10 Impressive Beginner Electric Guitars – Easy Way to Become a Rock Star!

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Unarguably, the guitar is one of the most popular musical instruments in the world and playing it is a life-changing experience that could open a wide range of prospects for you. Except you’ve been living under a rock all your life, you must have heard about this amazing instrument. Before you can play the guitar, however, you need to learn, which is why you need the best beginner electric guitar to facilitate your development. While the guitar might seem like an intricate instrument that is difficult to learn initially, the reverse is actually the case. With the best beginner electric guitar, you’ll be playing like a professional guitarist in no time.

While the guitar is an instrument that is easy to fall in love with, choosing the ideal one could be the most challenging task in your life, considering there are so many specifications and technicalities to sort through. If you are on the verge of buying your first electric guitar, you must count yourself fortunate for coming across this page. We have carried out a tremendous amount of research to compile a list of the best beginner electric guitars on the market. We’ve considered crucial factors such as the length, the production materials, the bridge system, and the pickup configurations so you can rest assured that we’ve selected only the best models.

This guide is one of the most comprehensive ones you will ever find on electric guitars. We have spent a lot of time in its compilation and it has been meticulously put together. There is a table below this paragraph that compares our top picks, after which you will find our in-depth reviews together with pros and cons of the selected models. After that, there is a thorough buying guide section which packs all the information you need to know.

Top 10 Beginner Electric Guitars Review 2021


Epiphone Les Paul Player PackageEditor’s Choice

  • Length: 40 inches
  • Body material: solid wood
  • Fretboard material: rosewood
  • Bridge system: stop tail
  • Pickup configuration: humbucker
  • Accessories included: gig bag, 10W amp, cable, tuner, pickups, downloadable online lessons

More features: 24 frets; chrome hardware

Epiphone PPEG-EGL1VSCH1 Les Paul Electric Guitar Player Package is for individuals who dream of becoming guitarists. It comes with essentially everything required to begin playing seriously, which includes a real Les Paul Special-II electric guitar. To aid beginners in their bid to become professionals, the pack comes with free downloadable instructional videos that cover metal, country, blues, folk, rock, and more. This device is famous for the monstrous tone it produces or the trademark Les Paul roar, which is due to a solid wood body that is in the profile of the device and two open-coil humbuckers.

The instrument’s single-coil pickups somewhat hum because of interference from other computer electronics but the humbucker pickups make up for the hum by producing a tone free of buzz. This musical instrument from Epiphone comes with a rosewood fingerboard and a durable bolt-on maple neck. It also comes with a 10W amp and a speaker which is perfect for newbies thanks to their strong and full sound even at low tone and volume.

Furthermore, the device sports a very classic design with simple controls volume, bass and treble. Apart from an input for practicing music, the device also has a headphone jack which allows for quiet play. The state-of-the-art combination clean cum overdrive button enables you to use this guitar for a wide variety of tones and styles. It also comes with a Clip-On Chromatic Tuner with an easy-to-read display which helps to fine-tune the guitar whenever it is required.

What stands out?

  • High-quality and great workmanship
  • Comes with multiple accessories
  • Affordable cost

What cons did we manage to find?

  • Strings quality could be better
  • Obvious fret buzzes
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  • Length: 39 inches
  • Body material: hardwood
  • Fretboard material: hardwood
  • Bridge system: tremolo
  • Pickup configuration: single-coil
  • Accessories included: 10W amp, nylon gig bag, strings, pick, whammy bar

More features: truss rod neck; 22 frets

While Best Choice Products is not an exclusively musical instruments manufacturing company, their Best Choice Products Blue Electric Guitar Starter Package is an affordable yet effective set that is ideal for anyone new to electric guitars. Costing less than $100, the bundle contains an electric guitar, a gig bag, an amp, cable, a pick, a strap, and some spare strings. This bundle got you covered, and you can start playing immediately.

This beginner model is made with classic hardwood and has a glossy finish. Apart from that, its 22-fret fingerboard is rosewood which is both aesthetically-appealing and durable. Moreover, it comes with a maple neck, six strings, and a humbucker pickup configuration. The guitar is relatively simple but amazingly comfortable. While the three single coil pickups are likely not to be as flexible as a single coil setup, the guitar produces a pretty clear and bright sound. The tremolo bridge and whammy bar allow for some fun whilst playing. However, don’t force it excessively as it might get out of tune.

