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A gaming projector offers to generate an enhanced gaming experience. The latest high-definition games look so life-like, but playing such amazing games in the phone, laptop or tablet can completely kill the kick. Furthermore, connecting the gaming console using HDMI port to a 50-inch TV set can provide 4K HDR content but fall short in delivering a 75-inch picture size like a high-quality projector can. Playing open world games using the best gaming projectors is an entirely different mind-boggling experience.

A gaming projector is more than a portable device that can fit into any compact space. Each projector we have reviewed is designed and developed with the latest built-in technology featuring excellent display, short throw ratio (so that you can easily put on the table just in front of you), bright LED durable bulb, diverse modes, easy set-up, and, much more. We also considered the native resolution, contrast, and brightness as these will determine the overall image quality.

Our review starts with a comparison table, followed by an elaborate review of each of the five best gaming projectors. The review includes features of the product, overall rating, description, as well as pros & cons. Finally, we conclude with a profound buying guide along with some purchasing tips. The information is gathered from users of gaming projectors, the product manufacturer’s websites as well as approved consumer ratings. Furthermore, we have an FAQ section to answers some key buyer queries.

Top 5 Gaming Projector Review 2021


Optoma GT1080DarbeeEditor’s Choice

  • Display technology: DLP
  • Brightness: 3,000 lm
  • Contrast: 28,000:1
  • Native resolution: 1920 x 1080 px
  • Throw distance: 100″ screen @ 3.5 feet

More features: enhanced Gaming Mode provides a rapid response time of 16ms

This is the best HD projector for gaming that will impress you with its premium picture quality and brightness. The DarbeeVision Processor makes the game’s graphics extremely prominent. The HD movies are vibrant, colorful, and sharp in the darkness as well as when sitting outdoors in summer evenings.

The short throw ratio makes is super convenient to play in small rooms. The throw ratio is fixed and projector placement matters since it doesn’t have a zoom lever. By placing the projector at 3.5 feet, it is possible to avail a 100-inch image display. The projector features a gaming mode along with several other settings. In the faster response mode, the color & brightness quality remains top-notch.

A wide range of HDMI gadgets such as Amazon Fire Stick, set-top box, gaming consoles, Apple TV, and more can be easily connected to the projector. Setting up the projector is super easy. All you need to do is plug it in, make the necessary lens and keystone adjustment and you can start playing your game.

The projector, when used for several hours at a stretch tends to heat up. Placing the projector in a well ventilated cool area is a good solution. Unlike several other projectors, this projector’s cooling fan is quiet and doesn’t make noise even when using surround sound feature.

Why did it make our list?

  • Simple set-up
  • DarbeeVision enhancement
  • Short throw ratio
  • HDMI Connection
  • Noise-free cooling fan

What is not ideal about it?

  • Heats up
  • No zoom lever
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EUG LCD LED Multimedia HD Video ProjectorBest Gaming Projector under 500

  • Display technology: LCD
  • Brightness: 3,900 lm
  • Contrast: 5,000:1
  • Native resolution: 1280 x 800 px
  • Throw distance: 6.9 – 21.8 feet

More features: offers ±15°vertical keystone correction; 360° image flip

All those who prefer a big screen for all kinds of entertainment must opt for this projector. This is a great projector under $500 that supports three different types of projection methods: front view, rear view, and ceiling. The TFT LCD Screen offers crisp images with perfect color display. For an effective surround sound experience, it has Dual 5W internal stereo speakers.

If you enjoy playing games or watching movies for hours, the projector has a very soft LED light source which safeguards your eyes from strain. Slight blurry corners noticeable in projection can be corrected with lens adjustment.

This projector requires much less power compared to other devices. It turns on/off in a second. It needs no warm-up time even during cold weather.

Setting the projector up is quite easy. There are a lot of connection options available such as two HDMI ports, two USB ports, and much more. Consumers also liked the availability of Bluetooth connection, though some reported issues with its proper uninterrupted work. The projector lasts long and continuously offers fantastic picture and sound quality for two reasons. Firstly, its advanced design includes magnetic levitation cooling system of fan along with copper tube heat dissipation technology. The fan keeps the projector cool at all times, eliminating heating issues. Additionally, it keeps the device dust-proof and lessens the fan’s sound. Secondly, the maintenance is hassle-free: the dust-proof net can be taken out, cleaned and placed back.

