10 Best Magnetic Spin Bikes – Effective Way To Stay Fit

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Many of us have been quarantined by the coronavirus by surprise. And now, by blow and thump, we have been unable to leave home. Do you want to take a route back with an exercise bike? The magnetic spin bikes are reliable equipment for recoursing back to shape and fitness, and plus, they are quiet, so, you won’t disturb your neighbors!

Looking for solutions to keep you fit at a budget, we have analyzed some of the best magnetic spin bike under 500 models. We’re going to offer you a panoramic view of the best-recommended spinning bikes for all levels. Asides the budget, the most important features we considered are high resistance levels, type, and weight of the flywheel. Also considered are the high weight capacity, console availability, and weight. These are what genuinely classify a spinning bike as a state-of-the-art model. Are you a novice or an advanced user? You’ll find the right bike for you in our range of selected models.

Top 10 Magnetic Spin Biles Review 2021


NordicTrack S22iEditor’s Choice

  • Flywheel: not specified
  • Resistance levels: 24
  • Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Weight: 204 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 55 x 21.9 x 56.9 inches

More features: 1-year iFit membership, 22 inches Interactive HD Touchscreen Display, 360-degree screen rotation, 10-year frame warranty; 2-year parts warranty; 1-year labor warranty

The Commercial S22i Studio Cycle spinning bike is one of the highest quality products from Nordictrack. Besides, it is one of the best magnetic resistance spin bike models today. It has features that will delight even the most demanding cyclists. This home spinning bike lands on the market with a 22-inch touchscreen, 20%, and -10% tilt and decline ability, respectively. It has up to 24 levels of digital resistance.

The Nordictrack spinning bike will assure you that you will get to provide maximum performance in all your workouts. Its top-quality features will ensure this. First, it has a built-in display technology. This is comprised of a 22-inch Smart HD Touchscreen display, with power watt reading, and a musical auxiliary port. It has two state-of-the-art digital speakers for you to enjoy every workout to the fullest. The saddle of this Nordictrack spinning bike is characterized by being adjustable, both horizontally and vertically. Also, it has an ergonomic padded seat.

On the other hand, the multi-position handlebar implements a non-slip material for more exceptional support during training. The engineering of this spinning bike is characterized by having a state-of-the-art silent magnetic resistance (SMR). This has up to 24 levels, all inside a steel structure. Besides, it has an inclination and declination system that reaches slopes of 20% and -10%, respectively.

Are you looking for a spinning bike designed to give you the maximum in all your workouts? Do not hesitate anymore. Get the Nordictrack Commercial S22i Studio Cycle at the best price.

What are its best features?

  • Wheels for transportability
  • High resistance levels
  • High quality; low price
  • High weight capacity
  • Sturdy design

What could be improved?

  • Assembly takes time (needs extra hand)
  • Heavy
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Keiser M3iBest Value

  • Flywheel: not specified
  • Resistance levels: 24
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Weight: 85 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 45 x 25.98 x 48.98 inches

More features: BlueTooth-enabled Interactive Cycling

The American company Keiser created the Keiser M3i bike based on the most advanced technology in the fitness industry. And this is revolutionizing indoor cycling worldwide. The Keiser M3i bike is arguably the most modern and technologically advanced Indoor Cycling bike on the market. One of the reasons the bike has become the most advanced model in the fitness industry is its wireless connectivity technology. The new display incorporates Bluetooth wireless technology (BLT4) and WiFi compatible with Smart Phones and Tablets. It is currently the only bike that offers 3D routes, multi-views, analysis of results, +500,000 sessions, 500.00 routes. It also offers multi-player, 3D velodrome, videos of routes, real opponents, and voice chat with other users.

The bike’s display represents one of the biggest and most important advances presented to date in Indoor Cycling bikes. The console instantly provides accurate and valuable information that can be used by teachers when scheduling, teaching, and controlling classes. At the same time, it facilitates the monitoring of the evolution, progress, and improvement of the student’s physical condition. It has a brightness sensor and turns on automatically when the sensor detects low light levels. When pedaling above 140 RPM, the console will stop displaying the cadence, and the word STOP will appear. When you stop pedaling for more than three seconds, the computer will show the % of all the variables on the screen. Variables include heart rate, power, and RPM.

The power that is continuously generated is shown in watts together with the kilocalories. This is usually in intervals of eight seconds for the power and four seconds for the kilocalories. If there is no heart rate signal, a heart symbol next to a zero will appear on the screen. The use of an encoded Polar® compatible transmitter tape is necessary. After placing it on the chest, it will emit a signal that will be registered by the console. This will cause the heart symbol to start flashing. An instant later, the keystrokes will appear on the console screen. For the first 8 seconds, after the computer is activated, the odometer will show the total distance since the bike was first used. This function is for service and maintenance reasons only. After this time interval, the console will display the kilometers traveled since the beginning of the session. It alternates with resistance levels from 1 to 24.

