may start thinking about the actual size of the treadmill. The typically home gym treadmills are about 7′ long and 3′ wide.

Even if you are looking at getting a folding treadmill, which is smaller than the usual option, it still needs space; especially when unfolded and in use. An example of a folding treadmill is the MaxKare Folding Treadmill.

Fortunately, foldable treadmills are very common now. Ensure to review the specs and dimensions of any unit you want before actually making a purchase, and calculate your area to make sure you have got sufficient room.

If you sit for long periods, probably because of your job, you might be interested in a desk treadmill. They are similar in function to regular treadmills. One of the first-class available on the market is the Goplus Under Desk Electric Treadmill.

15 Best Treadmills - Feel Free Any TimePrice

  • Under $500

These are the cheapest you can find. Although you will likely be paying a ‘bargain’, at least initially, subsequent factors might make it a bad choice. They are often entry-level. They come with a short warranty period as well.

Since they are not made with the best quality materials, they are only good for occasional use. If you use them too frequently, they will break quickly. Some of the faults found in these cheap options include wobbly frames, small workout space, poor screens, little to zero programming.

  • Under $800

As with the price level above, it’s hard to deliver all-round high quality at this price. Customers need to decide whether they want durability or engaging features: it is hard to find both in this price range. You’ll get a manual incline or contact heart rate tracker instead of more sophisticated options like a power incline or a wireless pulse tracker.

  • Under $1,000

At this price, you can strike several bargains. Some of these machines have warranty periods that last for more than one year. They come with full tracks, power inclines and a variety of programs. Their displays are also better than those on cheaper models. Features like classic LCD monitors are commonplace on treadmills of this price. You might even get some with 7-inch touch monitors. They commonly offer speakers with an AUX port to stream music and occasionally come with wireless heart rate transmitters.

  • Under $1,500

These treadmills are higher powered than cheaper options and very comfortable to use. Some of the features found here include steeper energy inclines, large touch displays, plenty of useful programs that track your performance and heart rate, and even wireless chest straps.

  • Under $2,000

These treadmills are for folks that mean business. They are great for public gyms and can be used by several people. They are made from high-quality materials as well. However, the best bits about these lie in their features. While cheaper options might boast of similar features, (with 10″ touch monitors and spacious tracks, for instance) however, they might not last as long or deliver reliable performance. They usually have high-quality belts that last longer than others in their price range. These belts usually require little to no maintenance at all. They are also safer and more comfortable to work on. Thus can make your workout more productive and you’ll see better and faster results over time.

  • $2,000 and Above

These are the absolute best options. As you can see, they cost quite a steep price. These treadmills include the incline trainer treadmills that help you burn calories faster, the high-speed treadmills for those looking for an intense workout and marathon runners, and high-grade luxury treadmill that deliver exceptional all-round performance.

They come with long warranty periods. Some features found in these treadmills include very high top speeds, outstanding absorption of shock and noise, bigger screens, Internet-enabled touch screens, inbuilt TVs, standard workouts programs and more. The best options in this price range have maintenance-free tracks, other features that make them to last much longer than cheaper models.


15 Best Treadmills - Feel Free Any TimeSome of the capabilities aren’t necessary for cardio features, but they can enhance the workout and help keep you geared toward working. Some of these features include preset workout applications, Bluetooth speakers and TVs. Before you make a purchase, consider which of the features will truly help achieve your goals and which are simply vestigial. Remember, the more features you have, the less you can use, and the more expensive the treadmill might be.

Here are some of the features treadmill shoppers have to keep in mind:

Auto Incline

Treadmills with inclines make workout more thrilling for your ride. These treadmills come with several advantages over those without. Some of the benefits include: being easier on your joints, faster calorie elimination and weight loss, and vastly improved muscle toning.

When considering this factor, it is essential to think about the type of incline you want and what it will be used for.

The angle of incline will affect your performance. There are different types available right now. The NordicTrack Commercial 1750 has an incline of up to 15%.

Workout Programs

Most domestic treadmills nowadays offer integrated exercise applications that manage their velocity and incline. Keep in thoughts that the cheapest treadmills have simple programs, although the programs might vary in length and variety. Often this programming brings about a rate hike, so ensure that you would gain from the additional exercise programmer. This way, you can ensure that you don’t spend plenty of money on programs that will not help you.

