12 Most Reliable Jogging Strollers to Spend Healthy Time with Your Little Ones

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Why bother buying a jogging stroller? Can you use a normal stroller when jogging with your little one? These are some of the questions many parents ask themselves when they wish to come across jogging strollers. With many options and brands in the market, it is hard for most parents to find an ideal stroller for jogging.

That said, our comprehensive review will help you find the best jogging stroller to kick-start your active lifestyle. We go through several features that you should consider before making that purchase. Since you will be using it to jog, the first thing to consider should probably be its reliability and strength. Check the materials used to make the stroller. The seat should be well padded and reclining with ease. Other factors to consider are height capacity and the maximum weight the stroller can take. Also, look at the unit’s weight, handlebar design, and the warranty offered. Let us now take a look at the top jogging strollers.

Top 12 Jogging Strollers Review 2021


Thule Urban Glide 2Editor’s Choice

  • Dimensions: 34.2 x 27.2 x 13.3 in
  • Weight capacity: 75 lbs
  • Height capacity: 21 in
  • Warranty: lifetime limited
  • Weight: 25.3 lbs

More features: 16-inch rear wheels, zip-cover storage basket, lockable front wheel, foldable design, 5-point harness, integrated twist handbrake, 35.5-44-inch adjustable handlebar

Parents who love their morning or evening jogs no longer have a reason to skip their work outs. The lightweight, all-terrain Thule Urban Glide 2 jogging stroller is uniquely designed to ensure you enjoy your town strolls and jogs. The stroller comes adorned with three 16-inch rear wheels and boasts of a more than capable suspension system. Moreover, the front swivel wheel makes it easy to maneuver when you are strolling. It locks into a fixed position when you are jogging and at speed.

This Thule jogging stroller offers you a door pass to achieve an athletic physique. Its sleek and lightweight design will make you and your baby look forward to your morning runs. The Thule Urban Glide 2 is easy to handle and maneuver since its overall weight is just 25.3 pounds. And you can use it to carry a child weighing as heavy as 75 pounds.  It comes with a sitting height of 21 inches and dimensions of 34.2 x 27.2 x 13.3 inches.

The stroller is packed with features to give you and your precious baby maximum comfort and convenience. The 5-point safety child harness and the ergonomic adjustable handlebar with a twist and a brake make it the ideal stroller. A peekaboo window lets you check on the child without disturbing them. Also, the large storage basket with zip-top cover helps you organize your strolls and ensures your hands are free only to handle the stroller.

What we liked: We really loved the ease and comfort that comes with this stroller. Its multi-position protective canopy with ventilation, the simple seat recline feature, and the magnetic peekaboo window makes this jogger one of the best in the market.

What could be better: Maybe the greatest flaw of all with this Thule stroller is its failure to sit in an upright position hence making the child to strain the neck a lot when looking around.


BOB Gear Alterrain ProPremium Pick

  • Dimensions: 39.3 x 25.5 x 16 in
  • Weight capacity: 75 lbs
  • Height capacity: 44 in
  • Warranty: 5-year on frame, 1-year on fabrics
  • Weight: 32.3 lbs

More features: waterproof, one-hand folding design, removable wheels, air-filled tires, reflective rims, integrated handbrake, lockable front wheel, magnetic see-through window, 31-48-inch adjustable handlebar

You’ll be unable to deny the superiority of the BOB Gear Alterrain Pro jogging stroller, when you test it. This baby stroller features a reflective trim and rims, making it highly visible even if the weather inhibits visibility. The wheels are adaptable to all terrains, and they will enable you to jog, run, and take strolls through rough terrain without making your baby uncomfortable. The smooth shox suspension and the air-filled tires make the outdoor trips even better for both of you. BOB Gear has included an ergonomic handbrake, making it much easier to control the stroller when on a downhill.

The stroller’s rugged look makes it a good tool to use when taking your child out for a stroll. It comes with a canopy that is 100% waterproof and is rated 50+ to protect your child from everyday elements.

This BOB jogging stroller is practical in that the seat can stay upright hence enabling your child to enjoy the outdoor excursions. It reclines to an almost flat position, and this makes it ideal for a sleeping child. The manufacturer has included plenty of storage room to store your gear. There are five extra-large pockets and a zip-top cargo basket, which allows you to keep everything you might need when out for a jog or walk. It weighs 32.3 pounds and can carry up to 75 pounds.

What we liked: With a single twist, you can fold this stroller. It is also easy to store it away.

What could be better: One of the things that aren’t great is when the seat is fully reclined, the rear wheels squeak a lot. The canopy will not fully cover the stroller sides.


Joovy Zoom X2Best Double Jogging Stroller

  • Dimensions: 35 x 30.5 x 21.5 in
  • Weight capacity: 100 lbs
  • Height capacity: 43 in
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Weight: 28 lbs

More features: lockable front wheel, air-filled tires, one-handed folding design, air pump included, 5-point harness, waterproof canopies, parent organizer

You don’t have to give up your active lifestyle just because you have become a parent. The Joovy Zoom x2 stroller has been designed to allow you to carry your two children when you are going out for a jog or run. This stroller helps you tone your body while ensuring your children have the best outdoor experience. It weighs only 28 lbs and will carry a maximum weight of 100 lbs. Its dimensions are 35 x 30.5 x 21.5 inches.

