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If you have ever tried it, you’ll realize how difficult it is to shave your head correctly. It might appear easy to do, but many lack the time and experience required to shave their heads correctly. It is often difficult to reach and see much of the area that you want to shave, and it is hard to do a great job without the correct equipment for the job. This is where the best electric shaver for head comes in.

To help you in choosing the right head shaver, we have reviewed several electric shavers for shaving the head. From our research and testing, we have selected eight of the best options that you can buy right now. Of these eight options, our top pick is the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit. We love it for several reasons. It is lightweight, easy to use and maintain, and comes with very innovative features. It gives you a universal solution for your trimming needs; trimming your hair to different lengths instantly and comfortably. Along with this product, we have reviewed seven others as well to assist you in selecting the right electric head shaver.

In selecting the products, we analyzed each product, checking out vital factors like Type, Power source, Runtime, Waterproof, Attachments & Extras, Length settings, Dimensions, Warranty, and more. We spent over 11 hours testing and reviewing each of these products to provide an in-depth review of each product, a comparison table, and a buying guide. We sincerely hope that reading this post will immensely help you in selecting the best electric shaver for your head.

Top 8 Electric Shavers for Head Review 2021

  • Type: clipper
  • Power source: lithium-ion battery/ cord use
  • Runtime: 40 min
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Attachments & extras: combs cuts
  • Length settings: 9 (1.5-15 mm)
  • Dimensions: 19.1 oz, 9.8 x 7 x 2.5 inches
  • Warranty: 5 years

More features: cleaning brush, storage/travel pouch

The REMINGTON HC4250 is a hair clipper that you would love to use. It is so well designed and equipped with technical features that make it an excellent choice. This model comes in a sleek and ergonomic design that fits perfectly in your hand, letting you move it accordingly and confidently over the head. It has a rubber grip that keeps it in place, giving you control of holding it for a long time. This feature makes it reach every area like behind ears, neckline, back of the head and sideburns to clean properly. It also has a curved edge with a stainless steel blade that cuts any texture of hair. As the blades are in extra-wide shape, they cover a large surface area to clean precisely and perfectly without pulling the hair inside. The lithium-ion battery has a runtime of 40 minutes. This feature helps when you are in a hurry and have to reach somewhere on time. It takes 4 hours in getting completely charged so that you can use it easily afterwards and anytime. In addition, it is equipped with an extra 5-minute runtime capacity so that you can complete the job without leaving it in between. It can be used with a cord also. Another feature that we liked is the versatility. It comes with 9 combs, and you can choose the comb according to the length of the hair to get a clean haircut.

Another noteworthy feature is that you can detach its parts and blades to wash it under water, and keep it in a clean condition for a long time. All these specifications make it a must-have accessory.

What makes it stand out?

  • Impressive design
  • Waterproof
  • Ergonomic and lightweight
  • Quiet performance
  • Curved blades allow for wider cuts

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Relatively poor battery life
  • Short combs
  • Can be tricky cutting the ear area
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Philips Norelco Shaver 4500Best Value

  • Type: shaver
  • Power source: lithium-ion battery
  • Runtime: 50 min, 3-min quick-charge shave
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Attachments & extras: none, pop-up trimmer for sideburns
  • Length settings: none
  • Dimensions: 9.5 oz, 6 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years

More features: cleaning brush, protective cap, LED battery life indicator

If you want a dual-purpose razor that does an equally good job on your face and your head. The 4500 (formerly known as the PowerTouch) is a three-blade wet/dry shaver, with heads designed to catch both long hairs and stubble. They’re also free-floating in Norelco’s proprietary Pivot, Flex, and Float and Lift and Cut systems; this allows the rotary heads to follow the contour of your face and head to catch all of the hairs many razors leave behind and slice them off right at the point where they emerge. Holding the Philips device is nice as it comes with an anti-slip grip design.

It is made with a flexing and pivoting technology that adjusts to meet the contours on your face. Due to its design, the head of the clipper stays close to the skin but remains light and gentle on the face. Hence, it efficiently cuts away the hair in just one pass. There is an LED indicator on the front panel of the razor which shows you the level of power left in the device. It tells you when the device is charging and when the battery is going low.

