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10 Awesome Console Gaming Chairs for Anyone – Reviews and Buying Guide

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For some, console gaming must have the right equipment for total game immersion. Therefore, finding the best console gaming chair is paramount to the transformation of the gaming experience. These immersion gamers are absolutely looking at the high-end audio gaming chairs (or they should be) where every pressed button not only effects the screen but makes the gamer feel as though they’re no longer sitting in their living room. However, this is one end of the spectrum; for other gamers the ideal chair is a comfy floor chair which doesn’t cost a fortune. Not only can these chairs be much more affordable, but they’re an easy purchase insuring gamers still have money for further gaming.

It’s important to look at all facets of each chair, and we have to rank them in order on this list. For this review, we’ve scoured the market to find the top 10 dogs. From the functionality of the chair – whether it supports wireless, recline or adjust – to the portability (dimensions and weight), as well as each gaming chair’s materials and warranty. Here we truly have the best of the best.

Top 10 Console Gaming Chairs Review 2020

We went directly to the source every time and dived into product specs, as well as expert and customer reviews. For the gamers’ convenience, our advice has been broken down into the table summarizing our top 10 picks, comprehensive reviews of each product with pros and cons, and a buying guide, each segment providing detailed reviews and suggestions to make easier purchasing of the best console gaming chair for your needs.

Image and Rating
Name and Features
Editor’s Choice

Perfect buy for those wishing to be a part of a game – with a built-in powerful subwoofer and vibration motors it becomes possible

Best Swivel Chair

Comfortable, mobile and multifunctional model, fits all your needs even beyond gaming

Finest Sound Experience

Tankless air compressor excellent for inflating and deflating tires or other low-pressure items on the go

Best for a Home Theater

With a 360-degree swivel, tilt system, amazing sound and bass vibration, this chair is perfect for an all-day play

Best for Office Space

Gaming chair suitable for work and play with a comfortable ottoman and a swivel function

Most Device Friendly

This model with a built-in Bluetooth allows you to connect not only your gaming console, but all the mobile devices you can imagine

Budget Pick

Portable, lightweight and budget-friendly – ideal choice for beginners

Best for Family

Suitable to play with a friend all day long, this sofa provides both comfort and technology

Best for Kids

A chair with a simple design, which can also be used as a regular piece of furniture

Most Portable

Super comfy plush-covered chair for an easy going gamer on a budget

  • Type: audio gaming wireless chair with vibration
  • Material: wood and metal frame covered with padded vinyl
  • Dimensions: 29.1 x 22 x 20.9 inches
  • Weight capacity: 275 lbs.
  • Warranty: 90 days limited

More features: 4 speakers, powerful subwoofer with AFM Technology, vibration motors, ergonomically designed


For gaming, this chair represents the full body experience, where the player is no longer playing the character on the screen, but they are the character. With built-in vibration motors and bass tones, this chair lets the player feel everything happening in-game from the briefest contact of sword to the rocketing motion of an in-game explosion.

It’s not limited to specific games or devices and is compatible with PS2, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360, and Nintendo. Not only gaming systems however, this chair can connect with the IPAD and IPhone as well as (home theatres) TV, CD, DVD, and Blu-ray. This really is an awesome chair; not a purchase you would regret.

  • Compatible with most gaming devices (this also includes PS4 and Xbox 1)
  • Chair is powered by a cord into an electrical outlet and also has batteries to run the wireless TV
  • Built-in radio wireless receiver
  • Can connect with multiple chairs for linked ultimate experience
  • Free shipping upon purchase
  • Pricier high-end chair for experienced gamers
  • Not Bluetooth compatible, but does have a personal headphone jack
  • Heavy weight chair 50.3 lbs., making it slightly harder to move than lighter models
  • May want to retrofit a swivel/roller-base to this chair

X Rocker Pro Series 2.1 Gaming ChairBest Swivel Chair

  • Type: wirelessaudio gaming chair with vibration
  • Material: metal frame covered with padded vinyl
  • Dimensions: not specified
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Warranty: 90 days limited

More features: 2 speakers in the headrest, gunstock arms, pedestal with tilt and swivel function


Another great option from X Rocker, this gaming chair is similar to the one above minus the fact that it has two less speakers and is mounted on a swivel. Its metal frame is padded with vinyl for optimal comfort and includes head and arm rests for relaxation during extensive game play or even a switch over to extensive work. If you’re the ‘work hard, play hard’ type, this is the chair for you.