The manufacturer has used large air-filled tires, which make the stroller cope with all manner of terrains. The front tire swivels, hence allowing you to maneuver it around malls and parking lots. Once you start jogging or running, the front tire locks to a fixed position, thus making it safe for you and your two young passengers.

When it comes to convenience, this ultra-light baby stroller comes with a parent organizer. A large basket to carry up to 15 lbs and extra mesh compartments. You can control and fold with ease the stroller with a single hand. Iron has been used to make the stroller’s frame, which is why it will serve you for years.

What we liked: For parents with twins or two children, small children, this is a perfect tool to own. We also loved the idea of including an air pump. You can never become stranded because of a flat tire.

What cons did we find? Even though this is a great family helper to parents who have two or more kids, there is the apparent fact that this stroller is not car compatible.


Britax B-FreeBest Britax Jogging Stroller

  • Dimensions: 32 x 24 x 15 in
  • Weight capacity: 65 lbs
  • Height capacity: 45 in
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Weight: 22 lbs

More features: seven storage pockets, storage basket, UV50+ expandable canopy, see-through window, rubber tires

The Britax B-Free is one of the top strollers every parent should take a look at. This stroller comes swathed with tantalizing child and parent-friendly features. Measuring 32 x 24 x 15 inches and weighing 22 pounds, this Britax jogging stroller has a carrying capacity of 65 pounds. The interior seat depth is 13 inches, while its height capacity is 45 inches.

Family life becomes more manageable and fun because the stroller will allow you to go for a jog alongside your one-year infant. The stroller’s front wheel can be configured in three ways, hence making it adaptive to every terrain you encounter. The tires are all rubber. The stroller folds with ease, and this makes it an easy item to transport and store away.

For your convenience, the manufacturer has added an extra-large stroller storage basket and seven additional storage pockets. For a comfortable grip and easy maneuverability of the stroller, the handlebar is adjustable. The canopy used in this unit is large and expandable and with SPF. This serves to protect your precious child from direct sunlight, rain, and other elements. You won’t need a car seat because the stroller is car seat compatible.

What makes it special? We loved the ease with which you will assemble this Britax stroller. It is stylish, sturdy, and safe to recline. You will also love how easy it is to fold and keep it away.

What could be better: The major downside with this stroller is its failure to sit upright. We further noted that the tires are not true rubber, but they’re hard plastic, making the stroller have a hard time climbing over driveway edges.


Allen Sports Premier J1Best Girls Jogging Stroller

  • Dimensions: 30.25 x 18 x 14 in
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs
  • Height capacity: 42 in
  • Warranty: lifetime limited
  • Weight: 21 lbs

More features: 16-inch wheels, raised rear axle, five-point safety harness, trigger folding, onboard storage

The Allen Sports Premier jogger is a product that offers you good value for your money. Not only is it cheap, but it also comes armed with all the crucial features of a great jogger. Its overall dimensions are 30.25 x 18 x 14 inches, and its weight is 21 pounds. The manufacturer has used aluminum for the jogger’s frame. It offers a height capacity of 42 inches and can carry a child weighing as much as 50lbs. The manufacturer recommends that you use this jogger to carry children no younger than 6 months. Its large 16-inch air-filled wheels will cover all terrains.

To make your experience and that of your precious cargo safe and comfortable, Allen manufacturers have raised the rear axle, making it possible for you to take full running strides. They have also included great rear suspensions, which smooth out all the road bumps along the way. The 5-point child harness ensures that your child’s safety is safeguarded at all times.

Your child’s comfort is guaranteed with this stroller. The seat reclines to a wide range of positions. Whether they are asleep or wide awake, the stroller seat will accommodate the child’s needs. For all your storage needs when you are out with your princess or prince, the manufacturer has included a myriad of storage areas.

What we liked: This seemingly basic jogger gives the premium joggers a run for their money. It offers you a practical canopy, great wheels, and an amazing child’s comfort.

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind? You will notice a problem with the release of the rear brakes and the jogger’s folding.


BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0Best BOB Jogging Stroller

  • Dimensions: 46 x 25 x 45 in
  • Weight capacity: 75 lbs
  • Height capacity: 44 in
  • Warranty: 5-year on frame, lifetime limited on canopy and gears
  • Weight: 28.5 lbs

More features: 9-position handlebar, air-filled tires, 6 storage pockets, swivel locking front wheel, 50+ sun protection, 16-inch rear wheels

The BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 is probably the most popular jogger from BOB. It affords both the parent and the child an ultimate outdoor experience that few joggers can compete with. This BOB jogger offers a smooth ride always. This is because the manufacturer has used a superior suspension system and 16″ air-filled tires. This guarantees a smooth ride even in the roughest of terrains.

This stroller’s overall dimensions are 46 x 25 x 45 inches, while its weight is 28.5 pounds. It offers a height capacity of 44 inches, and its payload capacity is 75pounds. An adjustable handlebar has been included. This feature comes in handy when you want to adjust the height depending on your height. The child’s seat reclines and allows them to sleep comfortably. The ultra-padded compression seat ensures the child gets the best comfort while jogging, walking, or running. When the child is awake and curious to know about their surroundings, the seat will adjust to an upright position.