What are our favorite features?

  • Provides pedaling sensations
  • Emits no noise
  • Light and comfortable
  • Reliable and flexible
  • Functional console

What could be better?

  • A bit pricey

HouseFit Indoor BikeBudget Pick

  • Flywheel: 16 lbs
  • Resistance levels: multiple
  • Capacity: 265 lbs.
  • Weight: 95 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 49.4 x 19.1 x 49 inches

More features: 1-year warranty, easy to assemble, transportation wheels

The HouseFit Indoor Bike is a mid-range spinning bike with multiple resistance levels and a weight capacity of 265lbs. It is the best indoor cycle magnetic resistance model with good-quality price of all the models analyzed. With the HouseFit model, we have a spinning bike that has a reinforced structure that provides excellent stability and security during our training sessions at home.

It is a professional indoor cycle bicycle that has 16 lbs flywheel, a belt drive system, and a set of transportation wheels. These features will allow you to train at high intensities without leaving the house and without disturbing the neighbors. This is because it is a very quiet spinning bike. It has an LCD monitor from which you can access data such as time of use, speed, and distance. However, many users complain of the insufficient data it displays. Remember that many models can show RPM, pulse, and calories, among other things. It has a 10.2″ large tablet holder for your books, phones, and notebooks.

It has many extras like a pair of ergonomic handlebars, pedals, and a saddle. Also, both the saddle and the handlebar offer the possibility of making micro-adjustments to adopt the perfect posture on the bike that allows us not only to increase our performance but also to avoid injuries. It’s among the cheapest spinning bikes. But also, its quality and reliability probably make it the best choice for users looking for a low-budget but professional spinning bike to maximize sports performance without leaving home.

Why is it special?

  • Great customer service
  • Ultra-quiet
  • Very stable
  • Safe and convenient
  • One-year warranty

What are the flaws?

  • Handlebar can only go up to 3 levels
  • Not much data from the monitor
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  • Flywheel: 44 lbs
  • Resistance levels: multiple
  • Capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Weight: 125.7 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 48 x 23 x 45 inches

More features: adjustable seat and handlebars, device holder, emergency stop brake

The SF-B1805 by Sunny Health and Fitness is an indoor cycling bike with magnetic resistance. The bike has a large tablet holder for your devices. The bike is ergonomically designed for optimum comfort and ease. The adjustable seat offers comfort and stability for the user. Just turn the knob to add or remove resistance. The brake allows users to stop the wheel in seconds. It can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Very easy to install, the instructions are straightforward to follow. Assembling the bike is very simple. You can realize the quality of the material when holding it in your hands. After about 10 min of putting it together, you can use it with all the enthusiasm and vigor that you like.

The 44-pound flywheel offers high inertia and resistance, allowing you to have precise control of your session. The chain drive mechanism provides a smooth and robust ride. You can easily track your performance and monitor your progress. The LCD monitor records your time, speed, distance, and even an estimate of calories burned. The rubber handles will extend the duration of your workout. The pedals will keep your feet from slipping and give you more support while pedaling. It supports a maximum weight of 300 lbs. The durability and quality of the product in relation to its price make it an outstanding offer. You can use it at home or purchase it for your clients, in your gym, or any other relevant space.

Perfect for many reasons: its quality and high resistance material is ideal for constant and specialized training. You can train comfortably and effectively by keeping track of the information provided by the board. Finally, a significant point in favor of the Sunny Health and Fitness Bike is its unbeatable price. It is an economic model that has been designed with high-quality material that makes the unit very durable.

What makes it stand out?

  • Easy to assembly, install and use
  • Heavy-duty flywheel
  • Low noise level
  • Fully customizable
  • Good quality to price

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Vibration through the handlebars
  • Heavy
  • Warranty not applicable outside the US
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Sunny Health & Fitness 6100 Asuna Sprinter CycleBest Optimal Flywheel Weight

  • Flywheel: 37 lbs
  • Resistance levels: multiple
  • Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Weight: 127 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 58.5 x 22 x 53.5 inches

More features: 5-year warranty, built-in ANT wireless pulse receiver with the included chest strap, adjustable seat, and handlebars, the device holder

The 6100 Asuna Sprinter exercise bike rises in the top positions probably because it is the best spinning bike in relation to quality-price. It is a professional spinning bicycle both in its construction and in its components. It is also very quiet and offers excellent performance at a very reasonable price. It has a 37 lbs flywheel, which will let you have a comfortable pedaling experience. This weight of the flywheel helps it avoid unpleasant vibrations and irregular pedaling. It will give you sensations very similar to the conventional bicycle and allow you to increase your sports performance.

