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Compared to manual pool cleaners, suction pool cleaners are the ideal solution to complete pool cleaning without committing too much time and effort. These automatic pool cleaners operate very quietly. Just turn them on and immerse them in the water. And the pool cleaner will do the complete cleaning cycle while you enjoy your free time. Forget inventing tricks to clean the bottom and walls of your pool. With these little robots, you do what you like while the automatic pool cleaner works completely autonomously and independently in the complete cleaning of all surfaces.

To get this review of the best suction pool cleaners, we analyzed 48 models on the market. The Zodiac Baracuda G3 Kit comes out on top of our review, and the reasons aren’t far-fetched. It can automatically suck up any dirt, debris, bugs, twigs, leaves and even bugs from an inground pool. Asides this, to help you get the best, we have 6 more products which have specific areas in which they are really outstanding.

First, we have a comparison table and an in-depth review. In the choosing of the best products, we considered the following features: compatibility, hose, weight, and warranty. With the following buying guide, you will be able to discover much more about the operation and types of these products, and thus you will know how to determine which model to buy. Without further ado, we will, first of all, see the products in a comparison table:

Top 7 Pool Suction Cleaners Review 2021


Zodiac Baracuda G3 KitEditor’s Choice

  • Best for: floor, walls, steps/ small and medium-sized debris, dirt, bugs, leaves, twigs, sand, pebbles
  • Compatibility: low-speed pumps
  • Hose: 12 x 3-feet hoses
  • Weight: 20 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year warranty on manufacturer defects and wear and tear; 2-year warranty on hose

More features: FlowKeeper Valve with Insta-Skim, Wheel Deflector, Long-Life Diaphragm, Quick-Release Cassette, 36-Finned Disc, pre-assembled

Our clear favorite for the best suction side pool cleaner, the G3 quickly sucks up small and medium debris while cleaning the bottom, walls, and steps of the pool. The Zodiac Baracuda model includes durable, wear-resistant LongLife hoses suitable for all pool surfaces, along with a FlowKeeper™ valve. This compact and self-adjusting flow control valve regulates the water flow and ensures maximum performance even with low-speed pumps. There are no gears, wheels or clappers for simple, quiet operation and low maintenance cost.

In just three steps, the G3 pool cleaner is ready to clean your pool. Just grab the disc, baffle wheel and hose, and connect to the dedicated skimmer or suction line. No special tools or pipes are needed.

The 36-fin disc guarantees maximum adhesion on all pool surfaces and also eliminates the burr that forms on lights, drain covers, and installations. The deflector wheel allows greater agility for cleaning the narrowest corners. Besides, the patented Quick Release Cassette Technology provides quick and easy access to the diaphragm for simple maintenance. Not just a good side pool cleaner, this is by far the overall best suction pool cleaner on this listicle.

What stands out?

  • Reliable and superior technology
  • Comes along with 36-foot hose
  • Features a disc scrub
  • Very quiet
  • Easily replaceable parts

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Large leaves can clog the machine

Intex Auto Pool CleanerBest Value

  • Best for: above ground pools, floor/ dirt, debris
  • Compatibility: 1600-3500 GHP swimming pool pump, attaches to inlet connector with 1.5-inch hose fittings
  • Hose: 24.7-feet
  • Weight: 18.22 lbs
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: easy set up

The Intex model is a pool robot model that is both a cleaner and a vacuum head. It ensures impeccable cleaning quality for each use. The device works automatically to clean your pool without you having to exert excessive energy.

During cleaning, the device automatically reverses its direction when necessary so that no part and no area of ​​the bottom of your pool escape it. The device operates with a filtration rate of between 4.54 m3/h to 13.25 m3/h. This speed is considerable in comparison with that of the majority of similar devices. The robot is essentially made of very resistant plastic which guarantees you a durable use of the device.

This robotic cleaner is not electric, but it performs cleaning effectively, thanks to a venturi effect. This saves you from seeing your electricity bill increased after each use. The Intex model is delivered with a hose with a length of 24.7 feet. It is capable of being articulated to facilitate different use. This guarantees the speed of filtration. This model is only suitable only for an above-ground pool due to its cleaning system. Made available to the general public at an affordable price, this model is surely the best suction pool cleaners on the market.

The Venturi effect, which allows the suction of the bottom of the pool automatically is one of the great assets of this INTEX pool cleaner robot. The hose facilitates connection to the nozzles in your pool.

Why did it make our list?

  • High filtration quality
  • Rids the soil of viscosities and dirt
  • Easy and simple cleaning system
  • Easily serviceable
  • One of the best brands

What is not ideal about it?

