9 Best Fabric Cutting Tables – Get the Proper Space for Your Sewing Work

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A fabric cutting table can make the difference between a fun afternoon sewing and crafting and a frustrating and annoying task. Fabric cutting tables provide a flat surface that is large enough to lay out patterns and fabric without needing to worry about marks and stains caused by leftovers on your dining table.

Our team of researchers has reviewed over twenty fabric cutting tables to assess how they operate and what benefits they can offer craft and sewing enthusiasts. We’ve compiled a list of picks and our editor’s choice, the Sew Ready Studio Designs table offers fantastic flexibility with built-in storage to keep all of your sewing accessories close at hand, yet neat and tidy. We’ve also ranked other cutting tables at different price points and sizes to ensure a top pick for everyone.

Our researchers deliberated for hours to research the best fabric cutting table options. First and foremost, we’ve assessed the size of tables as you need sufficient space to work without it becoming cumbersome. However, we’ve also looked at the weight and construction materials, which will affect how flexible the table is, so that it can offer flexibility if you don’t have a designated sewing or craft room. We’ve presented our findings as a simple overview table with a list of detailed reviews and we’ve also included a buying guide to help you to make your final purchase decision.

Top 9 Fabric Cutting Tables Review 2021

  • Dimensions: 60″ W x 36″ D x 30.25″ – 39.25″ H; 10.75″ W (center top); 24.62″ W (folding panels)
  • Weight: 66 lbs.
  • Weight limit: 50 lbs. (center/bottom panels); 25 lbs. (side panels); 15 lbs. (baskets)
  • Construction materials: n/a

Other features: adjustable height (30.25″ – 39.25″), multi-use, six casters for mobility, two slide-out mesh drawers

The Sew Ready Studio Designs 13374 is an evolution of earlier furniture made for this niche market with an even larger surface area that allows the user to work with larger pieces of fabric easily. This is the ideal table for people that want to work on larger quilting projects and when fully extension this table measures 60”x36”. The height of the table can also be adjusted from 30.25” up to a maximum height of 39.25” so you can work sitting or standing.

When the table is in use, it feels stable and sturdy and there’s plenty of space to store all of your smaller sewing accessories. A pair of wire mesh storage baskets can easily accommodate rotary cutters and various scissor sizes. The bottom shelf also serves as an additional storage unit to hold even more smaller sewing items.

What are its best features?

  • Users like the flexibility of this fabric cutting table
  • The extra space is very helpful when cutting patterns or working on larger projects
  • There is plenty of storage for a wide variety of sewing accessories

What could be improved?

  • Some users have reported that this fabric table is hard to assemble
  • Dimensions: 30″ x 43″ x 4.5″
  • Weight: 67 lbs.
  • Weight limit: 55 lbs.
  • Construction materials: melamine laminate, MDF, and composite

Other features: three-position hydraulic lift, 33 spool holders, a large drawer and door tray, lifetime warranty

The Arrow K8405 Wallaby II Kangaroo is a crafting cabinet and table that’s designed for those people that spend a lot of time behind their sewing machine. This piece of furniture is our premium pick because of the high quality and attention to detail. The cabinet is designed to promote an ergonomic posture when working with free arm movement for flatbed sewing tasks. This allows the user to sew for longer periods without becoming fatigued.

There is a three position airlift to hold the majority of sewing machines and move them up and down in a relatively small footprint. The left of the cabinet offers additional room for a felting machine or a serger or even an extra sewing machine. There are three shelves with 33 spool holders, a door tray and a large drawer to keep all of your sewing accessories organized and ready to use.

Why is it special?

  • Users have reported that this sewing table is very comfortable to use
  • There is plenty of storage for all of your sewing accessories

What are the flaws?

  • This is a premium product with a matching price tag
  • This is a substantial piece of furniture and it can take a while to assemble
  • Dimensions: 36” (height), 25″ W x 36″ D (center panel), 23. 75″ W x 36″ D (side panels), 6″ W x 13″ D (mesh drawers), 7. 75″ W x 29. 5″ D (bottom shelf)
  • Weight: 68 lbs.
  • Weight limit: n/a
  • Construction materials: metal, MDF

Other features: six casters for mobility with four locking, folding panels

The Craft & Hobby Essentials 62006 is a crafting and cutting table with a set height of 36”, a pair of storage baskets and a bottom shelf for extra storage. The metal frame is powder coating in black with a thick white MDF table top. The two side leaf tops can fold down and there are four lockable wheels making this table easy to move and store.