In addition to the accessories we already mentioned, the bundle also contains a 10W amp with volume control, a cable cord, treble and bass controls as well as a nylon carrying bag. With the included 10W amp, the device allows you to practice at home or even with one or two friends. The controls of the device are also simple, including volume, treble, and bass, and it also has a headphone output for quiet playing when necessary, which is a nice feature if you decide to organize a night session.

What makes it stand out?

  • Comfortable to hold
  • The amp produces a loud sound
  • Comes with multiple accessories

Which disadvantages must you keep in mind?

  • Thin carrying bag doesn’t offer enough protection
  • Length: 39 inches
  • Body material: basswood
  • Fretboard material: rosewood
  • Bridge system: not specified
  • Pickup configuration: humbucker
  • Accessories included: amp, case, strap, picks, stringwinder, cord, pitchpipe

More features: high gloss finish; chrome bridge system, maple neck

For people who are in search of a reasonably priced electric guitar that can be suitable for everyday practicing, the Davison Guitars Electric Guitar is an ideal choice that you will love surely. Manufactured by a reliable company in the business, it comes fully packaged with every necessary accessory, which includes an amplifier. The unit has a contoured body, which is worth lauding as apart from providing you with great aesthetics, it is also very easy to handle.

According to the maker of this instrument, it comes with different handy accessories like a case, a practice amp, an extremely practical DVD that helps beginners to play the guitar in no time, and a strap cord. Speaking from a technical point of view, this instrument has a rock-solid, 39-inch body that features a rosewood fingerboard and a bolted maple neck. Moreover, this instrument comes with a humbucker pickup that makes the device easy and effortless to play.

The Davison Guitars Electric Guitar has an incredible construction that includes a sophisticated contour. In general, this musical instrument is a remarkable device that comes with only a few shortcomings. According to the customers’ feedback, its amplifier is believed to be a bit limited when it comes to the sound.

Why is it special?

  • High-quality device
  • Very affordable
  • Fine-tuned and responsive

What are the flaws?

  • May be unable to hold long string notes
  • The amplifier is somewhat limited sound-wise
  • Length: 39 inches
  • Body material: solid-wood
  • Fretboard material: rosewood
  • Bridge system: tremolo
  • Pickup configuration: single-coil
  • Accessories included: none

More features: 5-way pick up selector switch; polyurethane gloss finish

Fender is a company that offers exceptionally full-featured electric guitars, and the Bullet Strat Beginner Electric Guitar is a perfect demonstration of their continued brilliance. The device has classy American appearance, produces a superb sound and comes with a price that a beginner will find affordable. The instrument features 21 frets and a C-shaped neck that makes playing easier for newbies. The unit comes with a dated hardtail bridge, which means Fender didn’t add a floating tremolo system like you could have expected. However, that is likely better for a novice since it will increase tuning stability and responsiveness.

Furthermore, the Bullet Strat Beginner Electric Guitar is available in a wide variety of colors, which include pink, arctic white, butterscotch blonde, black, and brown sunburst. The fact that there is a wide range of colors to choose from provides users with a great level of customization. In addition to that, the unit comes with three classic Strat single coils, a tone knob, and two volume knobs. The package also includes a 5-way selector switch, which allows you to dial in your tone and fine-tune it using the knobs. In a word, it’s decent instrument that includes everything needed, and you can’t really go wrong with a model like this.

Why did it make our list?

  • Produces great tone
  • Lightweight construction
  • Available in many colors

What is not ideal about it?

  • Could take a little adjustment to produce a great tone

C-1 SGR by Schecter Beginner Electric GuitarBest for Heavy Metal

  • Length: 46 inches
  • Body material: basswood
  • Fretboard material: rosewood
  • Bridge system: Tune-O-Matic
  • Pickup configuration: humbucker
  • Accessories included: gig bag

More features: 24 frets; maple neck; polished black chrome hardware

Schecter is a brand whose name might not really ring a bell in the ears of beginners like the likes of BC Rich, Fender, Jackson, and other big guns. However, Schecter has worked tremendously over the years to gain lots of ground on its rivals, especially with their beginner-friendly guitars. The Schecter C-1 Electric ground is one of such guitars. Built with a lot of appealing features, this model is definitely one you need to take a look at. One of the most unique features of the device is its very sleek design with a black chrome finish.