  • The pipes leak and sometimes even separate

VINGLI Automatic Pool CleanerBudget Pick

  • Best for: in-ground concrete, tile, vinyl pools, floor, walls, steps/ dirt, debris, sand, and hair
  • Compatibility: 1600 GHP pump
  • Hose: 10 x 3.3-feet hoses
  • Weight: not specified
  • Warranty: 60-days

More features: low noise level

The Vingli Hydraulic Pool Cleaner is for inground pools. It is designed for pools of maximum 12 x 6 meters. It works with a minimum pump power of 3/4 HP. It is very versatile, as it adapts to any type of pool floor, be it PVC, polyester, concrete or tile. And it can also work both on flat surfaces and on smooth or steep slopes. Besides, it can move both on the floors of the pool and on the walls. Therefore, it guarantees a complete cleaning.

In a couple of hours, it will perfectly clean a swimming pool of about 7 × 4 meters. Although it does not have a specific route, it manages to cover the entire pool, from the bottom to the waterline, collecting all kinds of debris, sand, hair, and dirt, thanks to a more than decent filter (even large particles such as acorns).

It is very easy to use. You’ll be able to understand the instructions in the manual in five minutes. You just have to set it up, hit the power button, and you can leave without any worry. It can perfectly climb walls, work on curved or straight corners, and can even climb steps of construction stairs (not excessively high).

It is the star model of Vingli, a rising company in the pool maintenance sector, and is just one of the best side auction pool cleaners that impress us.

What stands out?

  • Cost-efficient
  • No problem climbing walls
  • Great value for the money
  • Ultra-silent cleaner
  • Easy to set up

What cons did we manage to find?

  • A short period of warranty (2 months)

XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction VacuumBest Compatibility

  • Best for: bottom, walls/ leaves, twigs, algae, debris
  • Compatibility: 1600 GHP swimming pool pump, attaches to an existing filtration system
  • Hose: 10 hoses for up to 30 feet pool
  • Weight: 15 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year

More features: no electricity required, easy installation

Don’t be fooled by its low price; if you want a simpler pool cleaner, the XtremepowerUS Automatic Suction Vacuum will perfectly meet your needs. It is a simple but effective model in its category. It has a diaphragm that needs less suction, so it creates much less wear on the filter and the pump, something that helps a lot not to have to change them so often.

The automatic cleaner has 10 hoses for pools up to 30 feet. You can make the hoses shorter or longer according to your needs. To function properly, this automatic vacuum cleaner needs at least a pool pump of 1600ghp or 3/4 hp capacity. 

As a catch, it does not go up the walls, but if you think that you do not need more complicated electric robots, it is a very good option at a really fair price. Asides the cleaner and the hoses set, the product comes in a set that includes the regulator valve and the instruction manual.

Why did it make our list?

  • Energy efficient
  • Eco-friendly and simple design
  • Low budget cleaner
  • Doesn't require an electrical connection
  • Cleans thoroughly and gently

What is not ideal about it?

  • Clogs up too frequently
  • Not a long-lasting model

Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000-518Best for Hard to Reach Places

  • Best for: concrete, gunite, vinyl, fiberglass, pebble and tile pools, floor, walls, coves
  • Compatibility: minimum of 35 GPM pump
  • Hose: 10 x 3-feet hoses
  • Weight: 16.75 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year

More features: 3 interchangeable throats, multiple pre-programmed internal steering sequences, self-adjusting turbine vanes, 4-wheel model available

Designed for swimming pools like concrete, gunite, tile, pebble, and even fiberglass and vinyl pools, the Hayward model has a two-wheel drive system that can clean swimming pool floors. In addition, it can climb the walls, ridding it of dirt and viscosities.

It comes with three patented technologies. First are the turbine vanes which can self-adjust. This technology provides maximum power, irrespective of the flow. In addition, it allows the easy channeling of large dirt and debris. The second patent has to do with the tire treads. These ensure enhanced climbing while working on the walls, as well as the proper management of obstacles. The third patented technology has to do with the adjustable roller skirt. This is responsible for the optimization of suction even when working on uneven pool surfaces.

Why did it make our list?

  • Quite a lightweight device
  • High performance and reliability
  • Highly versatile and requires little maintenance
  • Great for hard floors
  • 1-year warranty

What is not ideal about it?

  • Makes excessive noise

Zodiac MX6Best Navigation

  • Best for: in-ground pools, floor, walls
  • Compatibility:: 2-speed and variable speed pumps
  • Hose: 7 x 1.2-meter hoses
  • Weight: 17.45 lbs
  • Warranty: 1-year

More features: cyclonic suction, programmed navigation, quick-connect swiveling hoses

We continue with a model that works with cyclonic suction. It can clean from rigid walls to those with vinyl lining, and those with smooth or steep slopes. Being hydraulic, it is fully connected to the pool’s filtration network.