The large table size can accommodate pattern cutting and larger quilting projects. The two mesh drawers are easy to access, they slide under the center of the table when you don’t need them and they can hold plenty of sewing tools and supplies. The bottom shelf runs the entire depth of the center table section and it’s large enough to hold a die cutting machine or extra sewing supplies. The height of the table is set at 36” but this is comfortable to work when sitting or standing.

What are its best features?

  • Users have noted that this table is ideal for cutting and crafting projects
  • This table is very easy to maneuver into position and store when not in use

What could be improved?

  • Some users found this table hard to assemble
  • Dimensions: 59″ L x 35.8″ W x 29″ to 39″ H (open)
  • Weight: 68 lbs.
  • Weight limit: n/a
  • Construction materials: metal, laminate

Other features: adjustable (29”-38”), integrated shelves for supplies and tools

This is an excellent folding table for cutting and sewing any many other craft projects that you can think of. The design is well suited to pattern and quilting work and it folds away for users that have a smaller sewing or hobby room. The frame is made from lightweight powder coated metal, there are two storage shelves with plenty of space for sewing accessories. The height is adjustable from 29” up to 38” which allows the user to work in a standing or sitting position.

The Sullivans 38431 table is tough and durable enough to support a heavy sewing machine. This table weighs 77.2 lbs. so it’s not the lightest option, but it’s supported on castors and this makes it easy to move around.

What are its best features?

  • Users have reported that this sewing table is durable
  • The table is easy to fold away and compact for storage

What could be improved?

  • This is not the most stylish sewing table on the market
  • Some users found this table hard to assemble
  • Some users have reported that the height adjustment must be made with the table on its side and this can be tricky

Offex Rolling Folding Fabric Cutting TableSmall Profile When not in Use

  • Dimensions: 58.75″ W x 36″ D x 30.25″ – 39.25″ H (overall), 10.75″ W x 36″ D (center panel), 24″ W x 36″ D (folding panels)
  • Weight: 69 lbs.
  • Weight limit: 50 lbs. (center/bottom panels), 25 lbs. (side panels), 15 lbs. (wire drawers)
  • Construction materials: metal, MDF and plastic

Other features: grid with inches and centimeters on top panels, two slide-out mesh drawers, six casters with four lockings, coated frame

The Offex Rolling Folding Fabric Cutting Table is set to a standard working height, it has an underslung mesh storage basket and a bottom shelf. This table has a sturdy powder coated metal frame and thick tops made from MDF. The two large table leaves provide plenty of space for sewing and crafts and they can be folded down for easy storage. The six table legs have wheels for easy movement and four of those wheels locks to secure the table in place.

When the folding table panels are both in place there is a lot of space to cut patterns and work on larger projects such as quilting. The two mesh storage drawers are easy to access and you can see all of your tools and supplies at a glance. The bottom shelf runs the entire depth of the table so it’s a great spot to store extra supplies or even a die cutting machine.

What do we love it for?

  • Users have reported that this table is only 12.5” wide when folded making it easy to store
  • This craft table has a ten year product warranty

What were we disappointed with?

  • The height of the table is comfortable but it cannot be adjusted
  • Dimensions: 60.25” W x 23.75” D x 29.25” H (overall), 50.75” W x 23.75” D (main top), 9.5” W x 23.75” D (folding side shelf), 23” W x 10.75” D (dropdown platform)
  • Weight: 48 lbs.
  • Weight limit: 75 lbs. (main top), 25 lbs. (side shelf and adjustable platform)
  • Construction materials: heavy gauge steel, fabric

Other features: adjustable desk shelf, 3 fabric drawers

This is the ideal craft table for cutting patterns and fabrics and sewing in a comfortable position. The construction is heavy gauge powder coated steel, the dimensions are 60.25”x23.75”x29.25”, there is a large lower supply shelf and three storage drawers for materials. The platform for the sewing machine is adjustable to get the perfect height for working and there is plenty of space for the material to spread out.