The stroller’s storage space is ample. There are six storage pockets and extra-large cargo baskets. You also get a cell-phone pocket at the handlebar.

What we liked: You will love the front wheel’s adjustability whereby it can swivel around when you are out for a stroll or at the mall. It will lock to a steady position when you are going for a run.

What could be better: We noticed the stroller doesn’t come with a wrist strap. The manufacturer has only recommended that you only put children of 6 months and above in the stroller.


Chicco TREBest Chicco Jogging Stroller

  • Dimensions: 47.5 x 25.5 x 42 in
  • Weight capacity: 55 lbs
  • Height capacity: 42 in
  • Warranty: not specified
  • Weight: 28.5 lbs

More features: 16-inch rear wheels, one-handed fold, five-point harness, car seat compatible, on-handle brake, full-coverage canopy

Chicco TRE is a unique stroller that will make your parenthood easy and fun. Your active life will not stop but continue with the birth of your child. This stroller which boasts of 16” rear wheels weighs only 28.5 pounds. Together with the 12” front wheel, the stroller’s air-filled wheels can handle any terrain you can think of and still maintain the jogger’s comfort. It offers a height capacity of 42 inches and its payload is 55 pounds. The overall dimensions are 47.5 x 25.5 x 2 inches.

When buying a stroller, many parents are also hoping for a car seat. The stroller is compatible with a number of car seats, among them the Chicco KeyFit 30 Infant car Seat, Orion and Chicco Fit2 Infant and Toddler Car Seat. During the first six months, you can simply use the car seat before the child reaches the age of sitting properly in the stroller. Lucky for you, this stroller comes with a swivel front tire that makes it easy for you when taking afternoon strolls. The front wheel also locks when you decide on a jog or run. This ensures that the wheel doesn’t veer off when it bumps into something. The suspension system of the trolley is also something to reckon with.

The manufacturer has used sporty fabric which is durable and easy to clean and is also water repellant. The jogger’s canopy is extendable and has a flappable tinted mesh vent.

What we liked: The compatibility of the stroller with several car seats is refreshing.

What could be better: The manufacturer has included a tray for the child. It should be there, considering the high price tag.


Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging StrollerBest Joovy Jogging Stroller

  • Dimensions: 46 x 54 x 25 in
  • Weight capacity: 75 lbs
  • Height capacity: 44 in
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Weight: 25.7 lbs

More features: swivel locking 12-inch front wheel, air-filled tires, one-handed fold, air pump and organizer included, 16-inch rear wheels

Buying the Joovy Zoom 360 stroller has proven to be the best parenting decision many parents have ever made, especially those that love jogging or going for trail walks. The jogger comes with a payload of 75 pounds, making it one of the best in the market. It offers a height capacity of 44 inches and only weighs 25.7 pounds. The overall dimensions are 46 x 54 x 25 inches.

The Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight jogging stroller is a new addition to the Joovy cluster of strollers. It has been made using 6061 aluminum hence making it 10% lighter than its predecessor. It features a straight-through axle that is straighter and truer. The different terrains the stroller encounters are well handled by the more than capable suspension system and the 16” rear wheels. This is made even easier by the front 12.5” swivel wheel, which adapts to either leisure strolls or locks for fast jogs or runs.

For optimal benefit, the manufacturer has included a neoprene parent organizer that holds 2 cups. You also get a pocket, a basket, and in-mesh pockets. As for using this item as a car seat, rest easy. It is compatible with your car seat. The only thing you will need to do is buy car seat adapters.

What we liked: For practicality, Joovy has included an air pump. You will also have an easy time cleaning the polyester fabric.

What could be better: Though it is one of the best strollers out there, its storage space is a bit inhibitive. Can’t fit a diaper bag.

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Baby Jogger City SelectBest Jogging Stroller Combo

  • Dimensions: 25.75 x 28 x 38.5 in
  • Weight capacity: 45 lbs
  • Height capacity: 40 in
  • Warranty: lifetime limited
  • Weight: 51.9 lbs

More features: 16 jogger configurations, telescoping handlebar, 5-point harness, foldable, pram included, 8-inch front wheels, UV50+ canopy

Baby Jogger designed this stroller bearing in mind that your family will grow. It comes with a Deluxe Pram, which attaches to the City Select stroller with ease. This pram will carry your infant until they reach 25 pounds. When you get another baby, this stroller converts from a single to a double stroller. With this stroller, you will carry both your up to 45 pounds baby and your infant. Indeed, it is the perfect stroller for a growing family.

With the Baby Jogger City Select, which weighs 51.9 pounds, you get the chance to customize it the way you prefer. The manufacturer has made it possible for you to adjust the stroller using any of the 16 configurations. This means you can use the stroller while it’s facing the front, sideways, or towards the parent. The overall item dimensions are 22.25 x 16.63 x 33.25 inches.

The child’s safety and comfort are assured by the 5-point harness and the multiple reclining positions of the padded seat. On the other hand, the parent’s convenience is guaranteed by the telescoping handlebar, which adjusts to the height of the parent. The hand-operated brake makes operating this stroller a fun-filled affair.