What makes it special?

  • Energy saver
  • No heating troubles
  • Soft on eyes
  • Simple set-up
  • Easy maintenance
  • Ample connectivity options

What cons did we find?

  • Blur projection corners
  • Bluetooth connection troubles

BenQ TK800Best 4K Gaming Projector

  • Display technology: DLP
  • Brightness: 3,000 lm
  • Contrast: 10,000:1
  • Native resolution: Ultra HD 4K 3840 x 2160 px
  • Throw distance: 100″ screen @ 10.7ft

 More features: Football & Sport modes with Cinema Master Audio+2

This stylish-looking device is a smart 4K HDR projector. The amazing picture quality of this projector will definitely blow your mind. Possible with 4K UHD resolution, the vibrant colors are so fantastically balanced that gaming in daylight is not a problem. The image can be enlarged up to 1.2x.

The projector weighs less then ten pounds, and can be installed within minutes following some simple steps. A special feature of the projector is its Football & Sports mode. It comes with Cinema Master Audio+2 enabling a picture and sound quality as though watching a live match in the stadium. Set up this device to project a 150-160-inch screen and invite your friends over to play open world games or watch football matches. They will be awe-struck at the impact created by this compact projector.

Among the drawbacks is that the fan is somewhat noisy, and there is no scope to adjust the keystone horizontally. Apart from that, this is a fabulous 4K projector as its sharpness, color contrast, audio, and brightness are all amazing. Furthermore, if you love playing real-life games and watching Ultra HD movies, this is the best pick.

Why is it special?

  • Can be used in brightly-lit rooms
  • Lightweight
  • Fast installation
  • Built-in sports mode
  • Loud audio
  • Bright and clear 4K display

What are the flaws?

  • Noisy operation when used for many hours in a row
  • Lacks horizontal keystone adjustment
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Vankyo Leisure 3Budget Pick

  • Display technology: LCD
  • Brightness: 2,400 lm
  • Contrast: 2,000:1
  • Native resolution: 800 x 480 px
  • Throw distance: 4.9 ft. – 16.4 ft

More features: comes with a carry bag; cooling system with heat dispersion

This projector offers a bigger and better home theatre experience with its two built-in speakers at an affordable price! The upgraded LED lighting and color enhancement provide excellent visuals to having a fun-filled gaming session.

The multimedia support system is highly efficient. The projector can be connected to PS3, PS4, XBox One, Wii as well as a smartphone. It is the best gaming projector with 1080p resolution offering striking images boosting the whole gaming experience.

The professional experts have created the device with the latest cooling mechanism, so the projector doesn’t get hot. The fan sound is quite minimal. So, while gaming or watching sports, there is no disturbance. The projector’s sound is good enough for watching movies but all those who prefer louder sounds while gaming can plug it with external speakers.

The set-up is relatively straightforward. There is no need to spend extra as all the connection wires come with the device along with the focus lens.

Keep in mind that if your room is brightly lit and you don’t have thick light-blocking curtains, using the projector during daytime won’t give the desired visual effect.

The projector comes in a premium quality bag making this lightweight device easy to take along wherever you go. The bag fits in everything neatly serving as good protective storage and eliminating the chances of losing wires.

Why are we impressed?

  • Inexpensive
  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Multimedia support
  • Convenient carrying bag
  • No heating issues

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Not suitable for daytime use
  • Low sound
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Optoma GT750STBest Portable Gaming Projector

  • Display technology: DLP
  • Brightness: 700 lm
  • Contrast: 20,000:1
  • Native resolution: 1280 x 800 px
  • Throw distance: 50″ screen @ 2.67 feet

More features: wireless Android, iOS, and Windows Device Mirroring; Multimedia Playback capability

This gaming projector is an excellent one for its short throw lens. Any gamer inclined to play Xbox One or PS4 games can connect the projector and enjoy a big picture display in a compact space. Even when placed only at a 32-inch distance, this device has the power to project a 50-inch diagonal image.

This projector is designed to provide more than a heightened gaming feel, it is also a great device to enjoy fun family movie nights together! The large picture with 720p HD resolution and crystal clear audio allow viewers to explore the virtual world of movies thoroughly. Watching your wedding videos, travel pictures and listening to music is all sorted with the projector’s built-in media player.