This gaming chair is great for playing video games (compatible with Xbox One, 360, and PS4) and is also perfect for listening to music, watching TV, or even reading and relaxing. The sound experience alone – with two speakers built into the headrest and subwoofer 2.1 AFM technology – is reason enough to buy the chair. The experience of the bass and the vibration certainly transforms the gaming experience and brings it to a whole new level of entertainment.

  • Swivel function makes it easy to play different screens from this chair, or to do work on two linked monitors
  • Swivel pedestal also allow for tilting forward in chair
  • Can link with multiple chairs for the ultimate gaming experience
  • Built-in wireless receiver and transmitter
  • No Bluetooth capabilities
  • (Lacks an RCA connection) Requires adapter to connect with the PS4
  • Weight 57 lbs. and not on a roller, making it more difficult to move around the house
  • Some assembly required
  • Still in the wheelhouse (price-wise) of a high-end gaming chair

Ace Bayou X Rocker 5143601 II Video Gaming ChairFinest Sound Experience

  • Type: wireless video gaming chair
  • Material: metal frame, foam, vinyl
  • Dimensions: 27.8 x 18.5 x 17.5 inches
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: ergonomic design with full back support, fully assembled, 2 forward facing speakers & powerful subwoofer


The Ace Bayou X Rocker is assembled with the gamers comfort and support in mind, built with an ergonomic design and padded with interior foam and vinyl coverings. Speakers are situated near the headrest and audio can be transmitted wirelessly to the subwoofer sound system. Built-in headphone jacks are included!

With sound you can feel this chair alters movie watching and game playing experiences, making them feel extremely life-like. This chair is compatible with Xbox, PlayStation, Gameboy, and home theatre systems. It will link itself to your television rather than ‘plugging in’ to different consoles, making it a prime candidate for all gaming experiences in your household. At all times, the built-in side panel allows you to control the chairs’ volume and bass effect so that you never have to get up and manually change the settings on your TV.

  • No assembly required, comes fully ready to use
  • Wireless audio transmission
  • Arm rests flip up out of the way for preferred gaming environment
  • Cords run directly to your television set and transport sound to the chair
  • Not built on a swivel or wheel system for easy movement around the house
  • Weighs 45.8 lbs. and may want to be kept in a specific room rather than moved around
  • No Bluetooth capabilities
  • Purchasing a 120-volt power adapter is suggested; otherwise chair batteries go dead about every two weeks
  • Type: gaming chair
  • Material: not specified
  • Dimensions: 27.5 x 22 x 21 inches
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs.
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: covered with breathable material, two speakers and a subwoofer with 2.1 AFM Technology


The experience this chair lends to gaming, music, movies, and other general comfort (reading a book) is what makes it worth its value. Built on a swivel and tilt system, it’s exceptional for gaming or watching movies the way you prefer, and also has outstanding double speakers and a subwoofer to heighten the experience and transport you outside your house and into the entertainment. This chair supports most gaming systems, including Xbox 1 and PlayStation (PS4).

Made with an ergonomic metal design and comfortable polyester, this chair is perfect for extended game play. It’s durable and attractive, doesn’t overheat from extended use, and really does immerse the gamer in amazing adjustable sound and bass vibration. Moreover, it’s also easily one of the most affordable top quality gaming chairs available.