Why is it special? We loved the way this stroller can be adjusted to suit different parental needs. It is easily collapsible and offers adequate storage space.

What are the flaws?   Some of the things you might not be pleased with when you own this stroller are its weight. You will also notice and miss its lack of cupholders.


Graco Modes Jogger 2.0Best Graco Jogging Stroller

  • Dimensions: 39.5 x 25.5 x 41.5 in
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs
  • Height capacity: 32 in
  • Warranty: 1-year limited
  • Weight: 33 lbs

More features: parent’s and child’s tray included, UV50 canopy, air-filled rubber tires, storage basket, side reflectors, reversible stroller seat, car seat compatible

Your morning jogs will be uneventful when you invest in the Graco Modes Jogger 2.00. This jogger will let you enjoy your morning runs more. It will give your precious son or daughter a time to explore the outdoors with you. It is moderately small, measuring 39.5 x 25.5 x 41.5 inches, while its weight is 33 lbs. The height capacity offered here is just 32 inches, while the maximum weight it can take is 50 pounds.

As a necessary tool for your outdoors, this Graco jogging stroller comes with several storage spaces, both for your stuff and those of the baby. The child is presented with a tray and cup holders while the parent gets the same plus a smartphone pocket. There is a large basket where you will place all the nursing items. You will access all of these storage spaces using one hand.

The UV50 canopy of the stroller shields the baby from all sides. The child’s safety is enhanced by the convertible 3 or 5-point harness. As for their comfort, the manufacturer has used polyester for the fabric. The wheels come with a world-class suspension system. The air-filled tires make even the rugged terrain blissful for the baby. Moreover, the reclining seat helps the child explore the outdoors with their eyes or nap through the journey.

Why are we impressed? With this stroller, you can ride using the 7 different riding positions. The seat is reversible, which allows the child to face you or the world.

What negatives must you be aware of? Even though the stroller gives you the best, we did note the short warranty the manufacturer offers.


Jeep Deluxe PatriotBest Value

  • Dimensions: 24 x 45 x 41 in
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs
  • Height capacity: 42 in
  • Warranty: 2-year limited
  • Weight: 27 lbs

More features: UV50+ canopy, JPMA certified, parent’s and child’s tray, foam handlebar, color variation

The Jeep Deluxe Patriot offers a certain level of classiness to the child and their parent. You can opt to pick from a range of three colors. The handlebar is ergonomically designed and is foam covered. This stroller has been adorned with cool features such as all-terrain wheels that are air-filled to ensure you get the very best out of your jogging or strolling experience. Moreover, the front wheel swivels, making it easy for you to maneuver the jogger in malls and trails. The front-wheel will also lock, allowing you to go for a jog while your baby comfortably rests in their seat.

To ensure the child gets the best out of the deal, the manufacturer has used high-tech fabrics and cool silver spokes that help the stroller become stylish while maintaining its functionality. The seat reclines to a near-flat level, and this lets the child sleep while you jog. The seat will also come up straight, allowing the baby to see the surroundings without straining their neck.

This Jeep jogging stroller is compact as it measures 24 x 45 x 41 inches. It weighs 27 pounds and offers a height capacity of 42 inches. Its maximum payload is 50 pounds.

Why did it make our list? We loved this jogger because it features a child’s tray that swings up and out, thus allowing you to nurse the child. Moreover, the jogger features a large European-style canopy.

What could be better: While everything about this jogger looks perfect, you will notice the front wheel wobbles when you are running.


Baby Trend ExpeditionBest Jogging Stroller and Carseat Combo

  • Dimensions: 44 x 46 x 22 in
  • Weight capacity: 50 lbs
  • Height capacity: 42 in
  • Warranty: 180-day limited
  • Weight: 41 lbs

More features: car seat included, 5-point harness, steel frame, 16-in rear wheels, swivel locking front wheel, trigger fold, multi-grip handle

If you are looking for a cool Baby Trend jogger, then the Baby Trend Expedition is what you should go for. This product offers you and your baby a plethora of benefits that will make you love the outdoors even more. This stroller, which weighs 41 pounds and measures 44 x 46 x 22 inches, boasts a cool tweaked design. It has a carrying capacity of 50 lbs and a height capacity of 42 inches.

The manufacturer has used a swivel front wheel to allow you to use the product for leisurely strolls in your neighborhood as well as fast jogs in the morning. The front wheel is 12 inches, and the rear ones are 16 inches. These bicycle all-terrain tires are designed to work alongside the very responsive suspension system, making the stroller handle terrains.

The manufacturer has included 2-cup holders, a basket, and a large covered storage space. You will find the push handle is extra wide and ergonomically shaped, and coated with foam. The frame of the stroller is steel, and this guarantees the longevity of the product. Other features to explore include a reclining padded reverse seat, 5-point harness, and an adjustable canopy.

Why is it special? The stroller has been designed and made to accommodate a newborn up to the time they weigh 50 pounds.

What are the flaws? You might have trouble lifting the stroller off the base as the lever is a bit hard. But just squeeze until you hear a click.