This small-sized projector weighing less than a pound can be readily carried to a friend’s place for multiplayer gaming fun. The bright (700 ANSI lumens) gaming graphics and large picture size make split-screen gaming extremely convenient. Moreover, gamers will be impressed to know it features auto keystone, has a Rec709 color gamut, while the response time is just 17ms. Thus, with Optoma GT750ST at hand, playing FPS, Racing, or MMO games in striking sharp images is guaranteed.

It is advisable to use in Cinema, Photo & Eco modes for a quiet experience as in Bright & PC modes the projector’s fan tends to make some noise. Additionally, external audio can come in handy as the internal speaker is useful but not responsive.

The projector’s premium LED light source is durable, saving you extra future expenses as it won’t need replacement.

What do we love it for?

  • Fantastic image color and contrast
  • Palm-sized
  • Lightweight
  • Bright
  • Very short throw

What were we disappointed with?

  • Noisy fan
  • Internal speakers lack agility

Things to Consider

A gaming projector is a multipurpose gadget that turns out be useful for several casual entertainments as well as professional purposes. Along with gamers, projectors come in handy for people of all age groups. To help you select the befitting gaming projector, we have compiled a list of key features you should pay attention to. There is an FAQ section as well. We wish this section will equip you with all the necessary information to buy the best projector for gaming and movies.

Why do you need a projector to play your favorite video games?

  • A gaming projector is capable of heightening a basic gaming experience several notches higher. In a compact room, you can enjoy a huge 100-200-inch HD graphics at a reasonable price.
  • The internal speakers provide surround sound. The DarbeeVision enhancement offers rich realistic graphics and doesn’t strain the eyes even after gaming for long hours.
  • They also consume 50% less energy compared to other gaming gadgets. They support multimedia and are available both in wired and wireless connection.
  • These lightweight gaming projectors are incredibly durable and portable too. Their maintenance and set-up is completely hassle-free. Some gaming projectors come with warranty periods and handy bags for storage and portability convenience.

Features to consider before buying a gaming projectoro

We have stated below a line-up of key features that can come in handy when deciding on buying the best gaming projector capable of meeting all your unique requirements.

gt1080darbee3dDisplay technology

There are several types of display technology, among them are DLP (Digital Light Processing), LCD (Liquid Crystal Display), and LCoS (Liquid Crystal on Silicone). LCoS is built to project phenomenal images, but it’s a very heavy type of projector and also costs a lot.

DLP projectors (such as the Optoma GT1080Darbee) contain small mirrors and a color wheel for brighter images and less blur thanks to the low lag time. However, black is usually not that bright as seen in LCD models.

Unlike DLP models, LCD projectors (for example, EUG LCD LED Multimedia HD Video Projector) don’t have any moving parts. LCD makes use of high-intensity light beam for more vivid black images and better contrast. The rainbow effect is usually not seen in this type of projectors.

In terms of display, you might also want to consider looking for a 3D projector for gaming, as these will make the experience incredibly vivid.

Brightness, contrast, resolution

A projector’s brightness is calculated in lumens. The higher the lumen, about 5000 lumens and above, it denotes that the projector can be used in well-lit big rooms & outdoors. If it’s only 1000 lumens or lower, then the projector is suitable for dark compact rooms and offices.

The contrast helps in differentiating among dark and bright portions of an image. Video quality is better when the contrast ratio is higher. Along with contrast it is necessary to also consider the room’s lighting, screen’s quality, and various other factors.

To play games or watch movies, a projector with minimum 1920 x 1080 pixels of resolution power is a must. The lower resolution projectors with 800 x 600 pixels of resolution power are cheaper and good for a smaller-sized image projection. The projector with the best resolution on our list is the BenQ TK800 with its 4K 3840 x 2160 pixels.

Keystone correction

Keystone correction can be done either manually or digitally. To correct the keystone manually, the user needs to adjust the projector’s lens at a higher or lower angle. The manual method’s drawback is that it can’t correct horizontal keystone.