  • Arms flip up, chair is on a 360-degree swivel, and it also tilts forward for preferred gaming
  • Multiple chairs can be linked together for the ultimate gaming experience
  • Has a personal headset/headphone capability
  • Chair hooks up to TV output rather than separate consoles
  • Does not fold and cannot easily be stored away
  • Polyester fabric is cheaper than but not as comfortable as vinyl and foam designs
  • Does not support Bluetooth. If you really wanted this feature, you’d have to buy a Bluetooth adapter
  • Moderate assembly is required
  • Type: gaming chair with ottoman
  • Material: Metal frame, sponge, PVC leather
  • Dimensions: 18.1 x 15.7 x 16.5 inches
  • Weight capacity: 350 lbs
  • Warranty: 30 days limited

More features:  360-degree swivel function, adjustable backrest, tilt-lock


If you’re a PC gamer, as well as console gamer, this chair is well suited for both a desk and out in front of the television. Perfect for work and play, its high density sponge design covered in PVC leather is optimized for comfort and long stretches of sitting. Depending on gamers preference, the chairs backrest is adjustable from 90 to 145 degrees; the height is not adjustable, only the backrest. This gaming chair also comes with an equally as comfortable ottoman so the gamer doesn’t have to leave legs stiff and hanging.

Gaming chair is delivered within 48 hours after purchase and requires some extensive assembly. Additionally both the chair and footrest are built on 360o swivels and made from the same stain proof materials.

  • Comfort designed and tested for gaming while reclined or sitting at a 90-degree angle
  • Designed for use at a computer or set out in front of the television
  • Stain proof leather; easy to clean
  • Assembly instructions are very straightforward
  • Weighs 58lbs. delivered with both chair and ottoman. Chair is still difficult to move room to room on your own
  • Not built on a wheel base
  • Does not include any sound or vibration systems
  • Assembly required that may take close to 30 minutes
  • Pricy gaming chair, probably not for beginner level gamers
  • Type: Bluetooth video gaming chair
  • Material: PU seating surface and polyester back
  • Dimensions: 36.8 x 32.3 x 20.9 inches
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Warranty: 90 days limited

More features: built-in Bluetooth, separate controls for volume and base, optional RCA cables included, airspace headrest


This sound gaming chair is different than the others not only because it’s cheaper (this is definitely one of the best gaming chairs under $200 that we’ve seen), but also because it supports a built-in Bluetooth receiver and therefore it can connect to your gaming systems (via audio cord), as well as to your devices, such as Laptop computers, iPhones, and iPads. Now not only can you plug into your gaming systems – chair compatible with most gaming systems – but you can also kick back in your new chair and watch a YouTube video on your phone while experiencing full sound immersion.

Gaming chair plug into an outlet and therefore you never have to worry about changing batteries on a weekly basis. This chair also folds for easy storage and transportation when moving furniture around or changing apartments, etc. Very comfortable ergonomic design with fabric upholstery and polyester backing.

  • A top quality gaming chair that is very affordable for the beginner to expert level gamer. All will enjoy!
  • Comes with all the cords and hookups for day of delivery use
  • Very smooth sounding subwoofer with adjustable bass and volume options
  • Not tall enough for a desktop
  • Not equipped with a swivel/wheel base
  • The farther from the TV you want the chair, the longer connecting cord you’re going to need
  • Requires HDMI converter for gaming systems, such as the Xbox 1
  • Type: floor multiuse chair
  • Material: iron, foam, flannel, polyester
  • Dimensions: 38.6 x 20.1 x 5.5 inches
  • Weight capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: lightweight, versatile, easy-to-store


The design of this chair is flannel fabric with high density foam and has six reclining adjustments including flat and upright (90 degrees). This is by far the most budget-friendly chair for gamers, and what you order is what you get. Straightforward, this type of chair is perfect for watching movies or playing games, and it’s one of the most portable lightweight chairs. When done with gaming, chair folds flat for under-bed storage or in a large closet. Material is soft but not necessarily comfortable for those who don’t like the flannel texture. You will, however, be quite content gaming (or watching movies) in it for extended hours.

  • It is the budget pick of gaming chairs on this list. Very affordable
  • Comes in four colors (brown, black, pink, and tan)
  • No assembly is required, and the chair is easy to store or travel with
  • Frame is durable iron and can adjust to flat or 90 degrees
  • Easily and comfortably supports a height of 6 feet
  • This gaming chair is merely best for its comfort and easy storage
  • Very simple design, but sometimes adjustments don’t immediately lock into place

Merax PP019425QAA Floor Gaming SofaBest for Family

  • Type: Floor Multiuse Sofa
  • Material:steel tube, sponge, SLUB-polyester
  • Dimensions: 28 x 41 x 23 inches
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: 5 levels for adjustment both on the head place and waist


