The 7 Best Shower Faucets for Your Bathroom

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It’s one simple thing, but have you considered how your shower faucet could make a huge difference in your bathroom? Every bathroom has them, but not all homeowners can make informed decisions on how to upgrade bathrooms and even optimize their bathroom setup when picking new ones. Yes, it’s all possible through simply selecting the best shower faucet – do you know how?

Perhaps you believe it’s all about looks. Not quite. Are you someone who loves options? Modern faucets can have different flow functions which can make a simple shower much more enjoyable. You can also get a better flow rate, and just imagine how height options can make bath time a little simpler, especially if you have a family. And of course, if you plan on remodeling the bathroom yourself, you need easy installation features. Also, don’t forget to confirm what’s included in the set, so you don’t have to make another trip to the hardware store. Do you see how important your shopping method is?

We’re making it all a bit easier for you. Our remodeling experts researched the market to find the most sensible and aesthetically pleasing options 2020 has to offer. You can glance through the table we compiled, or research them by reading our in-depth reviews. Alternatively, use our buying guide at the end of the article as a reference when you start shopping.

Your bathroom can be so much more than you see it as now. Let us show you.

Top 7 Shower Faucets Review 2021


Bwaiyuk Shower Faucet SetEditor's Choice

  • Set includes: rain showerhead, handheld shower, mixer valve, faucet
  • Material/ finish: brass/ black paint
  • Warranty: 5 years

Extra features: high pressure water flow

If you’re looking for something truly unique, this could be it, especially because of the stunning aesthetic value you get from the black finish. Bwaiyuk tried something different and it works, because a bathroom can be a stylish statement as well as a functional room.

Of course, it’s about value for money too, and we think the five-year warranty is more than enough proof that this is a good buy. After testing out the parts we’re also very impressed with the design and components, as they feel extremely sturdy.

It’s a smart buy since this brand has thought of almost everything. Cleaning your shower is easy because there are so few visible, exposed parts. Even the valve is built into the system. It makes for easy wipe-down cleaning.

As with most high end shower sets these days, you can enjoy the simulated effect of standing in a proper rain shower. Thanks to the angle of this design, it’s very close to the real thing. This valve also enables high pressure water flow through the rain showerhead, as high as 2gpm. That can even make it feel like a waterfall, never mind a rain shower.

Installation is easy thanks to the brand using standard sizes. You won’t need adapters so you can try making this a DIY project no matter your level of experience.

What are our favorite features?

  • Exceptionally sturdy
  • Unique, striking look
  • Durable
  • Easy to install

What could be better?

  • Black color won’t be to everyone’s taste

STARBATH SS02YBest Round Shower Head

  • Set includes: rain showerhead, handheld shower, mixer valve, shower bracket holder, faucet
  • Material/ finish: stainless steel & brass / chrome
  • Warranty: not specified

Extra features: 3-setting showerhead

Here we have one of the very few round-shaped shower heads on our list. However, it doesn’t disappoint as it’s large 12” design is enough to produce a very realistic rain shower effect.

A huge concern for shoppers is the longevity of these kits. If you install components behind walls and tiles, you don’t want to open it up again in a few months’ time because you need to replace parts or the entire set. With this one you don’t have to fear. You can open and close the ceramic cartridge set up to 500 000 times before any malfunctioning may occur. The brand also carries out extensive testing to ensure you get quality parts.

When it comes to installation it’s made easy thanks to standard US plumbing sizes used. However, we hope they improve the instruction manual at some stage. It’s one of the designs that allow you the freedom to position the handheld showerhead wherever you prefer it. You don’t want every arm movement to cause you to bump into it. The 59” shower hose isn’t the longest you’ll find on this list, but is ample for most shower layouts. The kit includes installation accessories, which means no additional expenses.

The set looks stunning thanks to the polished chrome finish. This makes it shine, but also makes it last longer as it prevents corrosion. Another fact that adds aesthetic value is that very few of the parts are visible; most of them, except for shower heads and controls, are all covered. Great for small spaces and minimalists.

Why did it make our list?

  • Takes up little space
  • Customize positioning to preferences
  • Long hose
  • Easy installation

What is not ideal about it?

  • Instructions could be clearer

HIMK Shower Faucet SetBest Tub and Shower Faucet

  • Set includes: rain showerhead, handheld showerhead, shower hose, shower holder, control valve, faucet
  • Material/ finish: brass / polished chrome
  • Warranty: lifetime

Extra features: air pressurization technology to increase water pressure

This is one step up from the SR Sun Rise you’ll see below, as here you have a handheld showerhead at your disposal, too. All parts have stylish chrome finishes that easily match most personal tastes.