The transmission system type is by a belt. In addition to requiring little maintenance, it is very quiet. This will allow you to train at almost any time. Being a silent spinning bike, it will give you zero worries about disturbing your neighbors next door. It is a giant spinning bike, which makes it an ideal option for tall people. It allows you to have a comfortable posture for your long indoor cycling sessions. It has non-slip mixed pedals (clipless pedals and toe clips) and a very comfortable sports-type saddle. The handlebar and this saddle are adjustable in height and degree of inclination. Also, unlike other stationary bike models, the saddle is quite comfortable. This is a point to keep in mind, especially when you want to do long workouts to improve your aerobic level or lose weight. It includes an LCD screen in which you can monitor performances, know your heart rate, select a specific program, and consult training history. Some other additional features it has include transportation wheels, dual, bottle holder, tablet holder, and floor stabilizers.

What are its best features?

  • Excellent value for money
  • Very comfortable and quiet
  • Sturdy construction
  • Ease of assembly
  • Offers smooth ride

What could be improved?

  • Limited meter stats
  • Poor customer service
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JOROTO X2 Best Quiet Model

  • Flywheel: 35 lbs
  • Resistance levels: multiple
  • Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Weight: 94 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 42.9 x 19.7 x 42.5 inches

More features: belt drive and bidirectional flywheel, digital monitor, 4-way handlebar, and seat adjustments

If you’re looking for a quieter magnetic spin bike, then the JOROTO X2 fits the bill. As such, you can work out early at home, all without worrying about waking the rest of your family. The construction includes a 35 lbs flywheel, belt drive, and thickened frame. This translates into a bike that can hold up to 300 lbs weight. Of course, this would mean it is usable for the majority of the world population.

According to some of the users of the machine, it doesn’t take long to assemble. However, once assembled, you can finetune and change some of the settings and configurations to fit your body type. Some of the potential changes include adjusting the seat and the 4-way handle-bar. You even get four adjustment knobs under the bike to keep it stable on various surfaces.

Of course, you want to keep improving your overall shape and health, and as a result, progressive overload is the way to do it. This means that you may have to increase the resistance of the spin bike over time. Also, if another member of your household uses the bike, they can add or reduce the bike’s resistance to match their needs.

Furthermore, just because you’re exercising doesn’t mean you have to be bored or thirsty. You can bring your tablet, phone, and even water bottle to your workout session, so you have everything you need to stay hydrated and to keep things interesting. There is a multi-use holder installed for all these things.

Also, to make sure you can get off the bike easily, the manufacturer included an emergency stop brake. Lastly, you have a digital monitor that should help you keep track of your workouts and the data you collect from them.

What stands out?

  • Quiet operation
  • Adjustable resistance, seat, and handle-bars
  • Easy to use
  • Features a digital monitor to track your workouts
  • Features emergency brakes
  • Includes a multi holder for your exercise accessories

What cons did we manage to find?

  • The water bottle holder and tablet holder being in the same place does make things more complicated
  • The monitor doesn’t include any readings on the resistance level

Pooboo Pro Indoor Cycling BikeBest Mid-Range Model

  • Flywheel: 40 lbs
  • Resistance levels: multiple
  • Capacity: 330 lbs.
  • Weight: 124.3 lbs.
  • Dimensions: not specified

More features: 1-year warranty, padded leather seat, multi-functional LCD, the device holder

This spinning bike from the Pooboo brand is a standard mid-range model. But it stands out because users agree that the most attractive aspect of this bike is its ease of assembly. This feature makes it an efficient device to have at home. It has a flywheel weight of 40 lbs. This makes your ride smoother. Remember, the heavier the flyweight, the more stable, fast, and, of course, smooth it will be.

Almost all parts of this bike are user adjustable, such as the seat and armrests. Also, it includes among its accessories a bottle holder and adjustable pedals.

It has a 35-pound two-way steering wheel. It supports users weighing up to 330 pounds. The digital LCD screen is a multifunctional display screen. It shows data such as speed, distance, heart rate, and calories burned. It also features a phone or tablet holder so you can keep yourself entertained while exercising.

The seat has a 4-way seat that is adjustable for closeness to the handlebars and height. The seat is padded with leather, for better durability.

What are our favorite features?

  • Smooth riding experience
  • Quiet
  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to use
  • Very affordable

What could be better?

