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Odds are, you or someone you know has trouble sleeping at night. This is especially true for young children, and even more so for babies. Or perhaps, you are seeking to set the mood on a special date or at a party. While it doesn’t seem like these two scenarios go together at all, they do if you get one of the best star projectors on the market! These awesome projectors can turn any room into a planetarium, a romantic venue, or a soothing sleep zone, depending on your needs.

But, you might be thinking, what exactly goes into making the best star projector and how do I know if I am getting one? Well, lucky for you, we have done all of that hard work for you! We have taken the time to research and find out everything there is to know about star projectors, and have looked carefully at more than 500 reviews to find the best of the best available today, no matter if you are looking for yourself or a child.

Top 7 Star Projectors Review 2020

The table below will guide you through the best star projectors available, and we’ll also provide you with an in-depth analysis of each, with all the pros and cons we could find. You can also check out our buying guide to make sure that you know everything you need to know about star projectors, to assure yourself that you are getting the best product for your needs.

Name and FeaturesImageRatingPrice
1. Hontry’s Newest Star Light Rotating Projector (Editor’s Choice)
2-in-1 night light and star projector with several lighting modes available: color change, rotation, and a night light with a choice of 4 colors; stylish design; Suitable for children and adults; features an impressive 995-minute timer
2. Cloud b Twilight Constellation Night Light (Best Baby Star Projector)
A toy and a star projector at the same time is a great choice for little ones; projects a complete starry night sky and includes educational guide with constellations; top-rated by customers
3. ANTEQI Baby Lights Star Sky Night Lamp (Brightest Star Projector)
Bright projector and a night lamp with 3 lighting modes and rotation, very quiet; features a 99-minute timer
4. Bubzi Co Baby Sleep Aid Night Light (Best Star Projector for Toddlers)
Great toy and projector for little ones, running on batteries; plays 10 different lullabies and turns off after 300 minutes; soft and safe
5. Sega Toys Homestar Original (Best Home Planetarium)
Home planetarium with an ultra-bright LED technology for extremely clear projecttion of 60,000 stars; includes 4 high-res discs, a double-sided poster; great for entertainment and education
6. Lumitusi’s Twilight Constellation Galaxy Nightlight (Most Portable Projector)
Atar projector and night light which is easy to set and clean; made of safe materials and is durable and portable; features auto color changing mode
7. Adoric Night Lighting Lamp (Budget Pick)
The most affordable projector that still delivers 3 lighting modes and can be used as a night light; features 8 different lighting patterns
  • Night light + star projector
  • 4 main light colors
  • 3 lighting modes (night light – 4 colors, color change, rotation)
  • 4 AAA batteries or USB cable
  • Timer for max. 995 minutes

OVERALL RATING: 10 out of 10


If you are looking to have a romantic night with your significant other or set the mood at a party, then this is the star projector for you! It is simple to use, since it only has four different controls. These controls change the lighting mode, as well as help to set the timer, which can go from 5 minutes of run time to 995 minutes. Even if you don’t want to project this device's display onto the walls or ceiling of a room, it is completely mesmerizing to look at and will be a great fit for any bedroom.

The four LED’s that are used in this model to project the starry sky is exceptionally bright and don’t need complete darkness to be seen. The projector uses 4 AAA batteries for its power, or the included USB power cord. This, when coupled with the longevity of the LED bulbs, helps to keep this projector up and running for a good long time.

  • Long timer
  • Automatically switches between colors
  • Can be used as a projector or just as a night light

  • Several manufacturing issues reported

  • Toy + star projector
  • For ages 2 to adult
  • Project a complete starry night sky (educational guide with constellations included)
  • 3 color options
  • 3 AAA batteries
  • 45-minute timer
  • Contain no BPA, phthalate, latex, or lead

OVERALL RATING: 10 out of 10

This is by far the best all-around star projector for kids. It is cute, cuddly, and can light up their room and transform it into three different colored night skies. It is simple to use. All you need to do is push the on button and then select the color of your choice. It will then remain on for 45 minutes, which is plenty of time for your little one to soothe themselves to sleep staring at the stars. You just need to be sure that the room is pretty dark, or the lights won’t quite be bright enough to shine through.

You can also rest easy, since this turtle contains no BPA, phthalate, latex, or lead, making it the perfect sleeping companion. Plus, its batteries are impossible for a little one to access, since they are wrapped up in its tummy and kept under a panel which is screwed down.

  • Soft and safe
  • Three color choices
  • Secure battery compartment
  • Easy to use

  • Needs to be in a dark room

  • Night light + star projector
  • 4 LED lamps
  • 4 AAA batteries (not included) or 59’’ USB cable
  • 3 lighting modes + rotation
  • Material: plastic
  • The noise produced is less than 30 dB
  • Timer for max. 95 minutes

OVERALL RATING: 9.7 out of 10


This projector is easy to use and has bright and clear projection. There are three different lighting modes, and you can use it on one color at a time or switch automatically between them. It can also be set to run for quite a long time, or used as a night light in a baby's room.