You’ll love how the unique air pressurization technology enhances the pressure, but this even saves you some water. The system pushes air through along with water and even with low pressure plumbing you can enjoy 100% pressure. You can have a luxurious shower experience no matter the design of your home’s infrastructure.

Yes, you can install this yourself, even if you only have basic DIY skills and tools. It’s every convenient that the connector is compatible with almost any pipe you may have.

You can install the hand shower holder in any place based on your height and habits, so you can make sure you won’t accidentally bump against it. The 71” shower hose is quite long, enough to reach wherever you need it to. Just note that the connecting nuts are made of plastic and quite short which some users prefer to replace with metal ones.

The mixer control is clearly labeled which makes usage easy. The different functions also require only a quick twist of the knob. This set includes a faucet, so you have everything you need whether you’re only remodeling a shower unit or an entire bathroom.

If you have any trepidations, a lifetime guarantee on this set is enough to place it high on our list.

What makes it special?

  • Long warranty
  • Enables water saving
  • High pressure guaranteed
  • Stylish design
  • Easy to change settings

What cons did we find?

  • Some plastic components

SR SUN RISE SRSH-DS1003Best Rain Shower Effect

  • Set includes: rain showerhead, faucet, mixer valve
  • Material/ finish: brass & stainless steel / chrome plated
  • Warranty: 5 years

Extra features: advanced air injection technology to save water

This is an even better rain simulating shower head than the Blue Ocean model mentioned below because it’s angled at 90° to the wall. This gives a more realistic effect.

The set includes the stylish faucet with which to fill the tub and we’re quite impressed with the unique square design. It adds something different to your bathroom’s overall effect. The faucet is also quite wide—as long as you have high water pressure, your bath will fill up quickly.

The square features look modern and will fit with most modern décor designs, while being minimalistic enough to match with just about anything.

The letters indicating ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ are clearly visible, unlike on many modern designs. We think this is a user friendly feature that’s practically as important as aesthetics.

It’s practical in more ways than one as you can get high pressure, even if your plumbing only allows low pressure water flow. That’s thanks to the air energy technology. No matter where you install this, you’ll get the rain effect you dream of. Another nifty feature prevents the discomfort of suddenly having your water temperature and pressure change, thanks to the high end design that incorporates a pressure balance valve.

Installation is relatively easy, although you may need other screws than the ones supplied.

All components are designed to prevent polluting your water. This protects your skin and is possible thanks to high quality brass parts.

What stands out?

  • Sleek design
  • Simple to use
  • Rain effect
  • Quality components

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Limited options
  • Supplied screws not ideal
  • Set includes: rainfall showerhead, handheld showerhead, mixer valve, faucet
  • Material/ finish: aluminum alloy
  • Warranty: 1 year on parts

Extra features: temperature display, 8 adjustable nozzles for water massage

What better shower function is there than simulating rain falling down? Enjoying that stimulation as well as the water massage feature right in your own home is truly the epitome of luxurious living. It makes this a worthwhile expense when upgrading your bathroom. Remember, any luxury expense increases the worth of your home, making a high-end appliance like this an investment in your home’s resale value.

The design is focused on giving users a customized shower experience. The total of eight nozzles will give you a different experience than the average faucet. What’s impressive is that the nozzles are adjustable and even work independent from each other. This means your shower will be quite unique, but it also prevents water pressure problems.

If you prefer having control, there’s always the handheld shower head you can use too.

This is the ultimate in modern living, as you don’t have to guess how hot the water is: Simply check the digital display. Find your ideal temperature and select it every time. You automatically get water at that temperature instead of wasting time (and money!) on doing it manually.

It will look stylish for a long time, thanks to the aluminum alloy components as well as the chrome-plated hose. It’s also durable overall as the pipes in the back are reinforced. Just be careful when tightening fittings, as some of them are made of plastic.

Note that this is meant for installation on a flat wall. Don’t forget to keep AA batteries on hand as you need them to power the digital display.

Why are we impressed?

  • Great aesthetics
  • Rain and water massage feature
  • Independent nozzles ensure high pressure
  • Quality components
  • Digital temperature display

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Plastic fittings
  • Need to replace batteries
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Derpras Shower Faucet SetBest Temperature Control

  • Set includes: rain showerhead, handheld shower, shower hose, mixer valve, faucet
  • Material/ finish: ABS & brass / chrome plated
  • Warranty: not specified

Extra features: LED temperature display, LED lights (powered by water flow)

Here’s another high tech option to transform your bathroom into the ultimate modern living hub. Not only does this give you the much coveted rain shower experience, but a digital display helps you get the temperature perfect, every time.