  • Heavy flywheel

MEVEM Indoor Cycling BikeBest for Beginners

  • Flywheel: 18 lbs
  • Resistance levels: multiple
  • Capacity: 280 lbs.
  • Weight: 67 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 38.99 x 39.37 x 42.91 inches

More features: 1-year warranty, device holder, LCD monitor

The Mevem bike is today one of the best magnetic stationary bike models for beginners interested in cardiovascular training. This spinning bike is specially designed for those who want to start in the world of the indoor cycle. This is because it offers excellent features at a very affordable price. Some of its most important features include a sturdy steel chassis, belt drive system, an inertia wheel of 18 lbs. It also has an adjustable saddle and handlebar, transportation wheels, and tablet holder. These characteristics provide stable and silent use. It also allows you to adjust the resistance offered by this spinning bike at all times. You can choose the level of aerobic effort that you want to do at all times.

It does not have the most massive flywheel on the market, but it will allow you to pedal without much resistance. So this indoor bike is especially recommended for those who want to lose weight or for rehabilitation therapy. Its structure is quite compact, so we do not recommend it for people over 175 cm. If you do not measure more than that, it may be your ideal option. Having a small chassis takes up less space in the house. And also, the most attractive factor in this spinning bike is its price.

Furthermore, it has a very functional LCD screen. Through this, you’ll see data such as speed, the total distance covered, training time, calories burned, and heart rate. Although it lacks predetermined training programs, the large console offers more than expected. This is considering the adjusted price of the bike. It is lightweight at 67 lbs. It is an inexpensive spinning bike designed for occasional use and not very intense workouts. Do you want to get a lot of stability to pedal while standing up and training intensively? We recommend you choose another model from the upper-middle range.

What are our favorite features?

  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to move
  • 12-month warranty
  • Fully customizable
  • Quiet

What could be better?

  • Low resistance levels

MaxKare Magnetic Exercise BikeBest for Regular Training

  • Flywheel: 40 lbs
  • Resistance levels: multiple
  • Capacity: 264 lbs.
  • Weight: not specified
  • Dimensions: 42.3 x 35.4 x 7.7 inches

More features: 4-way adjustable seat & 2-way adjustable handlebar

The MaxCare model is a stationary cycle bike with magnetic resistance and an electronic display panel for a home cardio workout. Bikes that have a magnetic resistance system, like this Maxkare model, are top-rated. This is because they are more flexible, quieter, and do not require as much maintenance. Also, this device is equipped with a sturdy steel frame, which makes it durable.

This spinning bike can support users weighing up to 264 pounds while the machine itself weighs just 90lbs. Both the seat and the handlebar are adjustable in a specific range, although it does not offer many adjustment options. It includes a monitor that records data such as speed, activity time, and calories burned. It also has support for phones and iPads. The bike comes with a tension rope, which meets your needs of the whole body exercise. It helps increase your arm muscle while exercising your legs. It effectively burns calories and gives you a more scientific and efficient workout. It is made of a durable and robust steel frame.

The cushion and backrest of the exercise machine support the back and hands during continuous exercise. It is made of high-density materials and is ergonomically designed. The magnetic exercise bike’s LCD monitor can track your multiple sports data. These include the real-time heart rate, real-time speed, total mileage, time count, and calories burned. It makes you better understand your fitness.

What makes it stand out?

  • Smooth pedaling
  • Silent operation
  • Less maintenance
  • Sturdy frame
  • Wheels for easy movement

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Resistance range
  • Slow heart rate monitor

EFITMENT Indoor Cycle BikeBest Basic Model

  • Flywheel: 40 lbs
  • Resistance levels: multiple
  • Capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Weight: 104 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 41 x 21.26 x 47 inches

More features: advanced digital monitor, device holder, multi-grip handlebars, inseam min. 28 in / max 33.5 in

The EFITMENT Indoor Cycle spinning bike is the most complete in the EFITMENT range. It offers professional-level features such as a massive 40 lbs chromed flywheel, a belt drive mechanism, and an LCD screen. It also has a triathlon handlebar (with heart rate monitor and adjustable).

This model includes in the frame a bottle cage and support for iPads and other mobile devices. The bottle holder is a detail that is much appreciated by users. In the most intense training, it is functional to get hydrated. It helps us to get the most out of our sessions and the indoor bike. It has an adjustable seat and wheels for transportability. While weighing 104 lbs, it can hold 275 lbs.

These features make it probably the best option for those who like to practice this sport every day. It is suitable for those who need cardiovascular training and cannot always go out due to a lack of time or adverse weather conditions. Indoors, you can ride this with a fluid pedaling that is without vibrations and jerks.
The LCD screen has standard functionalities. While not being the cheapest in the ranking, this model has a competitive price for the benefits it offers. Without a doubt, it’s one of the best options for users looking for a cheaper spinning bike with high-end features.

What makes it stand out?

