6 Greatest Mug Presses to Create Your Own Incomparable Designs

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Whether you are looking for a unique way to create gifts for your friends and family, or are looking to make some extra cash with a craft business, purchasing the best mug press you can find is a great idea. These amazing machines make designing and creating custom mugs a piece of cake.

For our review, we have rounded up six of the best mug presses available today. We found these mug presses by researching hundreds of user reviews for tens of hours. After all of this careful research, we have found that the PlanetFlame Mug Heat Press Machine is, by far, the best model available today. This impressive machine is capable of reaching 750 degrees during transfer, which makes it possible to create much more complicated designs. Plus, this model comes fully assembled, which will allow you to get right to it. Of course, make sure you read through our in-depth product reviews to find the right model for your needs.

During our research, we first looked at the temperature and time settings, since these will determine what kinds of designs you can use on your mugs. Next, we looked into the size of the heating pad, so that you can easily figure out what size mugs work best with each press. Finally, we carefully inspected how many mugs could be made at one time. All of this research allowed us to not only put together a comprehensive list of the best mug presses on the market but also gave us the information we needed to create in-depth reviews and a detailed buying guide.

Top 6 Mug Presses Review 2021


PlanetFlame Mug Heat Press MachineEditor’s Choice

  • Capacity: 1 mug
  • Transfer temperature: up to 750℉
  • Timer: up to 999 seconds
  • Heating pad size: 6-11 oz.

More features: arrives fully assembled; 1-year warranty on the whole machine

If you are in the market for the best overall sublimation mug press, then this just might the right model for you. For starters, this wonderful press can heat up to 750 degrees Fahrenheit. This high-temperature range puts it well above any of its competitors. Of course, this heating process does take a bit of time, but once it gets up to the temperature you require, it can really speed the process along.

Something else that helps to set this model apart from any other presses on the market is its large mug size range. While most models can only do one size cup, or, at best, a very limited size range, this model can be used on any mug from 6-11 ounces. This versatility makes this an excellent option for anyone wanting to sell their creations.

Even if you are new to the world of mug presses, this is a great model for you. For starters, it comes fully assembled, which is a big time saver. Since it is fully assembled, you can also rest assured that it has been done so properly, and everything should be in working order. This will allow you to hit the ground running and start using your new device right away once you get it home.

The simple controls will allow you to set more than just an extremely high temperature. This machine also has one of the larger timer ranges you can get, which is perfect for any pressing projects that require a lot more time under pressure.

What stands out?

  • Comes fully assembled
  • Large mug size range
  • Extremely high-temperature range
  • Large timer range
  • Easy to use
  • Simple controls

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Slow heating process

ColorSub Cup Mug Heat PressBest Professional Mug Heat Press

  • Capacity: 1 mug
  • Transfer temperature: 0-480 ℉
  • Timer: 0-999 seconds
  • Heating pad size: for mugs 6-11oz in diameter 

More features: 350W, arrives fully assembled, ready to use out of the box

There’s no better way to get error-free heat press on your coffee cups and mugs than with this professional mug heat press. The digital display sublimation printing machine comes ready to use straight out of the box and its robust build guarantees long-lasting performance.

ColorSub Mug heat press is ideal for both personal and industrial use. You can use it to print customized designs onto sports bottles, cups, and mugs.

The machine supports 6 to 11 ounces mugs and allows you to print custom images, pictures or logos onto your mugs for advertising or gifting.

With the specially designed heat platen, you can trust the machine to provide even temperature for your items. Plus, you can set the temperature digitally anywhere between 0 and 750 degrees F.

Also featured is a safety control chip that keeps you safe when operating the heat press.

If you are new to using a heat press, fret not. This machine comes with intensive user manuals and videos with QR codes so you can wrap your head around its features and functionality.

What makes it stand out?

  • The ColorSub mug heat press machine is the best affordable heat press for beginners out there. This is because it comes pre-assembled and it is super-easy to use. It also has a safety control chip to keep you safe when operating it. The professional digital display also makes using it a breeze because it allows you to set the temperatures correctly.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • There are a few complaints that the heat press takes some time to reach a high transfer temperature of about 360 degrees Celsius that can get any job done effectively.

INTBUYING ST-3042Premium Pick

  • Capacity: 12 mugs
  • vacuum: -640mmHg
  • Timer: up to 999 seconds
  • Heating pad size: 11 oz.

