5 Best Toilet Seats for Heavy Person – Comfort In Any Case

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If you’re a large person you undoubtedly have larger clothes as well as a large sofa or extra length bed and mattress. Looking for a durable and sturdy toilet seat that can withstand extra weight? Our product review is here to help you pick from the heavy duty oversized toilet seat options available.

We’ve put together five of the best toilet seat for heavy person products on the market. Our Editor’s Choice, the Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W comes out top. We love it because it supports up to 1200lb, is wide and offers ultimate comfort. We rate four other heavy duty toilet seat options on offer. Each propose key features that’ll guide to purchase the best one for your comfort.

We’ve taken many hours to research online, sourcing the best among strong toilet seat offerings. Our reviews include various types of materials from high impact chemically and stain resistant plastic to unrecycled polypropylene to know you’ll use safe & quality seats. We’ve considered width to know which toilet bowls they’re compatible with and that they’re wide enough for your heavier frame. Capacity is of utmost importance to ensure you can be well supported without a seat breaking or cracking. Strength and durability is key. Finally, we’ve looked at hinges for your security so you’ll know the seat is firmly in place as you make a trip to the WC. We’ve summarized our research findings in a simple table accompanied by in depth reviews and overall ratings per product. If you’re still undecided, our buyer’s guide will direct you. We look closely at features to consider when buying the best toilet seat for heavy person, among these shape, bumpers, price and extra features. Our FAQ section gives advice on how to know if a toilet seat will fit your toilet and whether it has a warranty. At the end you’ll have the necessary information to pick your best toilet seat for heavy person product. You can rest assured you’ll be visiting the bathroom in comfortable peace.

Top 5 Toilet Seats for Heavy Person Review 2021


Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1WEditor’s Choice

  • Material: high-impact, stain and chemically resistant ABS plastic
  • Width: 19 in
  • Capacity: 1200 lbs
  • Hinges: stainless steel

More features: perfect for hospitals, health care facilities, public restrooms, or home, easy to install, 2.5 in rise, synthetic rubber bumpers stability bumpers, 2 color options

Our Editor’s Choice is the Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W. It’s a simple two piece product. Oversized with an open or closed front cover, it’s available in biscuit and white colors. Fitting all standard elongated or round toilets, the wide contoured sitting surface is both sizeable and comfortable. Installation is easy, taking less than 30 minutes simply using pliers or a wrench.
This sturdy seat has been built to last. Its ergonomic design is suitable for all body shapes, but it’s particularly perfect for plus sized persons. It accommodates up to 1200ls and creates a 75% larger sitting surface. The design favors larger framed, big, tall or plus size people. It can also be used for senior citizens and those with limited dexterity. In addition to your home, this product’s a popular option for healthcare facilities, hospitals, and public restrooms.
The seat is injection molded with high impact chemical and stain resistant ABS plastic fastened with rustproof solid stainless steel hinges. The oversized stabilizing synthetic bumpers tightly fasten to the porcelain toilet bowl and reduce seat shifting. If you have mobility or transfer challenges you’ll have brilliant assistance when using this toilet seat knowing you won’t slip or slide.
Not only is the toilet held in place but the seals are prevented from cracking, plus leaks and mold are reduced. Standing 2.5” inches higher than regular toilet seats, you’ve got elevated luxury at nearly half the cost of other seats.

Why did it make our list?

  • ADA compliant
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Heavy weight support capacity

What is not ideal about it?

  • California Proposition 65 warning
  • Difficult to lift lid and seat during cleaning
  • Material: high-impact, chemically resistant ABS plastic
  • Width: 19 in
  • Capacity: 1200 lbs
  • Hinges: stainless steel

More features: 2.5 in rise, open front model, US manufactured

We’ve rated this as our Best Value item. The Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W’s been manufactured in the USA. Designed to offer comfort, health and safety during use, it’s an open front with cover bariatric toilet seat. Available in off white it’s both strong and long lasting in its ABS plastic.
Injection molded chemically resistant materials ensure you’re solidly supported. Offering a 2.5” rise compared to a standard toilet seat, you’re offered lavish comfort with wider dimensions. If you’re overweight, this toilet seat is for you. Boasting unbreakable strength, this high capacity seat holds up to 1200lb. Average sized toilet seats offer a sitting area roughly a quarter of the size.
With a larger sitting surface that’s securely held in place by big rubber bumpers, you can rest assured the toilet bowl is gripped and won’t move out of place. This toilet seat fits elongated, round open front toilet seats. Its stainless steel hinges are comprised of an internal steel shaft encased in high impact ABS plastic. No rusting will occur, so you can go about your business with peace of mind.
It’s among the best obese toilet seat options on the market and can be installed within minutes. The bonus? This product comes with a one year Manufacturer’s Defect warranty, but it’s engineered and known for its robustness and endurance.