  • Functional features
  • Excellent value for money
  • Massive flywheel
  • Includes bottle and tablet holder
  • Silent and sturdy

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Weighty (mostly due to its flywheel)

Things to Consider

Spin bikes with magnetic resistance offer better functionality to everyone looking to exercise indoors than their counterparts with friction resistance. We’ve seen the best magnetic resistance exercise bike reviews, but that isn’t everything you need. In this section, we’ll see some essential information about what this type of bike is and what it offers. You’ll also find vital information on features you should consider before buying one. We’ll round it up with some frequently asked questions on buying, using, and maintaining the machine.

What is a spin bike?

It is an “exercisicle” that has a shape similar to that of a bike. But, unlike a bike, it is not to be mobilized, but to exercise. It is used both at home and in gyms to improve endurance and muscles. They are, in addition to running machines, the best gadgets made for the purposes mentioned. Regardless of their size, these types of systems have different forms of adjustments. This means that they can be used indifferently by adults or by younger people. Also, it does not matter what the height of the person who uses it is. This is because it can be adjusted to the required height of the user.

Indoors cycling benefits

Apart from the characteristics, another point that generates interest when buying an indoor bike is the benefits it offers. There are some positive effects associated with cardio exercise that will undoubtedly be present in indoor cycling. This is regardless of whether we are talking about a professional spinning bike or one for beginners. If you are not completely clear on what the benefits are, do not worry. Below we’ll show you some of the most important ones.

10 Best Magnetic Spin Bikes - Effective Way To Stay Fit

  1. Cardiovascular Health: When it comes to maintaining the flow of our blood in optimal conditions, cardio exercises are a popular recipe. What is interesting is that it is not merely a preconceived idea. But there is a lot of research that supports these premises. There are studies that expose the positive effects of indoor cycling on the aerobic capacity, blood pressure, and lipid profile of athletes. Another noteworthy aspect of cardio exercises is that they provide benefits at any stage of life. The result of a 16-week study of moderate training by high school students has been published. It shows the positive changes achieved in the body composition and blood variables of the students. Also, another study demonstrated the benefits of spinning on cardiovascular risk factors in people with rheumatoid arthritis. These people have a mean age of 57 years.
    The practice of spinning is also directly associated with longevity and the general reduction of causes of death. Precisely, another study presents clear arguments associating the practice of cycling with a better state of health of the population. As you can see, there are a lot of reasons to carry out this type of routines at any stage of your life. Something similar happens with the portable step machine, the rowing machine, the vibrating platform for weight loss, and spin bikes.
  1. Weight Management: Another beneficial factor is weight control. Indoor cycling and a low-calorie diet are some of the best weapons to combat overweight and control serum lipids. Studies have also demonstrated the incidence of high-intensity aerobic exercise on the loss of body fat. These observations were made on overweight men and women and show the transversal advantages of indoor cycling.
  2. Mental Health: Mental health is one of the main concerns of modern society, so it is essential to have tools to improve it. It is not a secret that physical exercise is easily associated with a better state of mental health. This incidence has been demonstrated on several occasions. This fact is emphasized in a study where the reality of more than a million people was analyzed. The results showed that those who carried out periodic sports activity suffered from fewer days of poor mental health.
  3. Provides stress relief: Another study demonstrates how aerobic exercise can reduce the level of cortisol in the body. Cortisol is the hormone responsible for generating stress in humans. The good news is that you don’t need to put forth maximum effort to enjoy these benefits. A study shows that with just fifteen minutes of physical training, the desired effects can be achieved at the cortisol level.
  4. Other benefits: The benefits outlined above are some of the ones we consider most relevant. But the reality is that there are plenty of benefits associated with this type of activity.
    • Increased isometric strength and decreased cholesterol in young women is one of them.
    • Cycling, as an inclusive sport, has also been shown to help reduce stiffness and joint pain. Also, it produces less fatigue in the joints of the lower body compared to other machines such as the treadmill, which burns fat. This was shown by a study where the therapeutic effects of cycling and swimming on arthritis patients were analyzed.
    • It’s also a great cardio option if you’re looking to gain muscle volume. It minimizes body fat gains and maximizes lean muscle gains.
    • A common feature of cycling machines is that during gym sessions, there is usually music and light play. As regarding this, studies have shown that these elements have positive effects on people’s performance. Although they do not influence the amount of energy expended. Music and light do generate greater pleasure and reduce the feeling of physical exhaustion. It’s something you might like to keep in mind when you get on your spinning bike.

We can go entirely to the effects of spinning, cycling on a stationary bike, among other types of indoor cycling. But the conclusions will be just as positive.

Magnetic spin bikes pros and cons

The best of the advantages of magnetic spin bikes is that it positively impacts the health of the user. It is one of the best tools in terms of body improvement. This is because the most used muscles, most notably those of the legs, are worked out. Also, it accelerates and invigorates the heart rate. You can install and use them at home, especially if you undergo other exercises. The magnetic spin bikes, thus, “prepare” the body for the other workouts that will happen in the day. Below is a highlight of the pros and cons of magnetic spin bikes.