Additionally, it is made with Aquatec system. This makes it waterproof. Thus you can use it while taking a bath without fretting about water damaging the appliance.

It doesn’t come with a charging stand, which tends to contribute to the low price. However, it comes with a charging cable in the package.

To clean the Norelco 4500, all you need to do is wash it under warm running water, remove the extra water, and allow the razor to dry.

What are our favorite features?

  • Nice design
  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Waterproof

What could be better?

  • You need to do some maneuvering to get a clean shave
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  • Type: shaver
  • Power source: lithium-ion battery
  • Runtime: 60 min
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Attachments & extras: 3 extra replacement blade, trimmer head
  • Length settings: 0-3 mm
  • Dimensions: 9.1 oz, 3.9 x 2.6 x 3 inches
  • Warranty: 30 days

More features: multi-function, 3 drain holes

Easy Head Shaver Electric Shaver Razor for Men WMARK is a great shaver for its price. This model is much cheaper than most of the shavers mentioned in our list, but it still does not fall behind its more expensive peers. It features a powerful motor and three rotating floats and is undoubtedly one of the best shavers in its class. The shaver is a rotary type shaver, and it features three 360 floating heads which easily move along the contours of the neck, face and jaw, helping you achieve a neat and close shave. Furthermore, it also features a pop-up trimmer which helps you get an accurate trimming of facial hair and sideburns.

The charging of the device is displayed on a blue-lit LED display. One of the best features of this device is that it has a USB port because of which it can be charged using any USB charger, you can use even your cell phone charger to recharge this shaver. Hence, this feature makes this shaver very convenient and portable. Also, the device is waterproof; hence it can be cleaned easily under tap water, and it can also be used in a shower for a better shaving experience. For ease of cleaning of the device, the head of the shaver pops up and you can easily clean out any stuck hair in the unit.

It comes with three extra replacement blades which are easy to fit and will save you money.

Though this shaver might not be the best option available in the market, it is still a good option, especially if you are on a budget and are searching for an affordable shaver. It carries all the features needed to help you get a comfortable and neat shave.

What are our favorite features?

  • Offers an excellent shave
  • Can be used in water
  • Very affordable option

What could be better?

  • Doesn’t shave well when wet
  • Hair is difficult to get out of the ring’s edges
  • Type: shaver
  • Power source: 500 mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Runtime: 60 min
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Attachments & extras: beard trimmer, nose trimmer, facial massage brush head, facial deep cleaning brush head
  • Length settings: 3 (3, 5, 7 mm)
  • Dimensions: 9.5 oz, 6 x 2 x 2 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years

More features: cleaning brush, protective cap, LED battery life indicator

This is a good shaver for new users. It has excellent versatility as well. Being a 4-in-1 system, you can shave, trim, shape and even address nose and ear hairs in a snap. It is a 4-in-1 waterproof, wet/dry portable razor from RoziaPro. You can use the USB fast charger to be ready to shave in just minutes.

With its 3” handle and 1.4 pounds of weight, it is easy to move around as you cut your hair. It comes with the ability to be used, whether wet or dry. It is water-resistant and can be used in the shower without worrying about water damage.

The battery output of 5VDC makes it rather versatile and will run for a relatively long period before it requires recharging. From our testing, we observed that it has an estimated run time of up to 1 hour.

Performance-wise, it is up there with some of the best options on the market. It features a double blade cutting system that delivers as close a shave as possible.

The only downside we observed isn’t with regards to the performance; rather, it is with regards to price. It is one of the most expensive options on this list.

What makes it special?

  • Comes with an easy-to-see LED charge indicator
  • Runtime of up to an hour
  • Double-blade system gives a close shave

What cons did we find?

  • Relatively expensive

Wahl Professional 5-Star Balding Clipper 8110Best for Professionals

  • Type: clipper
  • Power source: electric, 8 foot cord
  • Runtime:
  • Waterproof: no
  • Attachments & extras: blade guard, 2 attachment combs (0.5 and 1.5)
  • Length settings: 3 (0.1, 0.5 and 1.5) mm
  • Dimensions: 1 lbs, 6.25 inches
  • Warranty: 1-year

More features: travel storage case

The Wahl Professional 5 Star Balding Clipper is designed to be used by professional barbers for those men who want to keep their head clean-shaven to rock that bald look. This 6.25 inch long clipper is easy to handle and does an excellent job of keeping your head looking great.