This instrument comes with appealing pickups that are sure to help the novice tryout with varieties of music styles. Additionally, the picks are adjustable to produce the wanted sound when it comes to stage and studio effects. The guitar’s shape is fairly arched for a smooth and comfortable to handle finish. Most buyers will surely appreciate the arched shape for how it makes navigating and controlling more convenient in the sitting or standing position. Besides, this device is relatively lightweight at around 12 pounds.

Remarkably, the C-1 SGR also comes with 24 frets and two humbucker pickups. If you are aiming for playing heavy metal, those are two extremely vital features to have. Most other guitars for beginners provide only 21 or 22 frets, and only one humbucker if you are lucky. The device’s chrome finish is also impressive for a guitar in its class.

What are our favorite features?

  • Stylish appearance
  • Black chrome hardware
  • Maple neck with rosewood fretboard

What could be better?

  • The volume knob is installed low scratching the paint off
  • Length: 35 inches
  • Body material: laminated hardwood
  • Fretboard material: laminated hardwood
  • Bridge system: tremolo
  • Pickup configuration: single-coil
  • Accessories included: amp, cable, tuner, strap, picks, instructional DVD, polishing cloth

More features: “C”-shaped maple neck with 20-fret fingerboard

The Squier Mini Strat by Fender, in our opinion, is the best mini beginner electric guitar. Judging by the diminutive size of this instrument, it’s easy to know that its aimed at young guitarists. With the ¾ scale and 20 frets, a shorter reach is needed, which is what young players need as it enables them to have more comfort. To touch the fret notes, it requires less tension. Sometimes, smaller fingers can’t create the pressure needed to properly play a note, so this low-action design eases that tension for a comfortable playing experience.

Furthermore, the Squier Mini Strat by Fender has a fairly great sound to it, despite being so small in size. It uses a conventional three single-coil system. This gives it a brighter and more dynamic sound. Additionally, it has a flexible five-position switch so that you can have a wider range of sounds. The rosewood fingerboard helps with producing deeper sound. In addition, the instrument has incredible controls for volume and tone. You can easily use it as though you were using a larger-scale guitar.

Lest we forget, this instrument comes with poor-quality strings, which you may need to replace as soon as possible as they don’t produce extraordinary sound and may go out of tune often. It’s great that that process is easier and simpler when it comes to beginners.

Why is it special?

  • ¾ electric guitar
  • Comes in a variety of colors
  • 22,75-inch scale length
  • Backed up by a warranty

What are the flaws?

  • Easy to outgrow
  • The sound is very basic

Sawtooth ST-ES-BKB-KIT-3The Easiest to Play

  • Length: 38 inches
  • Body material: basswood
  • Fretboard material: rosewood
  • Bridge system: tremolo
  • Pickup configuration: single-coil
  • Accessories included: clip-on tuner, strap, pick sampler, stand, cable, 10W amp, padded gig bag, online lesson

More features: 5-way selector switch

This special kit from Sawtooth includes a super electric guitar and some great accompanying accessories which include a pack of picks, a strap, a stand, a clip-on digital tuner, a lined vinyl gig bag, and a small amplifier. This kit is really great for beginners and experts alike. It would be hard to find an equally high-quality package in other electric guitar packs in this category. In general, the fit and finish are great as it sports a basswood body, which is available in many different color choices.

Furthermore, this instrument’s neck is designed in C shape that makes it easy to play. Made of maple, the fingerboard has 22 frets. The device comes with a five-way selector switch, a synchronous tremolo bridge, two tone controls, a master volume control and also three single-coil pickups. This instrument is incredibly versatile and is sure to give you a great tone that is perfect for a wide variety of music styles. For the optimum playing experience, this high-quality device is designed with inbuilt upgrades which include premium-quality truss rod covers, chrome finish tuners, knobs, and nuts.

While the included 10W amplifier is small in size, it is very effective and you’ll realize that it produces a high-quality sound while achieving supreme volume levels despite its small size. The included vinyl gig bag is also padded and the whole package is compact enough so that you can carry everything around easily when you’re on the go.

What are its best features?

  • Functional practice amp
  • Almost perfect intonation
  • Very easy and comfortable to play

What could be improved?