  • Lets you do home exercises
  • Improves cardiovascular health and muscles
  • Long-term durability
  • Low noise level
  • You can exercise in company
  • There is a great diversity of prices


  • Some are difficult to move
  • If they are electric, they require extra expenses
  • If they break down, they are difficult to repair
  • For the grown-ups, you need to have space at home

Things to consider when choosing a magnetic spin bike

There are several features and criteria that all magnetic spin bikes present. These may look like small details that, for many people, can go unnoticed until they have it in their hands. Then they can be disappointed because these features determine how ergonomic and effective the bike will be. To avoid this, we offer you a list of data to consider before taking out your credit card. Review your bike based on this information while exploring, either digitally or physically, to buy one of these exercisers. Some of the details that you should observe are the following.

Flywheel/inertia wheel

This is, without a doubt the most essential factor to consider and something you must not overlook when buying a magnetic spinning bike. The flywheel is the part that we see that moves when we pedal on top of our spinning exercise bike. It is usually made of aluminum, placed at the front, and its weight ranges between 30 lbs and 50 lbs. The inertia wheel, depending on its weight, offers more or less resistance to pedaling. It also helps to accumulate more or less kinetic energy. It is also responsible for giving us a feeling similar to what we have when we are riding on a conventional road bike.

In general, the greater the inertia wheel, you will have:
  • More pedaling resistance
  • More stability and smoothness when pedaling
  • More intense training possibility
  • The higher the price of the spinning bike

  1. Flywheel up to 30 lbs: In this type of spinning bike, you can pedal without much resistance. This makes them the ideal bikes for rehabilitation therapy or weight loss. From our magnetic spin bike review, examples of this include the HouseFit Indoor Bike and the MEVEM Indoor Cycling Bike. They are designed to perform infrequent and low-intensity training. They are the cheapest spinning bikes. But in general, we do not recommend buying an indoor bike in which the weight of your flywheel is less than 30 lbs. This should only be considered if only you need little resistance due to injury or some physical limitation.
  2. 30-45 lbs flywheel: It is the type of exercise bike in which we find more models on the market. However, they are usually quite competitively priced. They are the recommended spinning bikes for domestic use, especially for those who:
    • Want to start cardiovascular training at home.
    • Want an indoor bike to occasionally supplement their workout when they can’t use their road or mountain bike.
    • Want to lose weight.

    Models that fall within this range include the EFITMENT Indoor Cycle Bike and the MaxKare Magnetic Exercise Bike.

    The Pooboo Pro Indoor Cycling BikeSunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Belt Drive Bike and the Sunny Health & Fitness 6100 Asuna Sprinter Cycle models also fall within this range.

  3. 45-55 lbs flywheel

They are those that we usually find in gyms. They’re, therefore, those that are recommended if you’re going to use them intensively. This is because they have a robust construction and exceptional durability. They are professional spinning bikes designed for those who want to train every day. They also efficiently improve both the users’ sports performance and aerobic level. We recommend this type of bike if you’re going to do high-intensity training (HIITs). You need this if you wish to work your aerobic capacity for 2-3 hours several days a week.

Unfortunately, it’s rare finding a good model within this range with an under 500 price. They are top-of-the-range models.

The resistance

This feature allows you to adjust the resistance level during your training sessions. That is, it will enable you to increase or decrease the intensity level.

Magnetic resistance is the focus of the models reviewed in this article. However, to understand the differences and why you should choose it, we’ll try to analyze the major types of resistances. The resistance to pedaling that we can generally find in spinning bikes can be:

  • Magnetic resistance: This braking system will allow you to regulate the effort based on the selected power. With this, you can have exact control during your aerobic training. It is the system that is integrated into the highest quality of spinning bikes (high-end). It offers silent resistance and progressive braking. It has more durability than the friction resistance in exchange for having a higher price. We recommend this type of system for athletes who want to focus their training on sports performance. It’s also recommended for those who are in a rehabilitation process. With this type, they’ll be able to have more control over resistance, and they can adjust it to ensure a progressive and safe effort.
  • Friction resistance: In this type, braking is carried out by pressing the shoes on the flywheel until they are completely stopped. It is a system similar to the V-Brake of conventional bikes. They tend to be a cheaper braking system in exchange for having less progressive braking. They also have greater wears and maintenance. You will have to change the shoe when it wears out.

The materials used

There are three types of materials that a good spin bike must have, irrespective of the size. These are fabric and cushion materials, metals, and plastic. Each of them is used to produce specific components of the apparatus. Knowing what each one of them is especially made of will aid in handling and maintenance. Hence, you’ll have a long-lasting exercise bike.