Things to Consider

Jogging strollers are becoming more popular every day, especially to active parents. Many parents are realizing the numerous benefits they stand to enjoy once they’ve invested in a jogger. In this review, we not only compile a list of the best jogging strollers but also look at some of the reasons that make them score highly. We also delve into the features that you should look into when shopping for this item. We have further done an FAQ section that will help answer some of your pressing questions.

Is it good to jog with a stroller?

12 Most Reliable Jogging Strollers to Spend Healthy Time with Your Little Ones

Ordinary baby strollers are ideally designed to move on smooth paved surfaces. Therefore, they are well suited for use when you are going to the mall or just taking a walk on a sidewalk. These strollers are versatile and practical for a regular parent. Such a stroller is slightly less bulky and offers plenty of storage space compared to the jogging stroller.

However, if you are no regular parent and you want to continue with your old active jogging schedule, then a jogging stroller is what you need. Such a stroller comes with large air-filled wheels. The tires and the stroller are designed to ensure that you can take the stroller to any terrain you can think of. Whether it is on a grass lawn, forest picnic, walks on a dirt road, and so on, the jogger stroller will serve you impeccably. The handlebar of this jogger stroller is ergonomically designed to allow you to run comfortably. The distance between the rear end of the stroller and your legs is ample, allowing you to take long strides. When you take an ordinary stroller, your legs will keep hitting the rear axle of the stroller.

With this stroller, your child will be comfortable, and you will burn more calories from pushing it than when jogging normally. Besides, these strollers come with protection from elements such as rain and dirt. You also won’t need a babysitter whenever you feel like going for a jog.
So, Yes, it is a good idea to jog with your jogging stroller as it has been specifically designed for the task. Your safety, together with that of your precious cargo, is guaranteed by the inclusion of an effective braking system. You will be able to stop the stroller whenever and wherever you want.

How to ensure your baby’s safety

A jogging stroller will fail in its fundamental purpose if the safety of the baby is not guaranteed. Makers of these strollers have invested heavily to ensure that your child stays safe whenever you venture out with them aboard the stroller. To ensure that your baby is safe, here are some basic things to follow;

    • Ensure that your baby is no younger than 6 months of age. You will need to use a car seat adapter for a younger baby, which prevents the baby from getting bounced around too much.
    • Use the 5-point, which most manufacturers have included, to secure the baby. Harnessing the baby helps prevent the baby from falling off the stroller. Always use the harness. It’s the stroller’s equivalent to a car’s safety belt.
    • Protect your baby from the wind, dirt, or rain. It is naturally presumed that no parent can knowingly and willingly. expose their baby to harmful elements, but you should be well prepared for such an eventuality before stepping out. While you should expect to get warmer and sweaty when jogging, your baby won’t. So use the necessary clothes to protect them. Also, make use of the sun visor and windshield that come with a stroller.
    • Lock the front wheel when you are jogging. Locking this wheel ensures that the stroller doesn’t turn suddenly, causing you and the stroller to crash.
    • Don’t run near cars or busy streets. You will both be safer, and the baby will be more comfortable. Also, never try to run hands-free as the stroller can get out of your reach quickly. Always run at a speed that it will be easy and safe to brake and stop the stroller.
    • Strollers will offer you sufficient storage space where you can pack your stuff and those of the baby. Some of the jogger strollers come with cup holders and trays. These storage features make the stroller practical and versatile.
    • Invest in a stroller that bears a trusted brand name. A known brand that comes with a reliable and tested warranty means that your baby’s safety is assured. Buying a non-tested brand means you are taking a leap of faith as far as trusting your baby’s safety goes. This does not mean that new brands are not to be trusted but when it comes to your baby’s safety, going for a trusted and tested brand might be the safer route.
    • Lastly, plan your jogs wisely. Try and schedule the runs when the baby is about to sleep. The jog will act more as a soothing activity. Jogging when the baby is hungry will definitely backfire on you.

Tips on jogging with stroller

There are many different types of strollers out there. Each type of stroller is designed and made, bearing in mind the needs of a particular parent category. It may therefore be a challenge to pick the perfect stroller given the many options available. On the other hand, selecting the strong type of stroller that doesn’t suit your lifestyle may prove to be a costly mistake. Therefore, you will need to know the right jogger stroller for you and, more importantly, how to use it properly. Here are some tips that will help you and your baby get the best outcome out of a stroller.