The star projector is powered by 4 AAA batteries or a USB cable. This will give you the freedom to take it with you wherever you need to go, whether you want it on vacation, at a party, or in the comfort of your own home. Although, the plastic parts can be easily broken, so be careful when you relocate it.

  • Long lasting LED bulbs
  • Bright and easy to see projection
  • Easy to set up and use

  • Plastic construction restricts its uses

  • Toy + star projector
  • AAA batteries included
  • Turn off after 30 min
  • Play 10 different lullabies

OVERALL RATING: 9.5 out of 10


This cute and cuddly owl is perfect for your little one’s bedroom. It could even be used in their bed, since it is so soft. It has a set run time of 30 minutes, which will help to save a bit of battery power each night, and should provide enough time for your kid to fall asleep.

The projector for this owl is on its tummy, making it a bit difficult to aim at both the ceiling and the walls at the same time. However, it should still be a wonderful sleep aid, since it can also be used as a sound machine of sorts. With the press of a button, the projector will also play out ten different lullabies to your little one, which will help to send them off to bed peacefully.

  • Cute, cuddly, and soft
  • Easy to use
  • Plays music for extra soothing effect

  • Can’t be projected to the wall and ceiling at the same time

  • Home Planetarium
  • Ultra-bright 3-watt white LED technology
  • Projection distance: 59"-90"
  • Projection area: a circle 106" in diameter
  • Project 60,000 stars
  • Rotational and stationary modes
  • 4 additional high-res discs (Southern Hemisphere, Warped Andromeda, Day Earth and Moon, Night Earth and Moon)
  • Double-sided poster of northern and southern hemisphere included
  • Timer

OVERALL RATING: 9.5 out of 10

Unlike most of the star projectors on this list, which project less realistic stars, this unit makes it look like the real night sky is right in your room with you. It comes with four different projection disks to make it feel like you are looking right at the night sky. This would make a great gift for a teacher, since you can use it to study the night sky.

As you would expect with an item that uses this amount of realism, this projector is not quite as easy to set up as some others and might take a bit of practice to get right. After you figure it out though, you can project pretty much anywhere, in any size room.

  • Realistic display
  • Lots of display options
  • Great for any size room or space

  • Hard to set up

  • Star projector + night light
  • 3 AA batteries
  • Multi-colored LEDs
  • Auto color changing mode
  • Timer
  • Hand washable
  • Made of plastic
  • Contains no BPA, lead, or phthalate

OVERALL RATING: 9.0 out of 10


If you have an older child who wants a star projector in their room but doesn’t need anything cute or cuddly, then this is a great choice. It is solidly built out of kid-friendly materials and is hand washable. It uses three AA batteries and an array of multi-colored LED bulbs to make a nice starry projection on the walls and ceiling of any room. However, it will work best in smaller rooms, since it is a bit undersized.

Much like other child-directed star projectors, this one comes with a timer, which is very easy to set. It also has several different light modes, and can even be set to switch between all of its colors automatically. This makes it an easy to use and hands-off kind of star projector.

  • Easy to set
  • Easy to clean
  • Made of safe materials

  • Smaller projection area makes it best to be used in small rooms

  • Star projector + night light
  • 3 lighting modes (steady warm white light, multiple colors, rotation)
  • 8 lighting patterns (different colors and gradients)
  • 4 AAA batteries or USB cable

OVERALL RATING: 8.5 out of 10


If you are looking for a nice star projector with plenty of color options and won’t break the bank, then this might be your best choice. This star projector works well in pretty much any size room, thanks to its circular design. It can be used with either a USB power cable or 4 AAA batteries, which make it great for traveling.

This projector also has tons of modes to choose from. You can utilize three different lighting modes and eight different lighting patterns. This can be a bit tricky to figure out at first, since there are only three buttons to get to all of these settings. However, if you look through the manual carefully and practice a bit with it, you shouldn’t have too much trouble using it with ease.

  • Budget-friendly
  • Lots of modes
  • Portable

  • Tricky to get to the right modes

Buyig Guide

There are several different factors that you need to take into account when you are trying to get the best star projector, no matter what you intend to use it for in your home.

Use and purpose

The first thing that you need to figure out is what you actually need the star projector for. Some models can be used for children only, and some are mostly for adults, and then some others are more of a hybrid model and have modes that are designed for both children and grownups. Listed below are the features that you should look for depending on how you intend to utilize the projector.

