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Since the turn of the century, a lot of changes have occurred in the world of fashion, and that has subsequently caused a lot of fashion styles to become outdated. However, amid the massive evolution and advancement, there is still one thing that hasn’t become outdated and is still very much in vogue as though it was just yesterday it came into existence – embroidery designs! They are extremely beautiful and add much more charm and beauty to fabrics, which perhaps is why they haven’t gone out of fashion. If you’re a beginner and you’re looking for the best embroidery machine for beginners to use for your embroidery projects, then you have come to the right place.

With the massive advancements that have taken place in computerized equipment in recent years, several high-quality embroidery machines have been built for private and commercial usage. If you’re a beginner, it is very important to find the right machine to do your stitching works. If this sounds like you, you’ve fortunately landed on the right page. Through our very profound research, we have compiled a list of the top four embroidery machines for beginners in the market, in order to help beginners like you make the right selection. Some of the factors we considered in our selections include the type of embroidery machine, the number of built-in designs, embroider field area, USB connectivity, and warranty.

Like we have previously mentioned, this guide is a result of very profound research in which tens of hours have been invested. We have included a comparison table, reviewed 4 top embroidery machines comprehensively, and included several tips in our detailed buying guide that may help you choose the most suitable machine for your needs. With that being said, we are confident that this article will be able to lead you to the best embroidery sewing machine for beginners!

Top 4 Embroidery Machines for Beginners Review 2021

  • Type: embroidery and sewing machine
  • Built-in designs: 138, 11 fonts
  • Embroidery field: 5 x 7 inches
  • USB connectivity: yes
  • Warranty: 25 years

Extra features: includes 8 sewing feet (incl. embroidery foot), 240 sewing stitches, LED light provides illuminated working area

If you’re looking for an embroidery machine to offer you the experience of unique features, then you need to take a closer look at the Brother Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine SE1900. With this machine, you can do your embroidery works wherever you want since its sophisticated editing features have no limits. It doesn’t even matter if you have experience in sewing and embroidery or not, this machine will allow you to seamlessly begin from scratch.

Featuring a 5 x 7-inch embroidery area, this machine can easily handle bigger fabrics. It also boasts a smart color display that allows you to edit the designs thoroughly before beginning the entire stitching process. It also comes with a special feature known as My Custom Stitch. This unique feature enables you to generate and save your custom stitches on the machine. And with 138 incorporated sewing designs, eleven lettering fonts for multiple import options, and ten frame shapes, this machine is suitable for both beginners and experts alike.

Furthermore, the SE1900 features monogramming, buttonhole, blind stitch, eight embroidery feet, button fitting, zipper, zigzag, and overcasting. In general, this is a superb machine that allows beginners a seamless introduction. Apart from sewing like a breeze, it also has an unrivaled sleek fabric feed system. The only problem most users have with is the difficulty involved in its cleaning due to the sensors used in the design.

What are its best features?

  • Several inbuilt embroidery designs
  • Larger embroidery workspace
  • Intuitive LCD screen
  • Computer connectivity
  • Features My Custom Stitch

What could be improved?

  • Difficult to clean
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  • Type: embroidery-only
  • Built-in designs: 80, 9 fonts
  • Embroidery field: 4 x 4 inches
  • USB connectivity: yes
  • Warranty: 25 years

Extra features: automatic needle threader, unique Embroidery Pattern Drag and Drop feature, comes with instructional DVD and bilingual user manual

Brother is arguably the biggest manufacturer of embroidery machines, so it shouldn’t catch anyone by surprise that two of their products have made this list. While this model was made specifically for embroidery only, it does it pretty superbly. Featuring 80 inbuilt designs, ten beautiful frame patterns, and stylish alphabet for lettering. In fact, there are six different English lettering fonts and three Japanese lettering fonts. It also features an inbuilt memory which enables you to bring in custom designs from an external memory stick. And there is a USB port that allows you to do such connections, luckily.

Furthermore, the device has a large full-color LCD touchscreen which allows you to view designs in color prior to stitching. The machine also has a Pattern Drag and Drop Function, which is a function that lets you effortlessly manufacture your own designs. The full-color LCD screen will display your new project, which you can quickly embroider. It’s also worth mentioning that there is an inbuilt LED light that lights the workspace up, just around the needle area.

Despite being a budget-friendly option, the machine also comes with some special features often found on high-end models – intuitive needle threading system and bobbin thread sensor which alerts you when the unit is out of thread or out. At 4 x 4 inch, the machine, however, has a fairly small embroidering area, which somewhat limits your creativity.

Apart from that, this machine serves as only an embroidery machine, which is another shortcoming. Nevertheless, that takes nothing away from its superb monogramming capabilities. It can help you to decorate kid’s belongings easily, personalize clothes, and make special gifts for your loved ones. It also comes with a long 25-year warranty, which offers some peace of mind.

What stands out?