Unlike others on this list that come with attractive, sleek looks, the Wahl comes in a somewhat dated design. If you are buying this shaver, you’ll be buying it not for looks but for performance. It comes with incredible blades that make it the clipper of choice for professional barbers.

To cut that close to your head, the blade needs to be sharp and cutting as close to your scalp as possible. The Balding clipper blades are fine-toothed and made from surgical quality steel, plated with rust-resistant chrome. They have a cutting width of 40 mm and a notional cutting length of 0.4 mm. The blades are set with zero-overlap to achieve a near balding finish. Basically, they cut your hair as close as you can get to your scalp without cutting the skin. While using this shaver, you need to be careful. The blades are sharp and will cut you if you don’t concentrate.

Aside from the blades, it also comes with oscillating armature motor that makes it the clipper of choice by salon industry professionals. With constant use, and getting switched on and off, the motor needs to be robust and powerful. Wahl doesn’t disappoint with these clippers. They have installed a powerful V5000 oscillating armature motor that is twice the speed of regular pivot motor clippers. It is a corded model (with a 2.4 m cable) that ensures the clipper is always at full power.

What stands out?

  • Heavy-duty corded clipper for professional use
  • Durable build
  • Powerful, reliable motor

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Requires full concentration as the blades are very sharp
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  • Type: shaver
  • Power source: 1400mAh lithium-ion battery
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Attachments & extras: BONUS CR3 Blade Included
  • Length settings: none
  • Dimensions: 5 oz, 4 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Warranty: 1 year

More features: 5 heads, LED battery life indicator

The Pitbull Gold has a comfortable ergonomic design you can grip several ways, and its finish is a stylish reflective black. The shaver is shaped to maneuver smoothly around all the contours of your head, and you can also use it to shave your facial hair. If you hold it between your fingers, you can use the palm of your hand to feel for missed spots as you go, and it gives you a wide range of motion. I really liked holding it in the palm of my hand because it helped me to achieve a much cleaner head shave.

The Pitbull Gold’s five flexing shaver heads have curved, bevelled blades, and they are upgrades from Skull Shaver’s standard flat blades. With its powerful motor turning at up to 10,000 RPM, you can shave your head quickly and smoothly. A small, circular motion is recommended during use, but you can maneuver the Pitbull Gold in any direction. You don’t have to worry about cuts, nicks or burns, and it works well for shaving wet or dry. For a wet shave, you should use shaving foam, but shaving gel is not recommended. Why? Because it’s so sticky and dense, the gel can clog the shaver’s blades.

The Pitbull Gold is water-resistant, so it’s safe to use in the shower. It’s also easy to clean and maintain. Throughout your shaving routine, just dip the running blades frequently in water. The blades are self-cleaning as they spin to push out all your shavings efficiently.

Other features we like about this shaver is the 1400mAh lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 90 minutes of runtime. Unlike other clippers that lose power as the power depletes, the Pitbull Gold keeps going till the very end.

What do we love it for?

  • Excellent build quality
  • Massages the scalp during shave
  • Long battery runtime
  • Water-resistant

What were we disappointed with?

  • Replacement blades are expensive
  • Doesn’t come with accessories
  • Type: clipper
  • Power source: lithium-ion battery
  • Runtime: 60 min
  • Waterproof: yes
  • Attachments & extras: balder, large comb (3-15 mm), precision comb (1-3 mm)
  • Length settings: 14 (0 -15 mm)
  • Dimensions: 6 oz, 9 x 5.5 x 2 inches
  • Warranty: 2 years

More features: 180 rotating head, compatible with all voltages worldwide

This Philips Norelco model makes it to this list for several reasons, including its unique head design, its ability to trim longer hair before the balder attachment gets your head nice and shiny and its reasonable price. The most interesting of the three features is the rotating head of the “Do-It-Yourself”, which moves easily through 180 degrees. It eases the difficulties of shaving yourself with a standard a non-rotating head.