This sewing table can handle up to 75 lbs. of weight, the shelf can hold 25 lbs. and this makes using and storing a wide variety of sewing machines possible. If you need to work with heavier fabrics, it’s a good idea to raise the sewing machine up to the level of the table and this will help to keep the fabric straight. Unlike many tables on our list this is not a folding or portable table and you will need adequate space to use it to its full potential.

Why are we impressed?

  • The durable heavy gauge steel construction should last for many years
  • Users like the flexibility of the adjustable sewing machine platform

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • This is not a portable or folding table

Giantex Folding Sewing Craft TableBest Aesthetics

  • Dimensions: 55.8″ L x 19.7″ W x 30.5″ H
  • Weight: 41.7 lbs.
  • Weight limit: n/a
  • Construction materials: MDF

Other features: adjustable shelf, dual storage bins, 5 rolling wheels (2 lockable)

When it’s folded together the Giantex Folding Sewing Craft Table looks like an attractive little cabinet on wheels. The folded size is extremely compact and it can easily fit into the footprint of a bedside table. The table can be folded open in seconds and the wheels making it easy to maneuver into the perfect position. The table is made from natural wood for durability and the wheels can be locked for stability when you’re ready to start sewing.

This sewing craft table is covered in a protective coating that makes it resistant to water damage and immune to the effects of corrosion. The opening hinges are made from metal and there are three hidden storage bins to store your sewing tools and supplies, when the table is not in use.

What makes it stand out?

  • Users like the attractive looks of this table
  • This sewing table is ideal for users with limited space
  • The handle and hinges are made from high quality metal

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Some users reported that this table was difficult to put together
  • This is a smaller table so it’s less suited to larger projects
  • There is no internal storage space for a sewing machine

Sullivans 012570 Home Hobby TableBest Lightweight Table

  • Dimensions: 36″ L x 59″ W x 35″ H
  • Weight: 51 lbs.
  • Weight limit: n/a
  • Construction materials: metal, laminate

Other features: locking casters, electro-powder coated steel legs

The Sullivans 012570 Home Hobby Table has a light metal frame, lockable casters and a laminated top for craft projects. This table has a set height of 36” and the sides fold down for easier storage in a smaller footprint. This is a great table for laying out and cutting patterns but a separate cutting mat is needed.

The table dimensions are 13”x36”x36” folded, with one leaf up they are 36”x36”x36” and with both up the table is 59.5”x36”x36”. The table frame is made from powder coated steel and many people have mentioned that it is too lightweight for a table of this size.

What do we love it for?

  • Shorter users will enjoy the working height

What were we disappointed with?

  • Many users have reported that this table is less sturdy than the other tables on our list
  • This table is difficult to put together and the assembly instructions are not helpful
  • Dimensions: 40″ W x 19 ¾” D x 28 ¼” H
  • Weight: 35 lbs.
  • Weight limit: 35 lbs.
  • Construction materials: melamine/MDF, steel

Other features: adjustable two-position manual lift, collapsible legs

The Arrow 601 Gidget I Sew-Much-More Folding Craft Table is an unusual entry on our list because it can be folded flat when stored. There are no casters or folding leaf sections to extend and no assembly is required when it arrives. When you want to use the table simply carry it to your favorite spot, fold the legs down and lock them into place. This table is manufactured from powder coated steel with a melamine top and it weighs 35 lbs. The table top is 20”x40” with a handy ruler along the edge for quick measuring tasks.

This folding craft table also has a flatbed sewing machine platform that can be adjusted to your ideal working height. The platform is easy to use and it’s operated manually with a lever mounted at the front of the table. The ease of use, stability, durability and no nonsense design make this our best value choice.

What makes it stand out?

  • Users like this sewing and craft table because it arrives fully assembled
  • This table is easy to fold flat and store away
  • Even at higher sewing speeds users did not notice any vibration

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • At 35 lbs. this table can be a little heavy to move into position
  • This is a basic craft table with no storage features

Things to Consider

If you enjoy crafting, then it can be frustrating to not have the proper space for laying out patterns and cutting fabrics, so a fabric cutting table is essential. With so many models on the market, it can be difficult to make a purchase decision. So, here we’ve compiled a buying guide with the things to consider, features to look for and some answers to common questions to help you finalize your purchase.

Why buy a fabric cutting table?