  • Color LCD touchscreen
  • The smart needle threading system
  • Plenty of inbuilt designs
  • Embroidery Pattern Drag and Drop function
  • Generous 25-year warranty

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Doesn’t sew
  • Small embroidery area
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Brother SE400Easiest to Use

  • Type: embroidery and sewing machine
  • Built-in designs: 70, 5 fonts
  • Embroidery field: 4 x 4 inches
  • USB connectivity: yes
  • Warranty: 25 years

Extra features: 67 sewing stitches and 98 stitch functions, illuminated work area with LED light

With its ability to serve as both an embroidery machine and a sewing machine, the Brother SE400 effortlessly offers you the best of both worlds. It’s an incredible entry-level machine for people who are just starting out. In fact, the Brother SE400 even allows you to quilt, which is quite spectacular for a machine that is generally deemed as a beginners’ model.

Featuring an embroidery area of 4 x 4 inches, you might not really have an ample space to fully showcase your creativity. However, for an entry-level model, this is a decent size to work with. Furthermore, it features plenty of designs – 70 in total – as well as 5 lettering fonts, and 67 sewing stitches, which can all be easily accessed through the LCD touch screen. The designs can also be edited by adjusting, mirroring, or rotating the size of the images.

What’s more, the machine also allows you to connect it with your computer, which means you can easily import different embroidery designs. The computer connectivity also enables you to easily update your machine if need be. Not only that, but the unit also boasts smart needle threading and an inbuilt LED light to light up the working area in low-light situations.

To put the icing on the cake, the unit is backed by a lengthy 25-year warranty. Asides from giving you some much-needed confidence on your purchase, the lengthy warranty also means you can always take the machine back to the company should anything go wrong with it.

What are our favorite features?

  • Offers sewing and embroidery functionality
  • Has computer connectivity
  • Automatic thread cutting
  • Plenty of embroidery and stitch designs

What could be better?

  • Embroidery area may not be sufficient for some designs
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EverSewn Hero - 400-StitchBest Sewing and Embroidery Machine

  • Type: embroidery and sewing machine
  • Built-in designs: 40
  • Embroidery field: 4.4 x 6.6 inches
  • USB connectivity: yes
  • Warranty: 1 year

Extra features: 400+ stitch patterns, comes with 8 presser feet, automatic needle threading

With its ability to serve as both a sewing and embroidery machine, then this machine seems like a steal due to its affordable price. It is incredibly easy to use, so beginners are able to quickly start embroidering and embellishing pillowcases, hankies, and children’s clothes. This device can help you create a lot of unique gifts for your friends and family.

Featuring an embroidery space of 4.3 x 6.7 inch, you get enough room to showcase your creativity. You have about 40 stunning incorporated designs, which includes alphabet stitching, to decorate large and small things. However, this machine doesn’t allow editing, which is one of the compromises you must make for buying such an affordable machine. But the machine comes with a back-lit monochromic display, which enables you to view your designs before stitching.

The machine also offers a couple of top-of-the-range features rarely seen on affordable machines – bobbin thread monitoring, upper needle, and smart needle threading system. The features allow beginners to get started successfully before moving on to more expensive machines with more features. You might also be glad to know that this machine is backed by a ten-year limited warranty.

What are our favorite features?

  • Affordable price
  • Large embroidery area
  • Smart features
  • Many stitch patterns
  • USB connectivity

What could be better?

  • No possibility to edit
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Things to Consider

While you can use an embroidery machine to fully showcase your creativity and try out hundreds of designs, that’s only when you buy the right machine. When you end up with the wrong machine, however, your creativity will be hindered. In order to avoid this, you need to read our guide below.

Advantages of a top-quality embroidery machine for beginners

header-image-productsProfessional Appearance

Gone are the days when embroidery machines had cumbersome designs as the new embroidery machines for beginners today are usually given professional appearances. The neat, modern designs with which modern models are made are ideal for beginners and families. A lot of homemakers like making some embroidery products like carpets, cushions, curtains, or clothes for themselves and their family in their leisure time, but they are usually concerned about the weight and large size of embroidery machines. Nonetheless, the modern models for beginners these days are engineered with neat shapes, and they offer beginners the convenience to effortlessly sew and embroidery clothes at home.


Normally, most buyers are always concentrated on choosing beautiful and attractive products without paying much attention to embroidered materials. One reason for this is because manufacturers often choose to satisfy buyers with affordable, nice products, whilst many consumers wish to have qualitative products in both value and unique designs. Besides, it can also be time-consuming or rather time-wasting to find these products, and they are usually very costly. Therefore, a high-quality embroidery machine for beginners allows homemakers to embroider materials like linen, khaki, raw fabric, and cotton.


81kKYEf5ewLApart from its broidering capabilities, a high-quality embroidery machine may also double up as a sewing machine for beginners. Each machine comes with at least six various needles in various sizes so that you can effortlessly switch into sewing whenever the need arises. With this, you can save the money you would have used to buy a sewing machine differently. This is incredibly useful!