What makes this even better than some other similar models is that you don’t need batteries or electricity to power the LCD feature. Through smart design, it’s all powered by water flow.

We love the narrow lines and minimalistic approach. It makes it easier to match this to your current bathroom layout and look. It also takes up very little space, as the handheld shower neatly slots into the normal shower fittings. That makes it appropriate for smaller bathrooms too, as it won’t make it seem cluttered.

This is one of the few shower kits on this list that allow you to adjust the height of the shower head. You can pick anything between 33.85” x 46.10” so your customized shower experience can be tailored to your height too. The rain shower head can also swivel slightly (15°) which adds even more options, ideal if you’re very picky about your grooming experience.

No matter which height you pick, the water will come pounding through thanks to the high pressure feature. That is made possible with air energy technology, present in many of today’s high-end shower systems.

Why did it make our list?

  • Minimalistic
  • LCD display, water flow driven
  • Adjustable height
  • Rain shower head can swivel

What is not ideal about it?

  • Not the biggest shower head on the market

Sumerain Shower Faucet S3207NIBudget Pick

  • Set includes: rain showerhead, control valve, faucet
  • Material/ finish: ABS & brass / brushed nickel
  • Warranty: 3-year leaking warranty

Extra features: TouchClean spray holes for easy, quick cleaning

If you’re shopping on a budget, this is probably the one you’ll pick, but that doesn’t mean you’re compromising. This is still an excellent upgrade as it looks striking and modern.

The manufacturer focused on offering you a high quality, durable product. This can be seen in the many features that ensure longevity. It won’t corrode easily because of the brushed nickel finish and the solid brass body will serve you well for years. That’s why the 3 year leaking warranty is no surprise.

The brand also makes it easy for everyone to install as the valve thread is suitable for both American and Canadian buildings.

Aesthetics were also high on the brand’s list of priorities as this kit’s surfaces won’t show those irritating fingerprints we all hate. This is thanks to the smart Fingerprint Resistant design: an easy way to keep your bathroom looking exceptional with minimal maintenance.

The 8” diameter shower head isn’t the largest you’ll find, but still big enough for a luxurious shower experience. Even in this there are maintenance benefits as the soft spray holes are easier to keep clean from lime buildup than traditional heads. This makes this budget buy a smart purchase if you live in an area with very hard water.

You get an easy installation option too, making this an all-round winner, without breaking your budget.

What makes it special?

  • Stylish design
  • Easy to install
  • Works for hard water
  • Low maintenance

What cons did we find?

  • No handheld shower head
  • Small shower head

Things to Consider

Even with reviews in hand, knowing which is the best shower faucet for you isn’t necessarily obvious. You may also wonder if it’s really worth the expense. Our buying guide is designed to keep you motivated and the list of features will help you determine the winning option for your bathroom. Read this so you can make the best long term decision.

Advantages of having a top-quality shower faucet

ufg-bdl0047aw_1No matter your priorities there are good reasons to invest in top-quality shower faucet products:

  • Durability: Top of the range kits are made of long lasting materials such as brass. This won’t corrode, so you won’t have to replace it any time soon, as is often the case with plated steel. Make sure the exterior is high quality too, so you don’t have it peeling off, ruining the aesthetics of the room. The best shower faucet sets also have durable mechanical pieces that won’t wear out quickly, so it will switch between settings smoothly for years to come. See the STARBATH option above as an excellent example.
  • Saving water and energy: You’re bound to have shorter showers when the water pressure is high, as soap quickly gets rinsed off. This saves water and energy. High end products that find and maintain your ideal temperature also minimize the time you spend testing (wasting) water before you get in. You can also opt for WaterSense ducts that limit the amount of hot water you use.
  • Aesthetics: Brands ensure components are easy on the eye to give your bathroom an instant visual upgrade.
  • Value of your home: For both aesthetic and practical reasons a modern, quality shower faucet will increase your resale value. Potential buyers will appreciate the modern look and make the purchase with peace of mind that they don’t have to renovate an outdated bathroom. Even opting for a shower rather than a bath is a good change, since there’s a growing trend of homeowners preferring showers to only having baths in bathrooms. It’s a safer, more manageable option for the elderly and it uses less water than drawing a daily bath.

Features to consider to find the best shower faucet

5Of course, not all modern shower faucet sets are the same. You can find the ideal kit by gauging which of these features matter most, and then searching until you find that perfect buy.