Comfort, comfort, comfort! In the high-end leather and vinyl gaming chairs you really can’t lay back or sit comfortably all day, and you also can’t fit more than one person per chair. The Floor Multiuse Sofa on the other hand can easily accommodate 2–3 people and adjusts on the floor to become a sofa, chaise lounge, or even bed for watching TV or taking an afternoon nap. For gamers whose comfort is paramount, this sofa is made so that you won’t need to get up and walk around all the time in order to stretch the stiffness out of your legs. It will even lend itself to the self-employed who prefer comfort but still need to sit up in order to work on their laptops.

When transforming from bed to sofa, the product retains its height while being laid back against and doesn’t need to be propped against a wall or other surface. The material is soft and easy to clean, made from sponge and navy soft fabric. If you’re looking for something that can double for gaming and general home-use, this sofa is right up your alley.

  • Multi-purpose adjustment with 5 levels of adjustability for head and waist placement
  • In small apartments it can double as your sofa and your bed
  • Adjustment system has a built-in locking mechanism, making it easy to lock the sofa in an upright position
  • An easily portable 26.5 pounds for moving the sofa around the living room or house
  • If left un-cleaned the inner sponges can absorb dirt and spilled liquids
  • Sofa pillows are not included in purchase
  • Not luxury nice sofas for ritzy entryways, but great for small spaces and kids rooms

ECR4Kids Soft Rocker ChairBest for Kids

  • Type: floor multiuse chair
  • Material: wood, foam, polyurethane
  • Dimensions: 29 x 17 x 33 inches
  • Weight capacity: 200 lbs.
  • Warranty: 30 days limited

More features: heavy-duty durable construction, easy-to-clean


This floor-use-only rocker chair is comfort designed for kids, teens, and adults. Made from comfy foam and polyurethane materials this chair is not exclusively a gaming chair but would also work well and look great in classrooms, daycares, or in-home movie dens. Gamers will love its simple rocking design which supports the back and legs while gaming and allows for casual floor reclining.

It’s easy to clean and weighs only 19 pounds so is easy to transport or tuck away in a closet/bedroom. If your TV is on carpet level and not mounted or on a raised platform, these chairs are a great option for ground level gaming and movie viewing.

  • Comes in four different colors (black, blue, green, red); each priced differently
  • Multifunctional for houses or classroom environments
  • Ergonomic design with wooden inner supports
  • Free shipping
  • Floor use only, does not mount on wheels or swivels
  • Medium to high affordability for gamers
  • Is mainly a chair meant for comfortable gaming and easy movement from TVs in the living room to systems in the bedroom
  • Type: floor multiuse chair
  • Material: polyester and polyester blend, metal, memory foam
  • Dimensions: 41.2 x 6 x 21.2 inches
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs.
  • Warranty: not specified

More features: 14 different sitting positions, soft plush cover


Free standing, filled with memory foam, and surrounded by plush fabric, this product is ideal for the easy going gamer on a budget, especially if all you’re looking for is comfort! The chair adjusts to 14 different positions for back and neck comfort, and you can easily game or watch movies from it for an extended period of time. Afterward, easy storage is simply laying the chair flat and sliding it under a bed, couch, or tucking it away in the closet. This lightweight product travels well in a car to friends’ houses or even to a drive-in theater, and is adjustable up to a 90-degree angle.

Two young kids can easily share this chair comfortably, or it can fit one adult for when you run out of extra chairs during game night. The product comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box.

  • A very affordable option for gamers
  • Comes in five different colors (blue, brown, eggplant, gray, and orange)
  • Free standing and doesn’t have to be propped
  • Back of chair may support neck but not head of many adults (around 5’8 is the perfect height)
  • Without immediate cleanup of liquid spills, memory foam will absorb some of the mess and stain
  • Is mainly a gaming chair for comfort and easy storage when not gaming

Buying Guide

Knowing what to look for in a gaming chair isn’t always the easiest thing for most people to know off the top of their heads. Often you’ve got to ask yourself a series of questions before making a purchase, such as, “Am I looking for comfort, or am I looking for something which will improve the gaming experience?” Just that one question alone will quickly narrow the parameters of your search; to help you out we’ve included some other questions/common information for your consideration. Hopefully it will lead you to the perfect purchase for your needs.