Many treadmill brands allow you to choose other workout regimes aside from what automatically comes with the treadmill. Here are some of these extra programs that can help you get the most from your workout:

  • iFit gives customers unlimited customized workouts through their month-to-month membership. Furthermore, you will get tutorial videos from some reputable fitness gurus. If you have the app synced with Google Maps, you can plan a route of your choice, and the app will let it be as if you were actually running on the route. This is usually a very immersive program. The treadmill will simulate the terrain. Therefore, you get the cadence of the ground. The treadmill manufacturers that presently offer iFit include NordicTrack Commercial 1750.
  • Wireless Pulse Monitors will let you exercise greater efficaciously by providing accurate coronary data. Wireless coronary rate video display units provide the high levels of accuracy and some treadmills with wireless video display units. Additionally, the offer heart rate notifications for the best control; their preset exercise applications will adjust, and that will help you achieve your heart rate objectives. The Bowflex BXT216 has this wireless function embedded.


Most treadmill manufacturers can help you customize your purchase. As you search out the satisfactory treadmill that meets your specific desires, consider the precise accessories that will help you reach your particular health dreams. These are some of the accessories to keep in mind as you make a buying decision.

  • Treadmill Mats: It serves to protect the floors of your house. This is important to consider if you are putting the machine on a carpet. Since it is usually made from foam, it absorbs vibration and reduces noise levels of the treadmill.
  • Treadmill Cleaning Materials: Since your wish is for your machine to last, you must regularly maintain it. An important way of maintaining it is by regularly cleaning it out. Some of the best models on the market come with cleaning accessories like brushes and agents. Before you start cleaning, though, ensure that you consider the user manual. That way, you’ll know the right materials to use.
  • Entertainment Accessories: Using a treadmill can be fun when you have entertainment accessories. For example, many treadmills come with tablet or phone holders. You can watch these or listen to music as you work out. If you want, you can also use a TV stand.


A treadmill’s motor is arguably the most important part of the treadmill. CHP is the most important parameter since it tells you the amount of power the motor can churn out when working at maximum capacity. Most options on the market have between 2.25 and 4.25 CHP. Some come with 1.5 CHP or 5.0 CHP, but this is an exception instead of a rule.

In terms of HP, it is also an important aspect. There are different HP ratings on treadmills. The Spirit XT285, for instance, has a 2.75 HP motor.

The amount of power you need greatly depends on the kind of workout you intend to do and your body weight. If you weigh up to or more than 200 pounds, we recommend the following:

  • Walking: > Choose 2.0 CHP
  • Jogging: > 2.5 CHP
  • Running: > 3.0 CHP

If you weigh over 200 kilos, then you should add an extra 0.5 CHP. Why? Well, it would take longer for a powerful unit to wear out since it won’t be running at full capacity all the time.

Most treadmill nowadays come with lifetime warranty, but as we discussed earlier, lower-priced models give awfully lot shorter motor warranties (anything from 2 to twenty-five years of coverage). So, it’s important to check what’s provided on the machine as the warranty period on the treadmill you’re considering before purchasing.

Track size

If you don’t have long strides, then this might not be important. However, if you are of tall or middling height, you should consider this factor. Today’s standards for treadmill track duration are 55″ for on foot treadmills and 58″ or 60″ for strolling treadmills. Some are shorter; as an example, the MaxKare Folding Treadmill has a 43” length.

Most of the options in the market come with 20″. However, for bigger people, treadmills that have 22″ inches belts are even better options.

Tread belt sturdiness

15 Best Treadmills - Feel Free Any TimeDurability is affected by three factors: thickness, metallic rollers, and lubrication.

The thicker the belt is, the better the durability. The ply number is a measure of the thickness. The higher the ply number, the better the durability.

Another essential element is the steel rollers that propel a treadmill. If you have big rollers, it makes it easier on the machine. A proper roller diameter for domestic treadmills is set at 2.5′.

Lubrication is some other essential factor in tread belt durability. The belts must be regularly lubricated to ensure quality and reliable performance. The best options on the market are usually almost maintenance free; those are commonly infused with silicone or some other lubricant.

Track support

Track support allows the treadmill to protect your joints. A properly cushioned treadmill can reduce impact up to 40%. Some treadmills have adjustable cushioning. Therefore, you can determine just how much support you want from the track. Some models come with differential cushioning. This means the level of support varies depending on your angle of impact and liftoff.

Weight Capacity

This varies from 250 to 400 kilos. The top pick, Exerpeutic TF1000 can convey up to 400 pounds. To ensure durability, we advise that your treadmill have the ability to carry at least 50 more pounds than your normal weight. If you weigh over 400 pounds, you may have to buy a more expensive product. Some more expensive options can carry up to 500 pounds of weight.