Why is it special?

  • ADA compliant
  • Easy installation
  • Excellent value

What are the flaws?

  • Disappointing customer service
  • Questionable hinges

BATH ROYALE BR620-00Budget Pick

  • Material: 100% pure (not recycled) polypropylene
  • Width: 5 in
  • Capacity: 400 lbs
  • Hinges: stainless steel

More features:  fits all toilet brands, available for elongated and round toilets, 3 color options, 2-year warranty

The BATH ROYALE BR620-00 is our reviewed Budget Pick. A premium model round toilet seat with a cover, it’s made from 100% polypropylene. It feels softer and warmer than painted wood & is more durable than vinyl covered foam padded soft seats. It’s slow to close so cracked toilets, noisy slamming and pinched fingers are avoided. If you have lower back pain you won’t need to bend to lower the seat.
Detach the seat with the quick release button function. It’s easy to clean the area between the mounting posts. Created from stainless steel hardware, it’s guaranteed not to rust. The seat is adjustable to ensure a perfect fit and it won’t move by being tightly held to the toilet bowl. Acting as a replacement toilet seat, it fits all toilet brands and also fits toilets with nonstandard mounting hole spaces of 4.5-6.5”.
With four seat bumpers to evenly distribute weight, this heavy duty toilet seat carries up to 400lb. Although flexing may occur it won’t break, crack or permanently deform. It’s made from non porous chemical and stain resistant materials. The solid almond, biscuit, bone, linen or white color throughout won’t chip, fade or peel. Its high gloss finish makes it look extra sleek. The best part? The two year warranty double that than most other brands offer.
Handy tip: Measure your bowl before you order your toilet seat to know whether to order an elongated or round shape.

Why are we impressed?

  • Fits all toilet brands
  • Slow close function
  • Two year warranty

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Not compatible with bidets, grab bars or risers installed between the seat and bowl
  • Questionable quality

Bariatric Extra Wide Toilet SeatBest for People with Bariatric Problems

  • Material: plastic
  • Width: 25 in
  • Capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Hinges: plastic

More features: perfect for people suffering from bariatric problems, fits on standard toilets

Ranked as the Best for People with Bariatric Problems, this Bariatric Extra Wide Toilet Seat is a comfortable replacement toilet seat alternative. It easily accommodates persons with bariatric challenges and can hold a weight of up to 1000lb. We like it because it fits standard toilets and doesn’t take long to install. It’s easy to clean and makes bathroom routines more pleasant.
Known as the jumbo seat designed for jumbo comfort, this extra wide hardwearing toilet seat’s perfect if you have a large frame or physical impairments. Made of high quality durable plastic material, its width offers comfortable and safe support. The round seat is available in white, generously sized and offers extra room for your larger frame.
Although it might not be the most aesthetic option, we applaud this strong toilet seat for its power and durability. It’s well constructed, fits securely and provides necessary comfort above the standard seats available. If you’re looking for additional support as a raised toilet seat, this product delivers and assists with preventing the development of sore areas. This product is worth its price and provides a smoother & sturdier seat.

Why did it make our list?

  • Easy to clean
  • Fits standard toilet seats
  • Heavy weight support capacity

What is not ideal about it?