  • Flimsy strap

Directly Cheap Full size BLUE Electric GuitarBest Option for Teenagers

  • Length: 39 inches
  • Body material: basswood
  • Fretboard material: maple
  • Bridge system: tremolo
  • Pickup configuration: humbucker
  • Accessories included: bag, whammy bar, strap, cable, strings, ‘Learn to Play Guitar’ DVD

More features: maple jointed neck; medium jumbo nickel alloy frets; 22 fret positions

If you happen to be in a tight budget and at the same time looking for a very affordable classical guitar, this option would be perfect for you. Whether it’s made for a beginner, a little kid, a teenager, or even an adult, it’s always very hard to find a classical in this price range, which is rather remarkable. Despite being so affordable, this model is made of basswood with an ornate inlay that produces a really great sound.

This beginner guitar comes with a roughly three-hour interactive and comprehensive “Learn to Play Guitar DVD”. The DVD contains useful guitar lessons that are taught and explained comprehensively by an experienced guitar teacher. This musical instrument sports an original design that is made of features and components beyond what you would expect from electric guitars in this category. The device comes with a super-light hand-contoured body with a vintage-style tremolo system and a humbucker designed for superior sustenance.

Furthermore, this musical instrument has a maple neck which is finished off with a twenty-one fret maple fingerboard. It also features a vintage-style tremolo bridge that enables you to have loads of fun-creating cool effects. Overall, this is a great-sounding musical instrument that gives much more values than it costs.

Why are we impressed?

  • Great build quality
  • Includes a DVD with lessons
  • Functional bridges and tuners
  • Decent intonation

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Neck is not coated with any finish
  • Length: 39 inches
  • Body material: solid-wood
  • Fretboard material: rosewood
  • Bridge system: tremolo
  • Pickup configuration: single-coil
  • Accessories included: 20W amp, tuner, strings, 2 picks, tremolo bar, shoulder strap, bag

More features: Canadian maple neck; pickup switch; volume and tone controls

The LyxPro Electric Guitar, measuring 39 inches in length, is really a complete and full-sized electric guitar designed explicitly to meet the demands of the novice. This device comes with a solid 20W amplifier which is capable of providing the highest sound quality in varieties of designs and musical styles. Impressively, this instrument features an adjustable neck, something that is rarely found in entry-level guitars. This feature allows a beginner to comfortably adjust and tailor the design and range to their playing taste.

The LyxPro, featuring a great appearance and feel, comes with a small amplifier that will be best suited to a headphone, which is not a strange thing considering this is a beginner device. Also, it comes with a digital clip-on tuner that is great to tune the six strings fitted on the rosewood fretboard. The instrument also has a maple neck, which totally complements the instrument’s rosewood fingerboard and the rock-solid wood body finishes for supreme sound quality.

All beginner electric guitars are expected to come with some distinguished accessories that will improve the playing process, and this instrument from LyxPro does not disappoint when it comes to this. Its package includes all the tools necessary to enhance your playing immediately, and these accessories include shoulder straps, two picks, a tremolo bar, and a carrying bag for comfort and proper storage.

Why are we impressed?

  • Has a nice feel to it
  • Outstanding craftsmanship
  • Clip-on tuner functions superbly
  • Great-sounding amplifier

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Might require more setup and adjustments
  • Some fret edges need sanding
  • Cheaply made carrying bag
  • Length: 30 inches
  • Body material: solid wood
  • Fretboard material: rosewood
  • Bridge system: double
  • Pickup configuration: single-coil
  • Accessories included: cable cord, bag, amp strap, guitar picks, mini 5W amp that can be clipped on clothing

More features: 22 frets; smooth black color with blue finish

If you have a kid who aspires to be a rock star, then your search for a suitable guitar for him or her has to end here. Featuring a hardwood body, this Smartxchoices Kids Electric Guitar is a high-quality model. Apart from this, the unit also features steel strings, rosewood fretboard, and a beautiful black and blue finish that is worth showing flaunting to family and friends. It comes with a mini 5W amplifier which can be clipped to your kid’s clothing easily due to its small size. The kit includes the electric guitar, a travel bag with straps, extra steel strings, a chord, picks, and a guitar strap.