  • A majority of strollers have been designed with bigger children in mind. Children younger than 6 months are not the ideal candidates as they cannot support their necks on their own. A 6-months or older child can crane their neck when you are outdoors and see the surroundings.
  • Safety is something worth mentioning. You may feel that you don’t need reminding how your child’s safety is important but let’s face it, normal strollers with four wheels are not equipped for rough terrains or jogging. They can easily topple over. So avoid using one for your morning jogs.
  • Jogging strollers will also come with a wrist strap that allows you to control its speed even when you are downhill. With this strap, the stroller will never go out of control. In the Thule Urban Glide 2, you will come across an integrated twisted handbrake, making it easy for you to stop the stroller. Many strollers also come with a lever that you can switch and lock the rear wheels.
  • Before venturing out for a jog or stroll in the park, remember to equip the stroller with all the necessary requirements. Make sure the tires have enough pressure. Carry the pump just in case you might need it when out there.
  • The baby should be dressed appropriately to fit the occasion and the weather. As stated before, you are expected to get tired and sweaty, and for this, you might want to wear light clothes. But for the baby, they are not doing anything, which means it will remain cold for them if the weather is cold.
  • There are numerous compartments in a stroller where you can store baby items and your stuff. In the case of BOB Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 as is also the case with many quality jogging strollers, you will find enough storage to keep baby diapers, enough cup holders, and even a smartphone pocket.
  • As a new parent that wants to keep up with your former agile physique, you will be excited to start jogging as soon as possible. For better outcomes, both for you and your baby, it is advisable that you establish a route beforehand. You don’t want to be crossing the road or to be interacting with cars along the highway. Choose a quiet route where there are no crowds and vehicles to ensure your baby’s comfort and safety.
  • A jogging stroller is just like a bike that requires regular maintenance. Check the tires regularly and the general shape of the stroller after and before every use.
  • Finally, to make the best use of your jogging stroller, check out the local races you can sign up in. Some medium distance races do allow strollers while some don’t. But remember to prepare well before venturing out for the race. Even if you don’t get to join races, your stroller is designed and well equipped to help you run everyday errands such as taking your child for a stroll, going to the mall, or going to the park for an afternoon picnic.


12 Most Reliable Jogging Strollers to Spend Healthy Time with Your Little Ones

The ordinary stroller is not cheap. Given that it will only take you to the mall and on very smooth surfaces, one can conclude that the jogging strollers are more versatile and practical for the everyday parent. But we are not comparing the two types of strollers. If anything, the two can be said to serve very different and distinct functions.

Depending on what you want to do with your jogger, its price can be anything from fair to expensive. For a parent who already has a stroller and feels the need to invest in a jogger, such an item can be costly, especially if it isn’t compatible with a car seat adapter. The price of jogging strollers will rarely go above $1,000. For those looking for a premium package, the BOB Gear Alterrain stroller will not disappoint at a price shy of $600. The Thule Urban Glide 2, which costs more than $500, will also not disappoint given the many cool features it’s tweaked with. For a parent looking for a bargain, the Jeep Deluxe Patriot will do you justice. The stroller costs slightly more than $150 and will afford you all the jogging stroller benefits. For a parent with two babies, the Joovy Zoom X2 jogging stroller, which goes for less than $500, will serve you perfectly.

Features to consider while buying the best jogging stroller

Shopping for a good quality jogging stroller should not be a challenging task anymore. Besides looking at each of the above strollers deeply, we have further taken a look at what parents look or ought to look at whenever they think of buying a jogging stroller.

Some parents opt to buy a jogging stroller to use when they want to jog specifically. Some are of the opinion that a stroller is an expensive investment, leave alone jogging strollers. For this reason, they want to invest in a stroller that can serve as a double when they want to go to the mall and when they want to take a walk to the park or go for a jog. Depending on the stroller you pick, it is crucial that you know the exact features that such a stroller adorns.


Every parent wishes to keep their adorable babies safe. That being said, the manufacturers of jogging strollers must ensure that among the key features of their products, safety is prominent and guaranteed. Therefore, you will find that strollers such as Thule Urban Glide 2 and BOB Gear Alterrain Pro are equipped with competent brakes and handbrakes. This means that you will never fail to stop your stroller no matter where you are or the speed you are at.

Your safety and that of your baby has been further taken care of by manufacturers by ensuring that your stroller has a wrist strap that comes in handy when you are jogging or running. Such a strap also serves as a brake and control tool for your stroller. Some manufacturers have also ensured that the handlebar used on their stroller has ergonomic benefits, making it comfortable and safer for you. There is also a lever lock for the rear wheels, ensuring the stroller stays stationary when you are not holding the handlebar.

A stroller’s safety capability has further been guaranteed by the manufacturer when they indicate the maximum weight it can handle. With the Joovy Zoom X2, for example, the maximum weight of both your babies should be 100 pounds while the maximum height of each baby should be 43 inches. By following the user-instructions provided, your stroller will not have wobbly and squeaking wheels. You will also have full control of your stroller at all times.


The tires’ size and the wheels used on a stroller will determine the stroller’s capability to handle terrains and your morning runs. Unlike ordinary strollers, which are never expected to venture away from paved walkways, the jogging stroller is designed to be used on grass, dirt roads, and all manner of terrains.

A majority of jogging strollers are fitted with a 12-inch front tire and 16-inch rear tires. This makes it easy for you to steer the stroller and overcome rugged terrains. Some strollers like the Allen Sports Premier have all 16″ tires, but the Thule Urban Glide 2 and others have different sizes of tires for the front and the back. The wheels usually are air-filled, and some manufacturers such as Joovy Zoom 360 have included a hand pump.


12 Most Reliable Jogging Strollers to Spend Healthy Time with Your Little Ones

The weight of your jogger will influence some of the activities you do with it. If it is too heavy, you might not be able to travel or put it in your car boot. A bulky and heavy stroller will make it impossible to lift and put in your average car boot, and this means you can only use the item around the house or neighborhood. Remember that a jogging stroller is what you need if you want to enter a running race where strollers are allowed. It is therefore important that you are able to travel with it.