  • When you are looking for a star projector for your kid, you are usually looking for one that is going to help soothe them to sleep. If you want them to have it in their bed with them, it should be soft and free of any harmful chemicals. It should also be childproof so that they cannot access the batteries in any way. These models can also have some sound or musical choices to sooth your little one.
  • Star projectors for adults don’t need to be cute and cuddly, as they do for kids, and should instead be stylish and sleek. These models will usually have a variety of projection options, and even be a home planetarium with a great realistic night sky projection.
  • Hybrid models are star projectors that are mostly for helping soothe someone to sleep, whether they are a kid or an adult. Also, if you're after a star propjector for an adult, a great idea would be getting a budget-friendly projector under $100 and playing a video of a starry sky: you'll get an incredibly realistic projection, especially if you opt for a 3D projector - you'll feel like you're in space!

Lighting modes

Top 7 Magical Star Projectors – Your Guide in 2020The lighting modes that star projectors offer all depend on what you want the projector for. If you intend to utilize it to put a kid to sleep, a steady, smooth image is ideal. If, however, you are trying to get a party jumping, then the lighting can be a bit more erratic. Aside from the speed with which the lighting effects move, you should also look for a projector that offers several different color modes. This will allow you to set the color to match the mood or your preference.

Regardless of what type of lighting modes you want in your model, be sure to look for one with straightforward controls that are easy to understand and fine-tune so that you can get exactly what you want out of your projector.

Light bulb type

When it comes to these star projectors, you have two bulb choices. You can either go with the cheaper, but not as long lasting, incandescent bulbs, or you can get LEDs, which are more expensive but will last a long time. LEDs are also a bit brighter than the normal bulbs, making them ideal for settings where it won’t be completely dark.

If you do decide to go with a projector that uses the cheaper bulbs, you will need to make sure that the room that you are using it in is pretty much completely dark. Otherwise, you won’t really be able to see the projections at all.

There are some laser star projectors on the market that claim to apply laser light which is coherent and thus much more concentrated and powerful than the light emitted by LEDs. However, laser technology is pricier, and we doubt that these star projectors are really laser. Even in case they are, you need to think about safety. The thing is, though lasers are considered eye-safe, this doesn't mean they cannot damage your eyes. It actually means that you will likely blink or look away before the laser causes any damage.

Power source

power-source_3You need to be careful when you are selecting your star projector because they all have different power requirements. All of them can operate on battery power, which usually consists of different numbers of AA or AAA batteries. Some can then be plugged in and run on electrical power as well through a USB.

What you need to watch out for, however, are the ones that run exclusively on battery power. Not that switching out batteries is that big of a deal, but rather that it might not suit your needs. If you are looking to run your projector for a long time, say at a party, the last thing you want is for it to run out of battery power.


No matter what materials your preferred projector is made with, it should be durably built and well designed (luckily all of the projectors on our list are!). The only time that materials really should come into question is if you intend to use the projector with a little child, since they might sleep with it. In that case, they also might inadvertently put some of it in their mouth in their sleep, which could be an issue if the device is built with harmful plastics.

To free yourself from the worry of this type of situation, be sure to look for projectors that contain no BPA, phthalate, latex, or lead. That way, you will be sure that your little one is completely safe with the projector all night long.


lighting-modesAgain, the style of your projector all depends on your intended use. If you are looking to get one for your kid, you’ll want one that is both cute, cuddly, and functional. On the other hand, if you want one for yourself, a projector that is both stylish and sleek will be more appropriate.

You can also choose from two distinct projection styles, regardless of who will be using it. Some projectors can fill up a whole room – walls and ceiling, while some can only do the walls, or the ceiling separately. Depending on your needs, you’ll need to make sure the projector you select can project in the way that you want it to.


Some projectors for children will also offer you some sounds as well. These are usually white noises or lullabies, to help soothe your little ones to sleep. While this is not required, it certainly is a plus.


So there you have it! Now you know everything that you need to know to find the best star projector for your needs! Hopefully, this article has been a big help in your search. Best of luck, and have a great day!

10 Total Score
Newest Star Light Rotating Projector – Editor's Choice

After carefully going through all of the different projectors on the market, it is clear that the Newest Star Light Rotating Projector by Hontry is by far the best star projector on the market today. While it is geared more towards adults, this projector would make a fine addition to a child’s room as well, just not in their beds with them. This projector uses LED bulbs to provide a nice clear projection and can cover the walls and ceilings of even the largest rooms with ease. It is also really easy to set up, and its timer goes all the way up 995 minutes. This projector is easy to keep powered as well, since you have the option of using either a USB to power it or batteries. We highly recommend that you check this one out. You won’t be disappointed!

Lighting quality
Lighting modes
  • Long timer
  • Automatically switches between colors
  • Can be used as a projector or just as a night light
  • Several manufacturing issues reported
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