  • Metal: The body, chain or strap, and steering wheel cross should be made of metal, not plastic or brittle alloys. It doesn’t have to be stainless steel at all times. But if you are purchasing a personal one and will store it in a place sensitive to humidity, choose stainless steel models.
  • The cushion materials: It should always be cotton. Polyester is not allowed because it is hugely irritable to the skin. This has an impact on your body because the part of the equipment that incorporates this is the seat. In addition, it is important that it does not break, break down or come apart. Leather materials are also popular materials used for the covers of the seat. Whether real or faux, they are also of high quality.
  • Plastic: The pedals and the handlebar which you’ll hold must be made with this. It is not recommended that they are made of iron, aluminum or steel. This is because, in addition to adding more weight, they are not comfortable when used. Bikes with pedals that incorporate harder materials also tend to be noisier. Plastic, however, will guarantee smooth rides without generating noise.

The frame

There are two types of structures. These are often made of aluminium and steel. Both have good features, although obviously, the aluminum ones are lighter than the steel ones. This, however, does not mean that aluminum can withstand a higher user weight. Keep this in mind if you are going to move your bike frequently from one side of the house to the other. In this case, the base must have wheels at its front that facilitate its transfer.

Weight capacity, saddle and handlebar

10 Best Magnetic Spin Bikes - Effective Way To Stay Fit

The user-weight and height are very important criteria. This is because there are models in this review designed for kids and adults. Therefore, the seat may or may not be closer to the handlebar depending on the target range of users. Some usually have lower capacity and meant for people with height of not more than 6’2″. For you to carry out your routines without feeling uncomfortable and without muscle pain, it’s important that you take into account: your weight, the saddle and the handlebar. Let’s see each one separately:

  • Maximum user weight: This feature does not require too much explanation. It is important that the spinning bike you buy supports your weight. This is usually clearly indicated. The higher the weight capacity, the better. Models with a range between 300-400 lbs, like the NordicTrack S22i, will accommodate just any type of user.
  • Saddle: It is essential that the saddle is adjustable both vertically and horizontally. What is the proper height for the saddle? This may depend a little from person to person. But as a general rule, the upper part of the saddle must be at the level of your hip, while you are standing next to the bike. Please note that there are spinning bikes for tall and short people.
  • Handlebar: It is important that you can adjust the handlebar both horizontally and vertically. Also, ensure that it has several positions to place your hands and degrees of inclination.

Display screen or console

It is a small screen normally located on the handlebar. However, there’s the exception of the reclining ones located in front of the saddle. Although there are bikes without this screen, we do not recommend them if you want to carry out regular training. This screen will be what will indicate some basic workout data. It will help you set improvement goals. The display of spinning bikes shows revolutions per minute (RPM), time, calories, distance, hour, pulse, power output in watts, etc. There are also models of spinning bikes with programs to carry out guided training, as for example the NordicTrack S22i. Currently, there are models with screens that allow extras such as connecting music or measuring heart rate.

The transmission/drive system

The transmission is the part of the indoor bike in charge of transmitting movement exerted on the pedals to the inertia wheel. It is like the chain of a conventional bike or the strap of the car. We can find two different types of transmission:

  • Chain drive: It has a longer service life and low maintenance since a chain drive lasts a lifetime. The only maintenance required is greasing after a few hours of use, which may be different depending on the manufacturer. They are noisier than the belt drive system and, thus, not recommended for indoor use.
  • Belt drive: This type of transmission is very quiet and provides smoother movement. It wears out with use, and after a moment you will have to change it.

Calapies or pedals with cleats?

10 Best Magnetic Spin Bikes - Effective Way To Stay Fit

This is an especially important detail for those looking for a professional spinning bike. Pedals that allow the use of shoes with cleats will allow you to fix the foot to the pedal consistently. They’ll also keep it in the proper position. These characteristics will enable you to increase performance. It offers pedaling sensations similar to when we are riding on the road or mountain bike.

The design and color

These tools are often made of multiple types of designs. The most modern ones incorporate ergonomic designs in which curvatures predominate. The visual appeal also depends on the size of the device and the space in which it is placed. If you live in a smaller home, choose a design that will fit in with other gym machines, it will have around its environment as well as the internal decor. Many of these exercisers can even be used for decoration as well.

Something that can add to the visual charm of these items is the finish or how it is painted. This is the most striking aspect next to how it is designed, so it is the first thing you will consider. In general, these products are made of neutral colors. These are preferable since they can be classified as unisex. Black, gray, white and other colors are common in them.