9 Best Fabric Cutting Tables - Get the Proper Space for Your Sewing Work

Many people enjoy sewing, it’s a fun and useful activity, but it demands patience and attention to detail if you want to get the best results. A good sewing or craft table can make a great deal of difference between a fun activity and a great deal of frustration. Anyone that’s been involved in sewing or detail orientated tasks knows that it can come with a sore back and feelings of fatigue. Having a table that encourages good posture and a comfortable working position can really help if you want to sew for long periods of time.

Another key factor for the best sewing experience is an organized working area. Sewing and crafting projects often require a large number of tools and materials. If the working space is disorganized the project becomes a chore and it’s hard to locate the exact item that you need. This can slow progress to a crawl and many people find that this is a significant hurdle to overcome if they want to finish their project.

To meet these needs many manufacturers have a range of sewing or craft tables available. There are many formats and styles to choose from and finding the right one to suit your needs can be a challenge. The purpose of this brief buyer’s guide is to help you select the right sewing table to meet your needs.

Features to consider when choosing a fabric cutting table

With so many fabric cutting tables on the market, it can be tricky to choose the best one for your requirements. Here we’ll explore the features you should consider to help narrow down the choices and find the best one for your needs.

Dimensions and weight

At the very least, a sewing table must have sufficient space to house your sewing machine. The best sewing tables also have some extra space for users to perform other tasks, such as: cutting, pinning, ironing and basting.
If you need space for these types of tasks you need to make sure that your new sewing table has a larger surface area. But, there is a caveat, the table cannot be too large for the working area in your home. Take some measurements of the space where the sewing table will be used and compare them to the tables that you like. If you have limited space there are folding tables that can be stored away when they are not in use, like the Sullivans Home Hobby table and you need to factor this into your decision making process. A sewing table can be heavy, but many have casters that make them easier to move around a smaller home.

Weight limit

9 Best Fabric Cutting Tables - Get the Proper Space for Your Sewing Work

The construction materials used in a sewing or craft table will have a dramatic effect on how it’s used and how durable it is. A lighter table will be easier to move, but it may be more susceptible to lateral movement and vibrations. High gauge powder coated steel is the preferred material because it provides a solid working platform and it’s durable. But, this grade of steel is heavier, casters on each leg can help with portability but they must be lockable to prevent movement. Always check the weight limit of any table that you’re interested in and compare it to the weight of your sewing machine. Lighter tables are not suitable for larger sewing machines and they can sway when working.

Construction materials

We’ve already covered the materials used in the frame, but what about the tabletop itself? This is extremely important, a flat and steady surface that can take some abuse is essential if you want to get a lot of work done on your table.

Most modern sewing and craft tables have a surface manufactured from laminate, MDF or solid wood.
Each type of material has unique properties that make them very different from one another. Many table surfaces have a protective coating to prevent water damage and limit the effects of corrosion. Before you make a final decision to purchase your sewing table check the surface to see if it meets your needs.


A great warranty shows that a manufacturer has a great deal of confidence in their products. This is equally applicable to a sewing or craft table and many of the tables on our list are supported by a manufacturer’s warranty.

Other features

Many of the sewing tables on our list have a platform for the sewing machine, like the Arrow Wallaby II. This is helpful because the height of the machine can be adjusted to achieve the ideal working position for the user. If you’re serious about sewing, it’s a great idea to choose a table that has this feature. If you need a general crafting table and you occasionally use a sewing machine your needs are slightly different. In this case it’s a better idea to choose a craft table that’s height adjustable for different working heights. This will allow you to work in a standing or sitting position with or without a sewing machine as required.


In simple terms, a cutting table is a table that provides a surface to layout patterns and cut fabrics. It must provide an even, hardwearing surface that can stand up to continuous use.

The ideal height depends on your height, but the average cutting table height is between 36 and 40 inches tall.

Our Verdict

As you can see there are some fantastic offerings on the market. From the Craft & Hobby Essentials table that is easy to move around and store when not in use to the Arrow Wallaby II that offers lots of storage and a three position airlift to aid user comfort, there are cutting tables to suit all requirements.

However, the standout as the best fabric cutting table has to be our editor’s choice, the Sew Ready Studio Designs table. This table is not only stable and sturdy, but provides fantastic flexibility. There is additional storage for your accessories and it is height adjustable for ease of use. This makes it ideal for larger projects and you can work sitting or standing up, depending on your personal preferences.

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