Reasonable Price

For only a fraction of the price, most people can own a high-quality embroidery machine for beginners. The machines are usually very affordable, and they offer a lot of embroidery possibilities at home. Despite being affordable, the machines are usually equipped with a lot of features such as colorful threads and different types of needles. The least expensive model on our list is the Brother PE535, and it still comes with a lot of features for the money. For models in the higher end, buyers can get extra tools and more benefits. Just make sure you stay within your budget, and you don’t go overboard. We assure you that there is always a great embroidery machine for every budget.

Features to Consider When Choosing an Embroidery Machine for Beginner Use

Being a beginner at a trade means you have minimal or no knowledge about everything related to the trade, and there is no difference with a beginner embroiderer. If you’re looking to buy your first machine as a beginner, you need to take a look at some important factors below.

aaef759be17110a8d1e7407590d7a78dType of machine and what you need it for

There are two primary types of embroidery machines – embroidery and sewing or embroidery-only. Just as the names suggest, the former serves as both a sewing and embroidery machine, while the latter can only be used for embroidery purposes. When you’re in the market for an embroidery machine, you must determine what you really want to be using the machine to do. Do you want an embroidery machine that can also double as a sewing machine? Or do you only need one purely for embroidery? The choice is up to you and your needs.

We recommend choosing a model that can serve both purposes though, as it means you wouldn’t need to buy a sewing machine separately.
Some of the multi-function models on our list include the Brother SE400, the EverSewn Hero – 400-Stitch, and the Brother Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine SE1900.

Number of designs built-in

Another important element you must consider when buying is the number of patterns built in. The machine must have a vast number of patterns built into it so that you will be able to choose any of them and decorate your cloth. Also, you should check whether the machine has sufficient memory space so that you can effortlessly download patterns from your computer via the USB connectivity. The Brother Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine SE1900 has the most built-in designs on our list, featuring 138 incorporated designs in total.

Embroidery field area

Embroidery-Machine-Hooping-Tips-to-Make-Your-Creations-GreatThis is another important factor that you need to carefully check when buying an embroidery machine for beginners. By and large, the smallest embroidery space you can find on an embroidery machine is 4 x 4 inches. You must, however, keep in mind that the larger the area, the more stunning designs you will be able to create with the machine. With an embroidery space that measures five by seven inches, the Brother SE1900 is the machine with the largest embroidery space on our list.

USB connectivity and inbuilt memory space

This option allows you to download for free online or buy several awesome designs to expand your creative potentials. Some models come with USB connectivity and are capable of reading data from USB drives. When you chose to download designs online, then you also need enough space on your machine to store it. This means you must also consider the inbuilt memory capacity of the embroidery machine you’re looking at and see if it’s what you want.


The best embroidery machines come with the best warranty terms – there are no two ways about it. Naturally, embroidery machines are often built to last for a lot of years, which is why most manufacturers are always backing their products with long warranty periods. However, while a short warranty doesn’t directly mean the machine won’t last for many years, we recommend you to choose a machine with a lengthy warranty period. There is a huge peace of mind that comes with it.


In general, embroidery machines for beginners are usually affordable since they are generally designed to be quite basic. As a beginner, you might be reluctant to invest much money in an embroidery machine, and that’s totally fine. In that case, choose something within your budget and upgrade later when you’ve known your onions.


There are many types of software out there, but the one we like best is the Embrilliance Essentials Embroidery Machine Software.  It’s the most solid option available and comes at a very affordable cost. Besides, it is compatible with both Windows and Mac and saves usable designs on all USB-supported machines. While there is a trial version you can download just to get to know the product, it doesn’t allow you to save your designs.

Of course, you can embroider on denim, and you don’t even need an advanced or any special embroidery machine in order to do so. However, bear in mind that some more basic machines may not be able to handle extra thick denim, so if that’s something you are looking to do, it’s better to invest a little more into a top-quality machine!

Yes, you can use all the machines on this list for monogramming.

Our Verdict

Having considered several vital factors and, we choose the Brother Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine SE1900 as our top pick. Not only is it the model with the largest embroidery area on this list, but it also comes with most built-in designs. On top of that, it doubles as a sewing machine apart from being an embroidery machine, making it a worthy choice for our top spot.

Our second pick, the Brother PE535, is also our budget pick, albeit coincidentally. We were just compelled to include this model due to the fact that it offers a lot more than what is paid for it. Despite being the least expensive product on our list, it is backed by a 25-year warranty, boasts USB connectivity, and comes with 80 built-in designs, which is the second highest on this list. It’s totally worthy of its place here.

With 70 in-built embroidery designs and its ability to serve as both sewing and embroidery machine, the Brother SE400 is easily our third pick. It has a decent embroidery area and is a great machine to learn and progress your embroidery skills on. Most importantly, the machine is pretty affordable, which makes it appealing to many buyers.

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