Does it come in a set?

It’s best to purchase a set if you don’t want to feel buyers’ regret. This is the only way you can prevent components from looking out of place. This can happen when you mix and match various styles, or you’re forced to take a different faucet design to your shower head because the one you wanted was discontinued.

Also, remember that each piece affects the overall look. If you don’t replace all components, that one old faucet can ruin your upgrade.

Depending on your bathroom design and what you want, a shower faucet set can include a shower head, a hand shower, as well as the faucet and controls. Of course, if you don’t have a bath or don’t require a hand shower, these components are superfluous. High-end sets will have additional parts such as multiple nozzles. These aren’t necessary, unless your goal is the ultimate in luxury living.

It’s best to make sure the set you pick is compatible with your building’s pipes. Most quality brands provide standard sized components, but never assume, or you’ll make unnecessary trips to the hardware store.

Material and finish

A very popular material for manufacturing is brass. This is durable so you won’t have to replace components soon. You also have to consider the finish, though. Options include nickel, chrome, stainless steel or brass. The latter is the most stylish and will last you a long time. Also pick between brushed and polished. Just remember a polished finish typically requires a lot of maintenance to keep it shining & free of fingerprints.

Style and dimensions

Before you leave the house to go shopping, take proper measurements. If you skip this step, you’ll waste money, or waste time and money on customizing it.
The components must fit the room in terms of length, such as vertical pipes. Even the size of the shower heads matter. Will the large handheld shower head work in a compact shower cubicle? Consider each component, as a bigger-sized hand shower can make a small shower feel cluttered. However, if you can at least install this part where you choose—as opposed to having it fixed to the rest of the shower—it’s less problematic.

Also make sure the style fits with the theme and décor you already have. Just because everything’s silver, doesn’t mean it will work: A brushed finish looks remarkably different to a polished one when placed in the same space.

Ease of installation

If you plan on doing installation yourself, this aspect is your number one priority. If it’s too difficult to install, you can damage components and waste time & money. Also remember wall-mount and ceiling-mount shower heads require different installation techniques. Some kits are simply fastened to the exterior, while others have components that are installed behind the wall or tiles. That will mean you need plumbing and construction experience.

Water flow rate

When you invest in a high end model you can have better water pressure, even if your plumbing infrastructure only provides nominal pressure. That’s the value of modern technology, as seen in the HIMK set mentioned above. An average water flow rate is 2.2gpm. However, if your focus is to save water, opt for a system that will limit flow.


Of course, you don’t want to replace your components regularly. The best shower faucet sets have warranties for up to five years, seen in the SR Sunrise kit featured above. Make sure you’re clear on what it covers, such as the mechanics, the pipes, the digital features or just the interior brass.


This usually depends on the kit you install, but modern technology—with dual functionality—does allow you to use both shower options at the same time. Depending on the quality and your infrastructure, it may affect water pressure.

Never assume. Make sure the old valve is compatible with the new trim kit. Luckily, many brands are starting to create universal valves that will work with almost any product you buy.

If you invest in a modern faucet kit, a new valve—such as a thermostatic type—may need to be installed for the ultimate upgrade.

A rain shower effect isn’t a high pressure shower. It’s actually a bit gentler than many high pressure showers, so the effect can be more soothing. Also, the shape, size, design and positioning of the shower head help to create the simulated effect you can choose to have the water fall all around you instead of only on your head, by positioning it right over you, instead of at an angle.

You can source replacement parts from two places: The shower’s brand, for design specific components, or hardware/houseware stores for standard parts. You may also find plumbers who will customize universal parts to fit your unique set up if needed.

Our Verdict

Allow yourself some time to consider all your options before deciding. This is a huge decision; you’ll see and use this every day for years to come, so you need to pick the set that’s ‘just right’.

For us it was eventually easy to pick the Bwaiyuk as the best shower faucet, simply because the brand covered all bases. You’ll have your rain shower experience while enjoying low maintenance, excellent aesthetics and it even has a super long warranty. Worth every cent!

If you do prefer the chrome look to the brass one, we suggest a second look at the Starbath set. It really impressed us with its durability and great minimalistic feel.

The HIMK is also an excellent purchase and it has everything you need to kit out your entire shower. It’s convenient that you can decide where to position each unit, such as the hand shower, which makes for easy installation and customization. There’s also minimal components on the exterior of the wall, which makes for easy cleaning and a sleek look. Get the shower setup that feels comfortable for you.

So, have you compiled your list of priorities? Taken your measurements? Now you can start shopping.

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