More features: auto shut-off after 15 minutes of no operation; vacuum sublimation technology

Most people that are looking into mug presses are doing so more for their business than for personal use. The big issue that so many folks run into is that they can only make one mug at a time when they need to make a whole lot of them. If that sounds like you, then this just might be a good option. Unlike most of the other presses out there, this model can hold up to 12 mugs at one time, which would be a huge time saver.

The controls on this machine are extremely clear. Even if you have never operated one before, this shouldn’t be too difficult, which is very lucky. The reason that this is so lucky is that the instructions for this press are quite hard to decipher.

Something else that stands out for this model is the fact that it doesn’t clamp around the mug during the transfer process. Instead, you place each of the mugs within the case and allow the machine to pressurize. Once the interior of the press is pressurized, it is then heated. This press doesn’t have the highest heat range out there, but it should still be more than enough for most of your pressing needs.

This is also one of the safer presses that you can get. While many presses will continue to heat and pressurize until you turn them off, this model does it a bit differently. This machine has an auto shut-off feature that will turn the press off if it has been idle for more than 15 minutes. This limits the chance of anyone getting burned, which is always a big positive.

What stands out?

  • 12 mug capacity
  • Long timer range
  • Easy to use
  • Clear controls
  • Auto shut-off

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Difficult to follow instructions

Estink ST-110Best Press for Vinyl

  • Capacity: 1 mug
  • Transfer temperature: up to 356℉
  • Timer: up to 180 seconds
  • Heating pad size: 11 oz.

More features: pneumatic pressure; LCD control panel

If you are looking for a press to use for vinyl transfer, then this is a good option. One of the most important things to remember when you are working with vinyl is that you don’t want to have too high of a temperature. If you do go too high, then the design will melt and, thus, be ruined. This model is only capable of reaching 350 degrees. This lower temperature is perfect for use with vinyl creations. Of course, this does limit it for some other projects and might limit the durability of your overall product, but only slightly.

This is also one of the most compact mug presses that you can buy. While it can only be used on one cup at a time, this is a small price to pay for getting a press that barely takes up any room at all. If you are someone that doesn’t have a dedicated workspace to make your mugs, then this is a nice choice. Its small size will allow you to store it in a cabinet until you want to use it.

Something else that helps to make this a good option is its easy-to-use controls and simple to read LCD control panel. Even if you haven’t ever used a press before, you should be able to use this model effectively. The onscreen display is very clear, and the controls and very self-explanatory, which his perfect for anyone that is just getting started with designing mugs.

Why is it special?

  • LCD control panel
  • Pneumatic pressure
  • Long timer range
  • Easy to use controls
  • Compact

What are the flaws?

  • Only capable of low temperatures

Zerone ST-210Best Value

  • Capacity: 2 mugs
  • Transfer temperature: up to 356℉
  • Timer: 90 seconds
  • Heating pad size: 11 oz.

More features: replaceable heating pads for different sizes

One of the bigger issues that a lot of folks have when they are looking for a mug press is finding one that is not only effective for doing great-looking projects, but also cost-effective as well. Many of the models on the market are quite expensive, which might not work for their budget, especially if they are just looking to get a press to make gifts for their friends and family.

Luckily, with this model, you get an effective mug press that is capable of working on two mugs at the same time, while also keeping the cost down. This makes it an outstanding value, and perfect for anyone that is just looking to make these mugs as gifts or as a hobby.

Of course, a budget-friendly model like this isn’t going to have everything that more expensive models do. For instance, this press can only be used with a size mug at this price point. You can purchase additional heating pads if you want to make different sized mugs, but this will cost you more money in the long run.

Something else that makes this a good option for anyone that is looking for a new hobby is that this press has both very clear instructions and easy to use controls. This easy-going combination will make even the least experienced presser more comfortable with the process, which, in turn, will result in better mug creations.

What are our favorite features?

  • Can press two mugs at a time
  • Additional heating pads can be purchased
  • Easy to use controls
  • Very clear instructions

What could be better?

  • Can only press one size mug
  • Low temperature – not ideal for all materials

F2C Pro Sublimation Heat Press MachineEasiest to Use Mug Press

  • Capacity: 1 mug
  • Transfer temperature: up to 482℉
  • Timer: up to 999 seconds
  • Heating pad size: 11 oz.

More features: 5-in-1 functionality

This is another model that would be perfect for anyone that is looking to do a lot of different things for a business. Not only can this press make outstanding mugs, but it can also be used to make hats, shirts, and plates. This versatility makes it a perfect press for anyone that is looking to make a lot of promotional materials or just wants to get started with an online shop making custom gear for their customers.