Throw ratio and distance

BingImages_59896For gaming, short throw projectors and ultra-short throw projectors are most suitable. They are excellent for educational, office and entertainment usage as well. Basically, a short throw projector’s lenses are designed to project a big image even when placed close to the screen. Optoma GT1080Darbee is an excellent example of short throw projector having a 0.49 throw ratio. It can project a huge 100-inch image just from a 3.5-feet distance.

Screen size

When buying a screen for your projector, keep in mind that it will fit in your desired room. Screen sizes available on the market range from 50-300 inches (diagonal measurement) and even bigger. The main point to know here is the screen size has to match with the projector’s aspect ratio.

Warranty and bulb lifetime

It is highly critical to look into the warranty period of the gaming projector. It provides an assurance from the manufacturer that the projector is of excellent quality and will definitely last for an extended period of time. Some projectors come with a one-year warranty, some with two. Only a few projectors come with three years of warranty period, and Vankyo Leisure 3 is one such gaming projector.

For all those looking to play games using the projector or use it as home theatre ought to check the bulb’s lifespan. Certain manufacturers offer bulb lifetime of 2500-3000 hours.

Go with the projector having maximum bulb lifetime as even a tad dimming of the bulb’s brightness will result in a poor quality image, needing a replacement. Bulbs are expensive so replacing them with a new one is a costly affair.

Extra features

Along with the above-mentioned vital features, it is necessary to look into several other elements such as connectivity, weight, projector dimensions, heat dissipation, etc. As for connectivity features, HDMI ports, USB ports, Bluetooth wireless connection, and multimedia support all come in handy especially if you’re an avid gamer. A lightweight projector makes is very easy to handle, store, and carry outdoors. Moreover, to ensure the projector you purchase doesn’t heat up, choose the device with advanced heat dissipation technology.

Tips on how to make your gaming experience unforgettable


  • For gaming, projectors with short and ultra-short throw are the most suitable. Basically, a short throw projector’s lenses are designed to project a big image even when placed close to the screen.
  • When buying a screen for your projector, keep in mind that it will fit in your desired room. The main point to know here is the screen size has to match with the projector’s aspect ratio.
  • The sound level varies in different brands of projectors. Some projectors like BenQ TK800 have powerful inbuilt internal speakers offering loud sound. Therefore, there is no need to buy external speakers. However, if you feel that your gaming should be accompanied by more powerful sound, get external speakers with 3D effect.
  • To enjoy gaming with the best gaming graphics, go with the Optoma GT1080Darbee as its DarbeeVision Enhancement is simply If your projector doesn’t offer that much of a contrast, be sure to draw the curtains to make the room as dark as possible.


There are many DLP (Digital Light Processing) and LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) display technology projectors available on the market. One of the significant problems with DLP projectors is that they contain more moving parts compared to LCD projectors. These DLP projectors have a spinning color wheel which tends to create a rainbow effect in the image display. In this respect LCD projectors like EUG LCD LED Multimedia HD Video Projector are better as their display technology doesn’t have any of such issues. However, don’t underestimate DLP models either: they can provide you with the brighter and crispier image without any blur effect.

The sound level varies in different brands and models of projectors. Some projectors like BenQ TK800 have powerful inbuilt internal speakers offering loud sound. Therefore, there is no need to buy external speakers.

If you enjoy gaming in a brightly-lit room, then Optoma GT750ST is a great pick. Its super bright bulb doesn’t need the room to be dark. You can also enjoy daytime gaming without having light-blocking curtains. BenQ TK800 is another model that has a strong LED light. Its bulb is durable and can last a lifetime with good handling. Thus, saving extra cash otherwise spent of replacing poor quality projector bulb.

Our Verdict

As we conclude the review, here’s a final verdict on the best three projectors for gaming and movies that can totally boost the visual & audio appeal.

One of the critical aspects of gaming is its graphics. Optoma GT1080Darbee with its DarbeeVision Processor has surpassed the expectation level and set a new standard for the extraordinary image quality it can project with a 0.49 short throw ratio.

The EUG LCD LED Multimedia HD Video Projector ranks second. It has been designed precisely for gamers. Its advanced technology is ideal for long hours of gaming as it consumes less energy and doesn’t stress out the eyes.

Loud audio and 4K resolution make gaming all the more realistic. Thus, BenQ TK800 projector ranks third in our list for its powerful sound and fantastic in-built sports mode!

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