  • Disappointing comfort
  • Questionable quality and stability

BEMIS 1000CPTBest Hinges

  • Material: commercial plastic
  • Width: 5 in
  • Capacity: 1000 lbs
  • Hinges: chrome

More features:  STA-TITE Commercial Fastening System, 2-position hinges, ideal for elongated toilets, 1-year warranty

For its Best Hinges, the BEMIS 1000CPT is a paramount heavy duty oversized closed front toilet seat. Its 1000lb weight limit offers excellent support for large and overweight persons. The ‘Sta-Tite’ commercial fastening system ensures the seat is locked into place and will never loosen. Secured with a snap, not even the heaviest weight can make it wiggle or wobble. The stainless steel posts and pintles are non-corrosive, plus the two position chrome hinges can adjust to fit elongated or round toilet bowls.
Made from commercial plastic, this resilient solid molded color material doesn’t chip, stain or wear out. This product makes your bathroom experience easier.
Proudly made in the USA by an experienced company, this obese toilet seat has been designed with earth friendly materials and processes. We like the fact that it’s simple to install and easy to clean. A soft, damp cloth and a mild detergent or soap & water will do the trick. No need for abrasive brushes and cleaning products.
To ensure your toilet seat stays up, check the positions of lid and toilet tank. The bowl and toilet tank should be level & tank bolts adjusted where needed. The cover should either be correctly placed on the tank or set towards the back of the tank.

What stands out?

  • Environmentally friendly materials
  • One year warranty
  • Sufficient size

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Challenging Installation instructions
  • Questionable quality

Things to Consider

Were our reviews helpful? When buying toilet seats for fat people, compare various features before taking your pick of the best option. You’ll be using this item daily, so it must suit your body shape and offer comfort. Our buyer’s guide shows you what to look out for regarding material, width and shape, capacity, hinges & bumpers, price & extra features. You’ll have all the insight necessary to select the best toilet seat for heavy person use.

Features to consider while buying the best toilet seat for heavy person

5 Best Toilet Seats for Heavy Person - Comfort In Any Case

If you’re still not sure about which heavy duty toilet seat to buy, take a close look at these significant features before making your final decision. We’re sure you’ll get the perspective you need by outlining these key aspects as you compare one model to the next.


Consider the various types of material making it the best toilet seat for heavy person. Which one’s the best suited to you?

  • ABS plastic: It’s a high impact material that’s also stain and chemically resistant. ABS plastic is one of the most widely used plastics. It’s extremely durable and can withstand heavy weight. It’s an excellent option if you’re looking for a toilet seat that’s easy to clean. Examples of these are the Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W and Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W.
  • Commercial plastic: Commercial plastic is of a high quality. It’s known for its strength, is solid molded and can resist chips, stains plus wear & tear. Consider the BEMIS 1000CPT if you’d like to invest in a commercial plastic toilet seat that’s been made from environmentally friendly materials.
  • Plastic: Most plastic toilet seats are made from polypropylene. Co-injected plastic toilet seats can contain up to 50% recycled materials sealed in the product’s core. At the end its life cycle it can be recycled. Some may argue that plastic toilet seats stain more than other materials, but they can be cleaned with the correct detergents. The Bariatric Extra Wide Toilet Seat is a plastic option that’s easy to clean and doesn’t compromise on support.
  • Polypropylene: Used in a wide variety of applications, polypropylene is a plastic material type considered the safest of all plastics. It’s BPA free, but it’s not widely recyclable. If you opt for a 100% pure (not recycled) polypropylene toilet seat like the BATH ROYALE BR620-00, you’ll get excellent quality and no breakages.

Width and Shape

Heavy duty toilet seats come in different shapes and designs. Consider your existing toilet bowl and what’d be its best match:

  • Elongated: An elongated toilet seat is around two inches longer than a round bowl. It’ll extend more into the front of the bathroom. The result? A larger target area with less drip around the bowl which is more hygienic.
  • Round: The round toilet seat is generally the standard kind seen in most homes. The only difference you’ll notice between the elongated and round toilet seats is the bowl shape. This one resembles a circle and extends less into the bathroom.
  • Open front: Open front toilet seats are often seen in public restrooms, frequently without lids. They’ve been designed in a horseshoe ‘U-shape’ with a front opening allowing females easier wiping after using the toilet without coming into contact with the actual toilet seat. A more hygienic option, consider the Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W for use in hospitals or healthcare facilities.
  • Closed front: In a closed oval shape, this toilet seat usually has a lid. A closed front toilet seat is generally the preferred home use toilet seat.

Remember toilet bowls can be measured before you go out and purchase the corresponding seat. Most seats we’ve reviewed are suitable for either elongated or round toilets.

The rounder you are, the wider the toilet seat needs to be. The widest heavy duty toilet seats are the Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W and Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W, which offer the most comfort.


The main reason you’re buying a heavy duty toilet seat is because you’re a heavy person. An oversized toilet seat is at the top of your list, so ensure it can handle your weight.

The Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W and Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W can carry the heaviest weight of 1200lb. The Bariatric Extra Wide Toilet Seat and BEMIS 1000CPT both carry up to 1000lb, while a lighter weight option is the BATH ROYALE BR620-00.

Lighter weight persons can also use these products. Although they’ve been designed as toilet seats for fat people, others can also benefit from their comfort, but the elevated seats might be a bit too high off the ground for short legs!

Hinges and Bumpers

5 Best Toilet Seats for Heavy Person - Comfort In Any Case

Let’s take a closer look at the materials strong toilet seat hinges and bumpers are made of for a better understanding:



  • Quantity: More bumpers offer more security. The BATH ROYALE BR620-00 contains four rubber seat bumper to help with even weight distribution.
  • Synthetic: Synthetic rubber generally provides better resistance to abrasion and wear & tear than natural rubber. The Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W toilet seat uses synthetic stability bumpers to fasten the seat securely the bowl and limit movement.


Before you go toilet seat shopping, know your price limit. Determining your budget will help you know which options to consider.

Low cost budget heavy duty toilet seat selections include the BATH ROYALE BR620-00 and the BEMIS 1000CPT.

If you’re able to afford a pricier obese toilet seat solution, consider the Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W. But don’t think pricier always means better—perhaps it has features you don’t need or it’s not the size that will work for you. So look at ALL the specs before buying.

Extra Features

Some manufacturers include additional features to their toilet seats. This may increase the product’s price, but it’s worthwhile noting some extras worth paying for:

  • Additional usage: If you’re looking for a toilet seat that can be used not only in the home, consider the Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W. It’s also suited to hospitals, health care facilities and public restrooms. The Bariatric Extra Wide Toilet Seat is ideally suited to sufferers of bariatric problems. If a toilet seat is helpful for large and physically impaired persons plus those with limited mobility, it’s an added bonus.
  • Color options: Some toilet seats are available in other colors and not just standard white. Should you wish to match your new toilet seat with your existing bathroom décor, opt for the Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W available in both biscuit/cream and white. The BATH ROYALE BR620-00 comes in almond, biscuit, bone, linen or white colors.
  • Extra rise: A taller or heavier person would benefit from a slightly more elevated toilet seat. Both the Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W and Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W offer a 2.5” rise.
  • Fits all toilets: It’s important to check if the heavy duty toilet seat can fit all, most or only some toilets. The BATH ROYALE BR620-00 fits all toilet brands while the Bariatric Extra Wide Toilet Seat fits standard toilets.
  • Made in the USA: If you want to support local, consider purchasing something that’s proudly American. The Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W and BEMIS 1000CPT are both USA manufactured.
  • Warrantees: There’s more reassurance with a product warranty, in the event something goes wrong. The BATH ROYALE BR620-00 includes a two year warranty while the BEMIS 1000CPT contains a one year warrantee.


Always measure your toilet seat first before you buy one. Start by measuring the length of the toilet bowl from the center between the mounting seat bolt holes to the outside edge of the front of the bowl. A round bowl’s measurement should be roughly 16.5”. An elongated bowl’s measurement should be roughly 18 to 18.5”. This gives you a guide to which shape you should purchase.

Some toilet seats will have as little as a one year warranty while others might have a one year Manufacturer’s Defect or even up to a two year warranty. It’s advised that you contact the seller directly for the product’s warranty information. Alternatively the manufacturer’s website usually contains warranty information.

Our Verdict

We trust our best toilet seat for heavy person reviews have helped you pick your perfect purchase. If you’re still unsure, we suggest you first consider our Editor’s Choice, the Big John Toilet Seat 2445646-1W. It offers optimal comfort, supports a high weight capacity and is ADA compliant. It’s also ergonomically designed and easy to install.

By picking the Big John Toilet Seat 2445263-3W you’ll get value for money with this best value item. Constructed from long lasting ABS chemically resistant plastic, if offers excellent support and guaranteed strength. It’s secure and rust free.

If your finances are limited then the BATH ROYALE BR620-00 is the budget pick for you. The soft close function attracts users with lower back pain as no bending’s required, but the lid can also be force push closed if desired. It fits all toilet brands and it’s an affordable option for its solidity.

We hope our selection of the best toilet seat for heavy person options will help you find a satisfactory product for your daily bathroom routine. Which one will make your life easier from now on?

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