Using the head is simple; all you need to do is to select the angle that works best for you. This will make shaving in the hard to reach areas like the neck, and sides of the head more accessible. In addition, it makes shaving the beard, jawline, and chin easier. You simply rotate the head to select the angle at which you’d like to shave, and the head will stay flat to the scalp or skin, making it a snap to reach and shave everything from the sides of your head to your neckline – without having to do contortions to reach everywhere.

There’s a dial on the head which allows you to choose more than two dozen different lengths for your trim (from zero to 5/8 inch) before moving on to the balding tool (of course, you can also just stay with a buzz or close-cut without a complete shave).

The trimming function on the QC5580 is the best of any electric head shavers we’ve seen. Use the trimmer first, to shorten the hair before switching to the balder. The balder shaves very close to the skin, giving a smooth finish. This versatility makes this shaver indispensable. The blades have rounded edges, to minimize cuts, and for a smoother, more even shave. There are also two attachment combs, one for longer hair lengths and one for precision work.

This Phillips comes with a Lithium-Ion battery. It is good for one hour of use, after 60 minutes of charging. You may use it with, or without the power cord, for more portability. The shaver has a battery level indicator; a white light for a full charge, and an orange light for low battery. This is important in case you are shaving far from a power source.

Also, it is compatible with all voltages worldwide. This is very convenient while traveling since you will not require an adapter. The Phillips QC5580 comes with a small handheld mirror to help you reach those hard to shave spots. The whole package comes in a handy storage pouch.

What are our favorite features?

  • Lovely, efficient design
  • Long battery runtime
  • Compatible with different voltages
  • Highly versatile

What could be better?

  • Takes several passes to give a completely bald shave
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  • Type: clipper
  • Power source: Ni-MH batteries
  • Runtime: 90 min
  • Waterproof: no
  • Attachments & extras: guide combs
  • Length settings: 4 (3, 6, 9.5, 12 mm)
  • Dimensions: 3.84 oz, 4 x 1.6 x 1.2 inches
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: lubricant oil, waterproof case, cleaning brush

One thing we are sure about is that when Ritter clipper was made, mediocre was very far from the mind of the producers. It is one of the clippers capable of doing so many things efficiently. It comes in an ergonomic shape and design. As it is cordless and rechargeable, you don’t have to worry about plugging it in before you can use it.

Due to its blade design, it delivers a zero gap shape shave on your head. Aside from shaving your head, it can be used for other stuff. These include shaving sideburns, beards and moustaches. It is one of the biggest deals in the clipper world with lightweight, energy-saving features, and a very durable battery. During our testing, we observed that the battery can work for up to one hour before requiring recharging.

With little or nothing to worry about already, Ritter clipper also comes with some other additional benefits like the fact that it is ergonomically friendly and it weighs just about 0.24lb and a size of 4 inches. Hence, it is very easy to take around.

Some of the accessories it comes with include a Zero over-lap blade for short, bald hair at 1.57” in width to cover large areas quickly, a 4-comb attachment, lubricating oil, cleaning brush, US socket power adapter and a switching AC/DC power adapter.

What makes it special?

  • Cordless design
  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • Portable

What cons did we find?

  • Bulky charger
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Things to Consider

In this section, we will highlight the features that you should keep in mind before buying an electric head shaver. There are so many options on the market from various manufacturers, and it can be a hassle finding the right one. Aside from the products we have provided, we realize that you might require more information, just in case you do not fancy any of the products that we reviewed. Before we delve into the features to look out for, there are important information that you’d do well to consider.

Differences between head and face electric shaver

As the name implies, the head shaver is primarily designed to get rid of hair on the head. Using this device, you can trim the hair on your head and get a smooth, clean bald head. The face electric shaver, on the other hand, is excellent for trimming beards, moustaches, and other facial hair. The head shaver can be used as a face shaver, but the face shaver cannot be conveniently used as a head shaver.

Why use electric shaver for head and its benefits

There are several reasons why an electric shaver is an excellent choice for getting rid of the hair on the head. Here are some advantages:

  • The blade of an electrical appliance rarely irritates the skin. This is especially important in cases with a more excellent dermatological response to everyday allergens and irritants. It is even useful over skin with dry and sensitive types.
  • Another advantage or reason to get an electric shaver is the durability of the blade in the device.
  •  A highly significant advantage of electric head razor is the shaving quality. It offers complete smoothness and closest to skin shaving, with safest major.
  • The probability of touching and damaging the painful areas of the skin-pimple, rashes is almost zero by the Best Teenager Shaver.
  • The trauma of the facial skin significantly reduced; as a result, comfort and convenience of usefulness.
  • Electric Shavers- considered as an excellent Shaver For Sensitive Skin, as offers less of skin irritations and itchiness.