15 Best Treadmills - Feel Free Any TimeStorage and portability

As earlier pointed out, there are some foldable treadmills. These, as the name implies, allows you to fold up the treadmill after use.

Some of the smallest treadmills are portable. They can even come with tires. You can store these types of treadmills beneath a bed, at the back of a door or in a closet, especially the Goplus Under Desk Electric Treadmill, which being such a compact and light-weight model is also considered to be one of the best treadmills for seniors.


Safety is paramount. It is especially important when you have kids, pets, or older people around the home. One useful feature is Auto-stop.

Furthermore, a good treadmill should be stable. If it is unstable, it is a recipe for disaster. To that end, check out stuff like the base and the feet.


When you head out to buy anything, it is important that you consider how much warranty the manufacturer is giving. The warranty period is an indicator of the level of trust the manufacturer has in their product.

Therefore, if the product has a short warranty period, it might indicate that it isn’t a very durable unit. However, some of the best options that we have reviewed come with lengthy warranty periods that show that the manufacturer believes in the product.


Since you are likely buying the treadmill for home use, you do not want a unit that will cause a racket. This is especially important if you live with other people or if you love to work out at night. A noisy unit can wake the neighbors and can cause a psychological barrier that won’t let you work out properly.

Aside from the comfort of your neighbors or housemates, a noisy unit will not allow you to hear the TV or music. If you like to watch the news or play your favorite songs as you work out, a noisy unit might prevent that from happening.

Ease of Assembly

15 Best Treadmills - Feel Free Any TimeIf your unit is difficult to put together, you might find yourself with an opened box that hasn’t been used. While some of the units reviewed above come fully assembled, others do not. And it can be quite difficult for a novice or someone without DIY skills to put a treadmill together. Therefore, unless you plan on calling for professional help, it is essential that you buy a unit that you can put together.

Check out reviews from previous users. These will indicate the ease of assembly.

Ease of Use

If you have a unit that comes with the best features, it would ultimately be pointless if you have no idea how to use them.

Therefore, it is important that you choose a unit that is very easy to use. Some have tutorials and videos that can help you to get the best out of your equipment.

Manual or Motorized Treadmill

You need to consider which of these types you want to use.

A manual unit, like the MaxKare Manual Walking Treadmill uses your effort and strength to work. The belt will remain stationary until you climb on it and start running or walking. The advantage of such a unit is that you can use it without electricity. It is also much safer to use as children cannot turn it on.

The motorized, as the name implies, runs on electricity. It comes with several features and functions and allows you a wider variety of workouts. An example is the Exerpeutic TF1000.


As with other products on the market, treadmills come in a wide range of prices. In the article above, we discussed the different prices. Some are around $500 while others cost as much as $2500 or even more. Therefore, you must have a budget outlined before making a purchase.

Regular lubrication makes your treadmill last so much longer and reduces the possibility of needing to replace it quickly. Another thing you should do is to tighten or tension the belt. This will make certain it continues to offer an easy movement that feels as natural as strolling outdoors.

Of course. If you are looking to lose fat or even improve your health, the treadmill offers you many advantages. After using it for a couple of months, you are bound to start seeing improvements in your physique and overall health.

Well, it mainly depends on the belt. If it is a high-quality belt, a treadmill should be able to last you for up to 10 years.

Our Verdict

From the reviews above, we highly recommend the first three options. First, Exerpeutic TF1000. The TF1000 is primarily made for walkers. It has a top speed of 4 mph. The 1.5 HP motor is decently powerful. It also has a clear LCD screen that reveals distance, energy burned, pulse rate, pace as well as time. It can carry weights of up to 400 pounds. Due to the design, it is a silent unit. Hence, no person else inside the residence will know that you are walking on a treadmill. Next is the XTERRA Fitness TR150. If you’re seeking out a lower-priced treadmill, the XTERRA TR150 is genuinely one to place on your list. It’s no longer a commercial-grade system; however, it does have quite sturdy construction. It offers top speeds of 10 MPH and additionally has a manual incline. All the steel elements in the frame comes with a corrosion-resistant paint finish. Thus, despite being considered a light-duty option, it comes with a sturdy build that can last for a long time. For those on a budget, the MaxKare Manual Walking Treadmill is the right option, especially when considered that it is also one of the best manual treadmills. MaxKare have given a model which (even though costing a fraction in comparison to more expensive treadmills), manages to preserve several useful features such as 1-year warranty and 250 lbs weight capacity.

You can choose wisely if you follow the advice in this guide. Do your research, take your time, and if possible, test out the treadmill before you make a final decision.

We hope that this in-depth review and guide will help you to choose the best treadmill for you today.

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