What are the advantages to a gaming chair? When do you need one?

From rocking gaming chairs to bean bags and ergonomic chairs, there are thousands of models available. The top ten we’ve listed are certainly some of the best and are easy examples of gaming chair advantages.

First and foremost is the advantage of back support and an ergonomic design. If you’re a heavy gamer (5–6 hours a day and more) you’ll quickly realize, that a regular couch, sitting on the floor, sitting up in bed, is already messing with your back. Without the proper support while gaming, you’re actually likely to injure yourself and have a hard time doing other activities. A good gaming chair will support your back, arms, neck, and head, thereby eliminating most pains.

Gaming Chair

For low-cost comfort consider the Giantex floor folding gaming chair, which doesn’t necessarily change the experience of a game, but does provide optimal comfort and support. When do you need one? You need one if your current gaming setup is uncomfortable and likely to damage your back.

A whole different advantage that gaming chairs bring to the table is a more immersive experience. Many a gamer wishes they could bring their systems into a movie theater and make magic happen, but with the correct gaming chair, a gaming experience at home can even transcend the surround sound of your local theatre. A strong sound experience created by exceptional speakers and subwoofer bass will truly transport you inside a game or movie and make the gamer feel like they’re actually there – an example being the speakers in X Rocker 51396 Pro Series chair.

When would you need a chair with such good speakers and vibration? If you’re a gamer who has tried multiple systems, games, and methods of play, your next new experience is immersing yourself in the game. A professional gaming chair can do this for you, and really up the value of your gameplay.


Other features to consider:

Comfort and volume aren’t everything; these are just initial examples to get you thinking about what product works best for your gaming environment. Below are some other features worth considering.

Chair Type

Your chair type will most certainly depend on your preference as a gamer, so pay attention to how you game, or how a family member games (if you’re buying the chair for them).

Do you prefer to game on the floor? Buying a floor chair means you’ll almost always be looking up at a mounted screen or TV placed on a shelf. If this is the case and you’re looking upward at a screen, look for a chair that reclines or tilts backward without falling. For chairs that only offer comfort and are not fitted with technology, consider the number of adjustments each product has available for leaning backward. A great example of preference and quality is the BirdRock floor chair; here you have a floor chair that is both comfortable and allows adjustment for playing preference.

Do you prefer to game on-level with the screen in a raised gaming chair? If this is your preference, know first that adjustable chairs are always going to suit your preference better than tilting chairs. HOMY CASA Leisure Recliner and Ottoman Chair Set is a great example of an elevated chair which also allows for adjustments, and the feeling you get when using this chair is a lot like that of a zero gravity chair. You'll find that this particular model can also double up as a great reading chair, for those that like a versatile option! This chair even provides for the gamers legs, which begs the question: do you like to put your legs up? Floor chairs always allow you to rest your legs against the ground, while raised chairs will often leave your legs dangling. Once again, it all depends on your preference as a gamer.


If you’re a gamer who travels a lot to friends’ houses or conventions, you’re probably going to want a gaming chair which is more lightweight. The same is true if you game in different parts of your house, or if you game in one room and watch movies in the other. If this is the case, moving a 50-pound chair all the time is going to get tedious and you might consider something more lightweight. For example, the Merax gaming sofa is a lightweight sofa which can easily fit 2–3 people and is also very light and very portable.

10 Awesome Console Gaming Chairs for Anyone – Reviews and Buying Guide

On the other hand, if you’ve got a home theater of specific gaming room, there will rarely be any need to move chairs around. These are the ideal environments to heavy duty raised and ground chairs. X Rocker 51259 chair isn’t the heaviest gaming chair, but it is the type of chair you wouldn’t want to be moving around constantly. Remember, moving around doesn’t only mean lifting for chairs like this, it means plugging and unplugging as well as lifting (this can get tedious). However, in one environment such as a gaming room, heavy pro gamer chairs don’t really need to be portable since they’ll be staying put.