More weight is not always a bad thing when it comes to jogging strollers. Some strollers such as the Baby Trend Expedition, which weighs 41 pounds, come with a car seat while the Baby Jogger City Select affords you a pram. In the case of the Graco Modes Jogger 2.0 stroller, you get a reversible baby seat, cup holders, and tray, among other features, for 33 pounds of weight. It is important that you determine your needs with regards to a jogging stroller before investing in one. There is a stroller to fit almost every other lifestyle.


Operating a jogging stroller should be straightforward. It should never be a technical affair where you must go for some orientation to operate it. However, you will need to read the user manual, which stipulates some of the important guidelines that the user must adhere to. You will find that some strollers come with an adjustable handlebar that can be operated using one hand, while some provide enough space for you to use both of your hands.

A jogging stroller is slightly different from your everyday stroller in that it comes with a single front wheel. This wheel is meant to ease maneuverability of the stroller, especially when you are running. The single front wheel helps prevent your stroller from toppling over. The large wheels further ensure that you can operate the stroller on almost any terrain. Moreover, the front wheel is lockable whenever you decide to jog or run. This feature ensures the wheel stays in a fixed position when it hits an obstacle hence avoiding veering off your intended path. With a brake and a handbrake feature, this stroller is very easy to operate even for a 100-pound parent.


The overall structure of a jogging stroller should be firm, safe, and durable. You don’t want to have a stroller that creaks or disintegrates every so often. The many components of your stroller should be made in such a way that they can withstand rigorous activity not only of your running but also the hyper-activeness of a child. Stainless steel is a popular frame material. It has been used to make the Graco Modes Jogger 2.0 and many others.

The canopy of the stroller is often made using UV-50 material, which is ideal for protecting your baby from elements. The other components to check out are the baby seats, which should be well padded and easy to clean. In the case of the Chicco TRE, the manufacturer has used sporty fabric that is very easy to clean. The peekaboo screen should be hardy and help at deflecting the sun rays. The type of tires installed on your stroller will help determine the type of ride you and your baby are going to have. To a great extent, the wheels determine the durability of your stroller. The rims are often made from steel, but there are those made from alloys. The tires can be rubber or air-filled. Just remember that air-filled tires mean you have to have easy access to a hand pump. The materials used on a stroller should be easy to clean.  You don’t want a stroller that has unsightly spots all over just because the fabric is tough or impossible to clean.


You obviously don’t want to invest in something you aren’t sure it will see another month. Parents need reassurance from manufacturers of the reliability of the strollers they make. That is why strollers such as Baby Trend Expedition, Baby Jogger City Select, and Jeep Deluxe Patriot strollers are backed with six months, two years, and limited lifetime warranties, respectively. You no longer have to worry that there won’t be anyone to help you out if you find your stroller is defective. These warranties further bolster user confidence in the products made by such manufacturers.

Baby comfort

One of the primary goals of investing in a jogging stroller is to ensure that your baby is as comfortable as possible. The baby seat should be designed to ensure the baby stays comfortable and if possible, doze off. Manufacturers have padded the seats to increase comfort. For better comfort, the seat of your stroller should recline and also sit straight to allow the baby to sleep or peek at the surroundings whenever they feel like. The seats should also be deep enough to accommodate the baby and reduce the risk of them falling over. Even though the 5-point harness secures the baby in the seat, a deeper seat serves to reassure the baby.

Other features meant to enhance baby’s comfort that manufacturers include in strollers are sunshades and reversible seats. Sunshades and visors are meant to protect the baby from elements such as direct sun rays and dirt. The reversible seat, as found in the Graco Modes Jogger 2.0 allows the parent to jog while facing the baby. If the baby is fussy, this seat will help them calm down.

12 Most Reliable Jogging Strollers to Spend Healthy Time with Your Little Ones


Storage is a big factor to consider whenever you think of buying a jogging stroller. Even though the ordinary stroller comes with more space, a jogging stroller should come with reasonable storage to allow you to keep all the baby stuff and some of yours. The BOB Gear Alterrain Pro offers you six different storage compartments while the Revolution Flex 3.0 boasts of seven. The Graco Modes Jogger 2.0 stroller gives you a smartphone storage area.

Storage in a stroller is important because it allows you to organize your outdoor activities. You will not need to have a backpack full of diapers or towels. The storage of the stroller should be sufficient to store all of your necessities. Another thing to consider when buying your stroller is the ease of folding and unfolding it. You’ll find that most of the jogging strollers are bulky, but there are those that will fit in your normal sedan car boot. You will also need to factor in the storage space at your house. You don’t want to have a bulky stroller taking up all of your small patio space.

Easy set-up

When you buy your stroller, it shouldn’t take you a whole day or week to set it up. The instruction manual should be easy to follow. Moreover, the folding and unfolding of the stroller should never be a tedious affair. You will even find some manufacturers making it possible for you to fold and unfold the stroller with one hand. The BOB Gear Alterrain Pro can be folded using a single hand. On the other hand, Baby Trend Expedition, which also comes with a car seat, has been armed with trigger fold feature, which makes it extremely easy for you when you want to fold the stroller. There are also those strollers like the BOB Gear Alterrain Pro stroller that come with removable wheels. This means you can carry a spare wheel in case one of the tires getting punctured.