With all the benefits above, it is no wonder then that many folks prefer using an electric head shaver than other appliances.

Features to consider while buying the best electric shaver for head

Now, let’s see some of the essential features to consider:


There are three main types of electric shavers on the market. These are foil shavers, rotary shavers, and hair clippers/body groomers. Let’s consider each of these types, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

1.      Rotary Shavers

These shavers feature circular blades that rotate independently of each other. They usually have 3 to 5 rotating heads, offering a more comfortable shave and larger coverage area. They are often used for everyday shaving. As mentioned, they can be more irritating to those with sensitive skin. But, most of the newer models now have personalized settings that allow you to adjust it for use on sensitive skin, as it is by Philips Norelco Shaver 4500.

  • Typically provides larger coverage area than foil models
  • Conforms to the shape of your head
  • More comfortable shave


  • Might initially irritate sensitive skin owners

2.      Foil Shavers

The foil types contain a series of blades that are covered with a foil, mesh cover. This cover prevents the blades from cutting or nicking your skin. They were the first electric shavers and are still a popular option for both face and head shaving. They have been the preferred choice for guys that only need to shave every few days.

  • Beneficial for people with sensitive skin
  • Receive a close shave without nicking or cutting your skin
  • Flexible head and great for face shaving too


  • Doesn’t follow the head contours as well as a rotary shaver

3.      Hair clippers and body groomers

Apart from the shaver mentioned above types, hair clippers and body groomers are also used as electric shavers for men. While a body clipper is not exactly for shaving, it is a great way to help your hair stay tidy and neat. These help you to trim your hair as per the desired length, which could be anywhere between 0.4 mm and 42mm. Hair clippers are an ideal choice if you do not wish to shave off the hair completely.

A versatile form of electric shavers comes with body groomers. These can be used as both shavers and trimmers for hair anywhere on the body. Body groomers can be used on sensitive areas of the body as well, to help remove hair with ease

Power source and runtime

These are arguably the most important factors to consider.

The corded vs. cordless debate is an old debate since both sources have advantages and annoying drawbacks.

When it comes to choosing your electric head shaver, corded or battery power is most likely going to come into play with regard to where you cut your hair. If you like to cut your hair in the bathroom, there may not be a socket close by to plug in a corded shaver. On the other hand, if you have a battery-powered device, you better keep it topped up with juice and have extra batteries handy, but such models as Ritter and Pitbull offer up to 90 minutes runtime.

8 Best Electric Shavers for Head - Haircut Easy And Fast!Waterproof

Waterproofing is an important consideration since it will greatly affect just how much you will enjoy using the appliance.

A waterproof shaver is cool because it allows you to take it into the shower, running water as you shave your head. While some are totally waterproof, as for example WMARK model, others are just partially waterproof. These partially waterproof options, such as Wahl unit, only allow you to remove the blade and rinse underwater. Any other contact with water is liable to cause damage.

Speed and Efficiency

When referring to these features, we have in mind the RPM (Revolutions per Minute) or the CPM (Cycles per Minute) of the motor inside the head shaving machine.

The higher the value of the RPM or CPM, the faster the shaver will perform and the lesser effort and passes required to produce a clean shave. We recommend that you buy an electric shave with more than 11000 RPM or CPM.

Length settings

Versatility is of the essence for those looking to personalize their shaving style. A shaver with an adjustable taper level gives you the ultimate control of the functionality of your shaver, and Philips Norelco Qc5580/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Pro is without no doubt a champion with its’ 14 length settings.

8 Best Electric Shavers for Head - Haircut Easy And Fast!Noise level

Noise is more common in foil and rotary shavers, though some claim that rotary models are comparatively quieter than foil shavers are.


The industry standard for warranties on shavers is 2 years. You should also check the parts that are excluded for this, such as cutters and shaving heads. While these are not uncommon, knowing about this before you buy is a good move.