Like the V8 model, the V6 is one of the best sellers in its category on the market. It is capable of cleaning the bottom, walls and water lines of rigid pools of up to 12 × 8 meters thanks to a motorized system of “caterpillar type” wheels. You can clean up to the waterline if the purifier’s motor is 3/4 hp, thanks to rubber propeller-shaped turbines that remove the entire bottom of the pool and send dirt to the filter.

It is also very light, compact and super easy to use since all you just need to do is connect it to the suction port and it is already working. It includes a 12-meter rubber, more than enough for any villa pool. It features a low-flow design that does not consume much energy. This makes it ideal for swimming pool with variable and two-speed pumps. When cleaning, it stores any residue found in its skimmer basket; it needs a power of ¾ HP.

The pool should not be used while the MX6 is in operation; it comes with a 1-year guarantee; its weight is only 17.45lbs.

What are its best features?

  • Very compact and powerful
  • Storage system for residues
  • Cyclonic suction for powerful vacuuming
  • Aggressive wall-climbing system
  • Easy to assemble

What could be improved?

  • Hose not long enough
  • Best for: floor, walls, steps/ all pool debris
  • Compatibility: 1600 GHP pump
  • Hose: 12 x 2.5-feet hoses
  • Weight: not specified
  • Warranty: 1-year

More features: easy cleaning and minimal maintenance

The US Pool Supply Automatic Cleaner is a professional pool vacuum cleaner that can be used to vacuum inground and above the ground swimming pools.

This intelligent pool robot has a great technical performance. It performs a regular and powerful cyclonic suction for perfect and complete cleaning of your swimming pool. It automatically brushes the bottom, the waterline and the walls of your pool. To make things easier, it is supplied with a 30 feet vacuum hose.

With a cycle time of 2.5 hours, this model is designed for swimming pools up to 12 x 6 m in size. It is suitable for all types of coating on the bottom of the pool, except for the polyester shell and the tiles, which require the use of specific tires.

Its major differential is its super-silent operating mode. The vacuum cleaner only needs a 550w (3/4 hp) pump.

What do we love it for?

  • Backed by a 1-year warranty
  • For inground and above ground pool
  • Side and wall pool cleaner
  • A very quiet model
  • A powerful device at a fair price

What were we disappointed with?

  • May require an additional hose

Things to Consider

The purchase and usage of a pool suction cleaner cannot be done without a guideline on criteria to consider for the purchase, the daily usage and maintenance procedures. This section includes information on how the suction pool cleaner works, the features to consider, useful tips and frequently asked questions.

How does a suction pool cleaner work?

7 Best Suction Pool Cleaners - Be No Sucker In Pool Cleaning

These devices work autonomously and independently. It has a suction side and a pressure side, working with the pool circulation system. This suction and pressure are produced by a pump that is used to feed and operate the cleaner.

In addition, they have a configurable system that allows them to be executed through their own schedule. They are self-sufficient for having a pump, a filter and a self-propelling system that helps their total mobility in the complete environment of the pool.

Features to consider while buying the best suction pool cleaner

Here, we provide you with some important specifications you have to watch out for before adding your prospective pool cleaner into the cart:


The compatibility of a suction pool cleaner has to do with the recommended pool pump capacity. This is usually expressed in gallons per minute or GPM.

Experts recommend that this variable be kept above 70 GPM for truly adequate suction.


Just like the Zodiac MX6, ensure the model of choice has a 2-speed and variable speed pump or a pump with a minimum of 1500 GHP pump.


The length of the hose will determine the maneuverability and operating area of the cleaner. Hence, the hoses have to be at least 18 meters in length. The number of hoses in the set is also a determining factor. This can range from 7-10. It all depends on the usage and needs.


There are suction vacuum cleaners for different uses. While there are types that can double as a wall and floor cleaner, some can only function on one side alone, or as Hayward Poolvergnuegen 896584000-518 can reach even coves. Also, some models aren’t suitable for vinyl in-ground and above-ground pool liners and other similar pool surface materials while some are designed for concrete or other hard floors. Still again, it all depends on your needs.


A warranty offer is a promise of satisfaction. A vacuum cleaner with no warranty offered means there’s nowhere to run to when it breaks down after a couple of uses. For suction cleaners, you’ll find models with a warranty ranging from 6 months to 2 years. The more, the better, as for example by Zodiac Baracuda G3 Kit.


7 Best Suction Pool Cleaners - Be No Sucker In Pool Cleaning

With filter bags or baskets, the automatic cleaner can clean and even help purify, polish and disinfect water. The best cleaners filter up to 2 microns. In addition, most new units have easy-to-clean top access filtration systems, but at the top or bottom, it is more important to research the number of microns.

The dimensions of the pool

Knowing what the specific length and width of the bottom are will give an idea when choosing. There are devices with different powers that facilitate work in the wider pools, or if you have a smaller one, then VINGLI Automatic Pool Cleaner might be a good solution for you.