When designing a jogging stroller, the manufacturer has to focus on its balance. This is because the user will be running with it, and it can easily overturn if it is not well balanced. If you were to run with an ordinary stroller, you might notice that the four wheels are not best suited to take corners at speed or ride on uneven surfaces. This is why jogging strollers’ makers usually use a single front wheel and two rear ones. This makes it easier to take corners. The large wheels are meant to help absorb all the road shocks and overcome possible obstacles along the way.

Another thing that contributes to the balance of the stroller is the handlebar. Some strollers come with handlebars that can be controlled using both hands while some only require a single hand. Moreover, a good jogger should come armed with a good suspension system that enables it to absorb the road shocks and remain stable. A balanced stroller translates to a happy, comfortable baby.

Extra features

The extra features that a stroller boasts with can very well determine whether a parent will buy it or not. It is possible to make a decision on whether to pick one stroller over another based solely on whether one has a parent cup holder or not. These nifty features also help determine whether a stroller is worth investing in or not.

In the case of Thule Urban Glide 2, a parent with a fussy child might prefer it just because it comes with a peekaboo window. Some of the other cool features to consider are bottle holders, smartphone pockets, key holders and air pumps. You will also find some of these extra features like the air pump or bottle holders to be lifesavers. An air pump, for example, might seem a non-consequential item to consider but will help you come out of the bushes when you get a flat tire. It might therefore be a good idea to explore all the extra features a stroller has to offer before making your final choice on what stroller to go for.


A jogging stroller attracts a particular category of parents. Those that wish to jog or run with their babies. This stroller can handle pretty much. Whether it’s ice, bumpy road, park trails, beaches or on grassy lawns, this is the stroller to go for. Of course, these are terrains that ordinary strollers can’t dare venture into. A jogging stroller will allow you to explore the malls and do pretty much that an ordinary stroller does. However, they are ideally designed to be used with babies who are at least 6 months old. On the other hand, joggers, even though lighter than the everyday stroller, are bulkier and may give you problems fitting in certain cars.

Manufacturers have seen the popularity of jogging strollers, and they now design them to be compatible with car seats as well as adaptable with prams and car seats. This means that a properly adjusted jogger can pretty much do anything that you can do with an ordinary stroller.

A majority of experts agree that a jogging stroller should not be used on a child younger than six months. The main reason is that most manufacturers don’t offer fully reclining seats which makes them only safe for babies between the ages of six to eight months and above. The medical reason given for parents not to use joggers on younger babies is because such babies have not yet acquired the necessary neck and head control when they are in a sitting position. They, therefore, can’t withstand sharp turns made when you are jogging or the fast movements that come with you pushing the stroller when jogging. Parents are further advised always to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and also check for any possible recalls.

A regular stroller is designed to be used on smooth surfaces. Their wheels and the suspension system of the stroller are made in such that they can only handle very limited road shocks. This then means that at high speed, such as a brisk walk or a jog, the baby will be uncomfortable as compared to when you are using a jogger. You will also need to note that a regular stroller is low and whenever you try to jog or run with it, your legs will keep hitting the rear side of the stroller. In the end, using a regular stroller will be a tiring and uncomfortable experience for both you and your baby.

Ordinarily, jogging strollers are single. However, you will never run out of options when shopping for double strollers. A double jogging stroller is a perfect tool to have if you have two babies. This stroller allows you to run with your babies. Examples of these strollers include Joovy Zoom X2 or Thule Urban Glide 2.0 Double jogging strollers. These strollers will accommodate babies of different ages. You will achieve your toned body goal faster because this stroller requires a little bit more effort than a single stroller.

To clean the stroller, you will need first to remove the fabric from the metal seat frame. The fabric is usually hooked to place, so all you need to do is unhook it. Once the fabric is detached, slide the PE board out. Using a mild detergent, dry clean, tumble dry the fabric. To reduce the shrinking of the fabric, you can reattach the fabric to the seat fabric to dry.

There may be spots on other parts of the stroller and which you might want to remove. Use a wet sponge to clean such spots. For the frame of the stroller, use a sponge, mild soap and warm water. By regularly cleaning your stroller, you prolong its life as well as prevent your baby from getting rashes that may be caused by allergens picked outdoors.

Our Verdict

Our editor’s choice is the Thule Urban Glide 2. It is a striking stroller in that it affords you cool features such as the zip-cover storage basket, an adjustable handlebar and integrated twist handbrake. It will help you achieve your fitness goals while ensuring your baby gets the best outdoor experience.

Our second choice for best jogging stroller is the BOB Gear Alterrain Pro stroller. This is a premium pick that you should go for because it offers a one-hand folding design. It is the best jogging stroller for many because it comes with an adjustable handlebar, removable wheels and a transparent magnetic window among other amazing features.

For our budget pick, the Jeep Deluxe Patriot scores spectacularly. If you want an affordable, stylish yet functional jogging stroller then this is all you need. It is made from high-tech fabrics and features cool silver spokes that give it an alluring look.

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