A tempting thing to do is go in for a cheap electric shaver. However, eventually, not only will you be disappointed by their efficiency and quality, but will also end up spending more than you intended to in repairs, frequent replacements and also in buying a new shaver soon after the cheap one fails to work. A good quality electric shaver will last longer than several cheap ones, so paying for it up-front is the smarter thing to do. To ensure that you spend within your limits, have a set budget before you start shopping and then proceed with an electric razor buying guide to make the best possible choice.

How to maintain electric shaver for head

In this section, I provide you with a systematic way of maintaining and cleaning your electric shaver for head.

8 Best Electric Shavers for Head - Haircut Easy And Fast!

  1. Remove most of the hairs from the shaving head.

Once you’ve finished shaving, with the razor turned off, remove the shaving head and gently tap the plastic frame on the edge of your sink or countertop. Do not hit the foils on a hard surface; they can get damaged extremely easily.

This simple action will remove the bulk of hairs from the shaving head. Alternatively, you can use a small brush, but only on the inside of the head and not directly on the foils.

  1. Apply a bit of water to the shaving head, then pour a few drops of liquid soap over the foils/combs
  2. Turn the shaver on

Let the soap to lather nicely and coat the foils/heads of the shaver. You’ll most likely need to add a bit more water at this point, so use your free hand to sprinkle a few more drops and to distribute the lather across the entire surface of the shaving head. Let the shaver run for around 10 seconds.

  1. With the shaver still running, rinse the head generously with warm tap water.

This will remove most of the foam and hair clippings from the shaving head. Rinse it for approximately 10 seconds. You can also hold the shaver with the head pointing downward. This will actually mimic the action of a cleaning station where the shaver is simply turned on, and a detergent solution is passed through the head, flushing the hairs.

  1. Depending on the model, remove the shaving head and rinse it thoroughly.8 Best Electric Shavers for Head - Haircut Easy And Fast!
  2. Shake off excess water, gently pat with a clean cloth and let the parts air dry completely.

It’s very important to allow the blades and foils to dry before putting them back together and storing the shaver in a cabinet.

If you fail to do so, the remaining water will take a lot more time to evaporate, and you may even come across a damp shaving head the next day. And that’s not ideal if you shave dry. And do not, under any circumstances, put the protective cap on if the shaving head is not completely dry. If you’re constantly storing the shaver with water trapped inside the head, it can even develop a funny smell over time.

If you cannot use water because your shaver isn’t water-resistant, you can follow the following tips:

  • You can use a can of compressed air to blow away hair strands a lot more effectively than by simply tapping the shaving unit or by using a brush.
  • Use a spray cleaner and lubricant. These products are specially designed to be used on electric shavers, and they work great.


It depends on your skin and the model of the shaver. Since shaving cream has some water, a shaver without water resistance might get damaged if used with a cream.

There is no one-size-fits-all answer here. It largely depends on your skin type.

To avoid irritation, you can use it twice in a week or bi-weekly.

Our Verdict

A common argument that people make against electric shavers is that they cost more than manual shavers. However, this is a onetime investment, and with a quality electric shaver, you will not have to spend any additional bucks, unlike a manual one, where replacement blades, shaving foam, aftershave and even the shaver itself will require replacement every once in a while. These appliances save money as well as time. From our testing, our top pick is the Remington HC4250 Shortcut Pro Self-Haircut Kit. It is an all-in-one grooming system for men that can make trimming and shaving process easy and quick. It is ideal for use anywhere on your body. Its ergonomic design and sleek structure fit comfortably in hand, giving a quality haircut. We also recommend the somewhat popular Philips Norelco Shaver 4500It is an excellent shaver that can be used, whether wet or dry. It cuts long or short hair efficiently as it comes with an excellent rotary head design, and it offers the best value of all the electric hair shavers that we have tested. If you are on a budget, you will love the Easy Head Shaver Electric Shaver Razor for Men WMARK. It is a multi-function dual head rotary shaver/trimmer. Its’ special design adapts to all shaving/grooming surfaces from the face, head to the body. It also comes with a long-lasting battery with convenient USB port charging.

We hope that this review and guide to the best electric shaver for head will help you to make the correct buying choice.

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