The controls and mechanisms for this press are very easy to understand and utilize. That is, once you have the different accessories properly installed. While each of the accessories works very well independently of each other, they are quite difficult to switch. Part of the reason for this is because of how durably made this press is. Some of the different screws, nuts, and bolts, are difficult to loosen while you are switching accessories. Thankfully, once everything is switched, the press works extremely well.

Since you can make a whole lot of stuff with this press, it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that this model is capable of utilizing a wide timer range. That way, you will be able to set up pretty much any project that you have in mind, regardless of what you are putting it on, and set the press for the right amount of time quickly and easily.

This model also heats up very quickly and evenly. This even amount of heat makes for a much better-finished project. The quick heating time will also help you to make your projects that much faster.

What are our favorite features?

  • Heats evenly and quickly
  • Capable of pressing more than just mugs
  • Long timer capability

What could be better?

  • Difficult to switch accessories
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Things to Consider

In this section, we will go through everything you need to know to find the best mug press for your needs. We have also taken the time to answer several frequently asked questions, so be sure to read through those as well if you need any further information.

Features to consider when choosing a mug press

6 Greatest Mug Presses to Create Your Own Incomparable Designs

As you can imagine, there are plenty of features that you need to take into account when you are buying a new mug press. In this section, we will guide you through all of the most important factors you need to take into account so that you can have confidence in your final purchase and pick the perfect press for you.

Transfer technology

When it comes to transferring your images to your mug, there are two different options you can choose from. You can either use heat transfer or sublimation. Both of these methods work very well, but they do have some distinct advantages and disadvantages that you should be aware of before you make your final purchase.

  • Heat Transfer – Perhaps the best thing about using heat transfer technology is that it is inexpensive. When you are using a press that uses heat transfer, like the PlanetFlame Mug Heat Press Machine, you will need heat transfer paper, which doesn’t cost all that much. From there, you simply allow the machine to do the work for you. Once you have heated and pressed your image onto the mug, it is very similar to painting it on. As such, you need to make sure to not be too rough with the design while washing and rinsing, or it will start to come off over time.
  • Sublimation – Unlike heat transfer paper, sublimation paper is quite expensive, which shouldn’t be all that surprising, considering the highly advanced technology it is used in. Sublimation is a process that, through heat and pressure, allows your design to actually become part of the mug, rather than just ink that is added on top. This makes the design much more durable and should provide longer-lasting results in comparison to a mug design produced through the heat transfer process.

How many mugs can it hold at a time?

If you are someone that is looking to start up a business of making custom mug designs, then this is an extremely pertinent question. The more mugs you can create at once, the more you will be able to supply to your customers. On the other hand, if you are only looking for a mug press to make one or two mugs at a time as gifts for your friends and family, you can save a bit of money by making sure to get a press that can only fit one or two mugs at a time.

If you are in the market for a mug press that can make massive amounts of mugs at one time, then the INTBUYING ST-3042 is going to be your best bet. This press can be used to sublimate up to 12 mugs at once, which is a huge time saver. Of course, if you are only looking to make small batches of mugs, you could probably save yourself some money and get the Zerone ST-210, which can be used for one or two mugs at a time.

Temperature and time controls

6 Greatest Mug Presses to Create Your Own Incomparable Designs

Depending on the types of images you want to put onto your mugs, you are going to need to use different temperatures and amounts of time. As such, it is always a good idea to get a press that will allow you to set the exact temperature you need and be able to keep an accurate timer so that you don’t overheat your image.

Many presses come with very basic controls that make it quick and easy to get to the right temperature for the right amount of time each and every time you make a new mug. The Mophorn Heat Press, for instance, has very basic controls that are very easy to use. If you like to have even more input over your temperature and time, then you will need more advanced controls. The Estink ST-110 has an LCD display that allows you to quickly and easily read through your time and heat levels so that you make great designs every time.

Sizes of mugs it’s compatible with

Something else that you will want to pay close attention to is the different sizes of mugs you can use with your new press. The last thing you want to do, especially if you are looking to get started in a design business, is to limit the size and types of mugs you can use in your press. Of course, as you would expect, with additional versatility comes an additional cost, so keep that in mind as well before you make your final decision.

The PlanetFlame Mug Heat Press Machine actually offers the best of both worlds in this regard. It has the widest range of mug size compliance, as it can be used with 5-11 ounce mugs. It is also one of the most budget-friendly options available as well since it can only be used on one mug at a time. Another good option, if you are looking for a range of mug sizes, is the Mophorn Heat Press, which can be used on mugs from 7-11 ounces.