The material of the walls

This is an influential factor when choosing the pool cleaner.

If the walls are liner, you will not need a robot to climb them to clean them. But if on the contrary it is made of stoneware, the dirt will remain stuck there, and therefore will need cleaning.


The ladders and the edges of the bottom

In the first case, these devices have certain drawbacks for it. For that reason, it is necessary to check the specs, for example by U.S. Pool Supply Powerful Professional Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner. Ensure they are capable of cleaning and turning in small spaces. Finally, it must be taken into account whether the edges at the bottom are square or rounded.

Effective cleaning cycles

Each pool cleaner has a different cleaning cycle, but the ideal is to choose the model that can clean the pool as quickly and efficiently as possible. Some cleaners come with multiple cycles for different levels of cleaning.


A robot pool cleaner can be expensive, so you will want one made with high-quality materials. Eventually, you may need to fix it, but you shouldn’t do it for at least a few seasons.

Energy efficiency

The size of the pool cleaner can very well determine the amount of energy it uses.

Smaller cleaners use around 200 watts of energy per hour, while larger ones use more than 1,000 watts per hour.


Pressure washing jets

Some models have this option which is ideal for swimming pools with fine sediments, sand or dirt particles. They wash surfaces where standard brushes cannot reach, to help vacuum the finer particles more efficiently.


7 Best Suction Pool Cleaners - Be No Sucker In Pool Cleaning

The key to success at this point is to find a brand you can trust and not settle for a cheap model that doesn’t have the features you need. Innovation and progress in quality are essential. The main brands and manufacturers of pool cleaning robots are:

  • Polaris. The American brand offers pool cleaners at a good price and with useful features.
  • Hayward. The American producer specializes in high-quality pool equipment, tools, and accessories.
  • Smartpool. This company markets swimming pool cleaners that fall into the category of affordable and effective cleaners while being environmentally friendly.
  • Maytronics. Owner of the Dolphin brand, which also stands out on the market for its automatic pool cleaners which stand out for their efficiency and power.
  • Zodiac. The American company is one of the companies dedicated to the manufacture of swimming pool products. It is distinguished by the quality of its construction materials and its performance.

Suction pool cleaner usage and maintenance tips

Have you just bought the device or you’ve decided on which to buy? It’s necessary you start thinking of how to make it last longer. Here are some tips to keep your new suction pool cleaner for longer:

  • Always remove it after each cleaning cycle: The chemicals we use to keep the water clean can damage the appliance if we leave it in longer than it should.
  • Ensure that it is cleaned after each use: After using it, it is recommended to clean the appliance, remove the bag where dirt accumulates and clean it, with a pressure hose, leaving it free of dirt. Ensure you also take care of also cleaning the main parts of the electric pool cleaner, such as motors, rollers, wheels, etc.
  • Adequate PH and chlorine levels: For the pool cleaning robot to be able to climb up the pool walls, your job will be to maintain good levels of PH and chlorine in the pool. You can use special pool tester kits to measure them. We recommend buying a good salt water chlorinator to help maintain the optimal chlorine level. Also remember that if there are algae, your suction pool cleaner will not be able to climb up the walls when you need it to do so.


There are no fast rules here. It depends on the frequency of usage and the number of users of the swimming pool. If the pool is used a lot during the week, then you may consider using it about once every day after it is used. However, if the swimming pool is not used as often as a public pool, then you may consider running your suction pool cleaner once in seven days or every fortnight.

Not all suction pool cleaners are suitable for all types of pools. There are types designed for inground pools or above the ground pools. Some are designed for specific pools with special floor materials. However, there are a few high-quality cleaners that are versatile enough to incorporate all these qualities. An example is the U.S. Pool Supply Powerful Professional Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner.

Not all suction pool cleaners are completely silent. While the electric versions are understandably noisy, the manual ones are less noisy. If you want a model that emits less or no noise, check for the decibels ratings. In the best suction pool cleaners reviews here, the quietest model is the U.S. Pool Supply Powerful Professional Automatic Pool Vacuum Cleaner.

Our Verdict

Pools are a very fun space, but at the same time quite difficult to clean manually, since it would involve physical effort and a considerable waste of time. To avoid this tedious task and be able to enjoy clean floors, walls, and waterline at all times, you must use the best suction pool cleaners. Among, this we recommend the Zodiac Baracuda G3 Kit, for its high-quality and innovative technologies worthy of the best suction pool cleaners. The Intex Auto Pool Cleaner is our second best choice for its value for money, and the VINGLI Automatic Pool Cleaner is the recommended pick for those looking for a low-budget product.

Having a pool and keeping it clean is not an easy task since it must be done frequently and requires an effort to achieve it correctly. Therefore, when choosing the device that meets all expectations, the features highlighted must be taken into account.

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