Weight Capacity

Each chair above has a listed weight rating, and it’s best not to go over this limit and risk breaking your new chair. Once again, this will be a matter of forethought and preference before making your purchase. If you don’t know your weight then go, measure and come back before you make a final decision.


Your warranty on each product is the guarantee you have to return it for repair, replacement, or money back. Most warranties last only a certain amount of days, and for gaming chairs, the warranty lasts from 60 to 90 days.

Before you make your purchase check out each warranty so that you know the period of security you have on a purchase in case something goes wrong. If there is no warranty, then you may very well not want to buy the product. Again, this is a matter of preference.

Extra Features

Batteries or plug-in

Hopefully, these suggestions and examples already made of chair qualities and features have helped you narrow down your personal preferences for a gaming chair. Going even further down the list, you can consider extra features which many of the aforementioned products include. An example being: Bluetooth. If you often use Bluetooth in your home, then you very well might want a chair which has this capability. Additionally, consider:

  • Subwoofer speakers for bass effect
  • Placement of speakers near the head
  • Available colors of each chair
  • Swivel capability
  • Whether it folds and stores
  • Device compatibility
  • Batteries or plug-in


In advance, none of the fabric/foldable chairs will have these hook-ups or capabilities. If you’re looking for chairs compatible with devices (specifically PS4 and Xbox One), the above chairs you want to look at are X Rocker 51259, 51396, and 5143601 chairs (connect to the television and not to the gaming system), X Rocker 5172601 (must manually add AUX in the wireless controller for PS4 gaming system), and X Rocker 5142201. These options are all compatible with the aforementioned systems, and all but X Rocker 5143601 and X Rocker 5172601 require very little setup to get working. High-end floor chairs work just as well as high-end raised chairs when linking to the PS4 or Xbox 1.

Most chairs reviewed above are very durable and weight tested at or above 250 lbs. It’s worth mentioning also that the Giantex chair is loved for its height, but its weight capacity is 200 pounds.

Most of the gaming chairs in the above list are high-end gaming chairs and are best used in home theaters or permanent gaming rooms. Some fit very well at a desk. Your best options for easy-to-store chairs are soft floor chairs, because these chairs are either small or they fold in half for easy storage. A great example of a gaming chair which fits multiple people and stores easily is Merax PP019425QAA Floor Gaming Sofa because it works in a small room as both a sofa and a bed (for overnight visitors) and can easily tuck into a closet or under a regular-sized bed. If you’re just using this list as examples of what chairs are compact and easy to store, then make sure if you go looking on your own to make sure that the gaming chair you buy can lock in place for each of its adjustments.

For your teenager, you’re going to want to start off small and let them slowly figure out what they like. At first get them a simple reclining or rocking gaming chair at ground level. These chairs are not only more affordable for beginner-level gamers (most teenagers) but will help your teen figure out their preference for gaming. If they’ve gamed before or they prefer to be at eye-level with a screen, try some raised recliners for your teens gaming experience.

Gaming chairs which are going to be the easiest to clean are those made of vinyl, leather, and polyurethane. The softer floor chairs which have foam interiors are going to be the hardest to keep clean long term, this is because dirt and liquid stains slowly seep into the foam and change its texture, color, and sometimes smell. Immediately clean spills on these kinds of surfaces! Vinyl, leather, and polyurethane, on the other hand, don’t retain stain and are easy to clean off and polish dry. Over long stretches of time, high-end gaming chairs will deteriorate slower than cheaper models with second-rate materials.

Our Verdict

Our top pick is X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair, which by far offers the best speaker system including a state of the art subwoofer, and it will link up to almost all gaming systems including the Xbox 1 and PS4.

If you’re looking for a chair for multipurpose use, the HOMY CASA Leisure Recliner and Ottoman Chair Set is a good option that can be used as a gaming chair and in the office or watching a movie.

Not only loved for being the most affordable yet the most functional model of floor gaming chairs, Giantex Floor Folding Gaming Chair also has the best reviews for comfort and body size. It’s perfectly durable for heavier weights, and is tall enough to comfortably seat people six feet and taller.

9.7/10 Total Score
X Rocker 51259 Pro H3 4.1 Audio Gaming Chair - Editor's Choice
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