6 Greatest Mug Presses to Create Your Own Incomparable Designs

Another factor that you need to take into account before you purchase your new press is its overall dimensions. Since you, most likely, won’t be keeping this press out all of the time, it is a good idea to look for one that you can easily store in a closet or cabinet. That way, it will be out of the way until you need to use it. Of course, if you have a larger, more dedicated work area for your printing business, the overall dimensions probably won’t come into play all that much.

If you are looking for a smaller model, then the Estink ST-110 is a great buy. This press is extremely compact, which makes it easy to store in a cabinet until you need to use it. If space isn’t an issue for you, however, then the F2C Pro Sublimation Heat Press Machine just might be the right model. This machine is quite large since it can be used to print on more than just mugs.


Whenever you are purchasing something new, whether it be a coffee maker, washing machine, or mug press, it is always a good idea to look for a model that comes with a good warranty. That way, you will be covered if anything should break on it through normal use. You need to make sure, however, to read through the warranty information as carefully as possible.

Lots of companies will claim to offer an extended or long-term warranty, while only covering some parts of the new appliance or machine. This practice can make it confusing to figure out what is and what isn’t covered under the company’s warranty. As such, it is in your best interest to read through the fine print when you get your new mug press. That way, you will be able to determine what the warranty actually covers so that you won’t be surprised down the road should any part fail.

Can it also print on T-shirts, caps, plates, etc.?

If you are trying to start a printing business, then it is definitely a good idea, look for a machine that can do a bit more than just print on a mug. That way, you will be able to create lots of different merchandise to sell to your customers or items to help market your new business to the public.

In this instance, the F2C Pro Sublimation Heat Press Machine is the machine for the job. Not only can this product sublimate your designs onto mugs, but it can also be used on hats, plates, and shirts as well. All you need to do is switch out the heating plates, and you can quickly and easily place your design onto lots of different materials. This versatility makes it a great option for anyone that is looking to make some money in the world of printing and design.

How to make a mug with your own design?

6 Greatest Mug Presses to Create Your Own Incomparable Designs

Making a mug with a mug press is relatively straightforward. There are several basic steps that you need to follow each and every time to make sure you get a high-quality design.

  1. Select the image you desire to put on your mug. You can either make your own design or choose one from another source. Then, make sure it is the right size to be imprinted on the mug of your choice.
  2. Print out your image. Depending on what kind of press you purchase, you will need to print your design on either sublimate or heat transfer paper. Be sure to use the right paper for your machine for the best results.
  3. Set the mug with the design properly aligned in your press. Make sure that you tighten the press properly and that your design stays in place. That way, your design will look its very best.
  4. Enter the right time and heat level for your press.
  5. Allow the machine to operate for the proper amount of time.
  6. After the machine has turned off, remove your mug from the press.
  7. Take your transfer paper off IMMEDIATELY after you get your mug out of the press to make sure it doesn’t get stuck on the mug.
  8. Enjoy your new mug!


The temperature and time settings for your mug press will depend on a couple of different things. Each machine will use different amounts of pressure and heat, and will also require different time settings. It is best to read through the user manual for your new press to find what the manufacturer recommends. Something else that will come into play is the material that you are transferring onto. T-shirts will need more time but less heat than a mug, so make sure you read through what works best for your press in these instances.

In order for your press to work effectively, you are going to need to also make sure that you have a high-quality color printer. Laser printers work best in this instance. You also need to be sure to take the time to get the right type of transfer paper for your machine. You can’t, for instance, use heat transfer paper in a sublimation press, and vice versa. If you try to, your designs will not turn out the way you intended.

Vinyl doesn’t require quite as much heat as heat transfer papers or sublimation machines. As such, you can get by with using a press like the Estink ST-110, which has a lower temperature threshold but is fully capable of high-quality results.

Our Verdict

The PlanetFlame Mug Heat Press Machine is, by far, the best overall mug press on the market today. It can be used on lots of different mug sizes, has a high-temperature range, and is very easy to set up and use. Even if you are just getting started in the world of pressing, we highly recommend you check this model out.

If you want to make more than just custom mugs with your new press, then the Mophorn Heat Press is a great option. Not only can this versatile press make many different size mugs, but it can also be used to make hats, shirts, and plates. It is the perfect option for anyone looking to expand their crafting business.

If you want to make a lot of mugs at once, then the INTBUYING ST-3042 is going to be the best mug press for you. This model is capable of pressing up to 12 mugs at a time, which is much higher than any other model available today.

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