Warranty and usage guarantee policies are the hallmark and assurance of quality. Spin bikes come at a relatively expensive prices. User warranties are great policies users can fall back on when things go wrong unexpectedly within the year of coverage. Many spin bikes, especially the low-end models, don’t come with lengthy warranty periods. We advice against models with no full or limited warranties. If at all, there must be a guarantee on the important parts of the models which are susceptible to breakdowns. While many models on this review have around 1-year warranty, you can find models with up to 5-year warranty. It all depends on the price and brand.  Usually manufacturers of models in the under 500 category don’t usually offer more than a year warranty. This is the case with the MEVEM Indoor Cycling Bike, Pooboo Pro Indoor Cycling Bike and the HouseFit Indoor Bike. Unfortunately, they’re the only models which are advertised to have warranties.


How much does a magnetic spinning bike cost? It must be said, from the outset, that this is one of the best items in terms of cost.

First of all, because there is a diversity of them. Secondly, because it is not the type of products whose price has to do with their quality. Thus, three strata can be established to evaluate its possible costs.

  1. High level: Here are those with prices of more than a thousand bucks. Generally, although not always, they are electric models. As suggested before, there are more accessible modalities. What sets the cost of the product in this range, is related to the brand manufacturer and the construction materials.
  2. Medium level: These are those that are between the range of 300 to 1000 dollars. Most models in this review fall within this range. And one of the cheapest is the HouseFit Indoor Bike. There are all kinds, including those that use electricity. Many include interesting additives such as the case of bottle and tablet holders, movable wheels, and adjustable seat.
  3. Low level: These are the under 300 models. This is where the cheapest and most abundant mini versions can be found. However, some of them may be relatively more expensive.

Extra features

10 Best Magnetic Spin Bikes - Effective Way To Stay Fit

In addition to the technical characteristics mentioned above, spinning bikes will incorporate some accessories. These will increase their technical performance. It, however, depends on their quality and price. The extras that we can find in spinning bikes are the following:

  • Protective mat: Some models include a gym machine mat. This doesn’t only protect the floor from scratches. It also minimizes vibrations on the floor and problems with the neighbor.
  • Shock absorbers: These are placed on the frame or on the saddle. They provide adequate cushioning to make your cardio sessions more comfortable without losing performance.
  • Stabilizer bars: These allow you to level the indoor bike in case the terrain is not perfectly level. Thus, it helps you avoid rolling or vibrations on the ground.
  • Triathlon-type handlebar: This is a better quality type of handlebar, as you can see it by the  EFITMENT Indoor Cycle Bike. It allows you to adopt postures that simulate the ones you take with your mountain or road bike. It allows you to stand, sit, tilt the trunk, etc.
  • Transportable wheels: These are very useful if you do not have a space meant just for the bike. You have to put them on and off every time whenever you need to do cardio.
  • Bottle cages: Most models include a bottle cage. But if your spinning bike does not have this, we recommend that you invest in buying one. Hydration while cardio-training is very important for good sports performance.
  • Wireless pulse measurement with chest strap: It is especially useful for high-intensity workouts. It allows you to control the heart rate on the monitor or mobile.
  • Compatibility with polar type fitness trackers: If you have a tracker device you want to use, ensure it’s compatible.


Magnetic spin bikes aren’t totally maintenance-free. Even though they don’t require torrid maintenance like other types, they still need little maintenance. To keep it well-maintained, all you need is grease the brake mechanism regularly. Spin bikes are machines on which sweats are poured out on. Thus, after every use, the flywheel, handlebar, levelling feet, brake area, front and back keg assemblies have to be wiped. This is to prevent rust and increase its durability.

It depends on how much pounds of fat you want to lose. For instance, spinning thrice a week can help you burn up to 1,800 calories. However, note that one pound of fat is equal to 3,500 calories. Therefore, you may try to increase the number of times you exercise if you need to shed more fat.

Well, generally the magnetic and induction brake system offers a quieter pedaling. And that, together with the flywheel, gives a more similar feeling to a racing bike. In addition, magnetic systems do not produce wear. It’s unlike the friction system in which wear of the shoes occurs and must be changed periodically. Each brand has its own spare parts, so this is not a problem. Bikes with magnetic brake systems usually have a higher cost. They are more suitable for intermediate or advanced users who are looking for more intense practice. This does not mean that the friction system is bad or worse. It is just that there are products of different ranges depending on the need and budget of each person.

Our Verdict

If what you are looking for is an indoor cycle bike with a good price and features, we recommend the NordicTrack S22i. It is the overall best magnetic spin bike under 500 in this comparison and the Editor’s Choice. It is a commercial-grade model which you can use continuously for more than 20 hours per week. Do you want to have the best possible sensations and qualities? In our opinion, the best option is the Keiser M3i. It comes with advanced technologies which are not seen in every model. It is the model with the best value.

On the contrary, are you starting out in the world of indoor cycling? You do not want to spend too much, but you are also looking for a reliable product. We recommend our budget pick, the HouseFit Indoor Cycle. It is one of the best magnetic spin bike models available at a very low price.

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