Measuring 30 inches in length, this instrument is ideal for children over the age of three. It comes with all the accessories necessary for a delightful playing experience. The only important thing that is not included is a digital tuner, which shouldn’t really come as a surprise considering this is a very cheap model.

This device is possibly the best present to give a child aged three years or above. It is small in size, which makes it very easy and comfortable to use by little kids. It boasts a very smooth finish and has an appealing black color. Also, it displays a blue finish and features a light wood neck that emerges against the dark blue to make for a sensational piece of instrument. Moreover, the guitar comes with easy-to-press strings, which further shows why we rate this model so highly.

What do we love it for?

  • Lovely color
  • Comes with all the basic accessories
  • Easy to play for little kids
  • Very affordable

What were we disappointed with?

  • Poor-quality amplifier
  • Overall flimsy construction

Things to Consider

Due to little experience or lack of, a beginner is always prone to mistakes when buying his first electric guitar. A lot end up purchasing very poor models that begin to develop technical faults with time. Our task is to prevent this, and you can help us achieve our aim by reading and adhering to this very comprehensive buying guide.

Want to learn to play the electric guitar? What to start with?

Electric Guitar 16

Get the right guitar

When it comes to buying your first electric guitar as a beginner, you need to be truthful with yourself about the initial investment you are willing to make. Of course, it does not have to be big – you can actually find several premium-quality electric guitars at affordable prices. As soon as you have set your budget, then it is time to go hunting for the right electric guitar for your needs. Try to read several reviews and customers’ feedback online. You might not really know what you are looking for as regards sound, but you’ll know what feels good and comfy in your arms. Once you find an excellent electric guitar with good feedback from customers, go for it.  Playability and tonality are features to look for down the road. If you are still in doubt, try to look through the acoustic-electric guitars to start with or choose an instrument for the genre you prefer, like blues acoustic guitars.

Get the right accessories

The right accessories can make a huge difference in refining your technique and improving your tone. The most important accessories for you as a newbie are an amplifier, picks, a strap, a cable, a strong guitar stand, a good tuner, and a guitar case. Of course, as you develop as a guitarist, you can look for other tone-enhancing accessories like slides, pedals, effects, and more.

Start learning

Hands tunes the guitar on the black background

While the guitar might sometime seem like the most difficult musical instrument to learn in the world, it can actually be easy if you put your mind to it. Of course, you have to be committed, focused, and be ready to put in a lot of work. However, the biggest mistake a beginner could make is expecting to become a master overnight. In truth, learning to play the electric guitar is actually a gradual process that requires time, patience, and true understanding of concepts.

As a beginner, you have to make the most of the free resources scattered all over the Internet. There are loads of websites online to learn how to play the electric guitar. Some of our favorite websites to get started as a beginner are JustinGuitar, Arlen Roth and Gibson, Ultimate Guitar, and Fender University.

You also need to buy a simple songbook. There is a million of simple songbooks out there. Buy those with familiar songs, and have only a couple of chords for each song. Most contain chord charts so you will have an easier time. For now, don’t bother about songs with complex-looking chords.

Features to consider before buying an electric guitar

Since we have been researching this topic for a while, we are aware of the common problems usually faced by beginners. When you’re shopping for your first electric guitar, below are the most important features to take into consideration.

Scale length

The scale length is the string’s vibrating length, which is normally set by the distance between the bridge saddle and the nut. The frets of the guitar are usually spaced depending on ratio, which means that the longer scales are more distanced between frets.

The scale length affects both the note’s tone quality and the string’s tension at a particular pitch.


Wood quality

A typical mistake made by most beginners is purchasing an electric guitar without ensuring it is made with a high-quality wood. The kind of wood the instrument is made from affects sound, tone, and resonance. Every kind of wood provides its own distinctive resonance because of the wood’s hardness and density. You can check several websites online before buying your instrument, and read through the specs of different guitars. This way, you’ll know the quality and type of wood that a guitar was made with before deciding to purchase it. Some common woods are adler, basswood, mahogany, agathis, rosewood, and maple.

Body types

There are three types of body available on the market when it comes to electric guitars: solid, hollow, and semi-hollow. The difference between these three types essentially comes down to the tone and resonance they create. The hollow body and semi-hollow body can produce a lot more resonance and reverberation than the solid type.

Despite being the body type that produces the least resonance, the solid body guitar is by a wide margin the most well-known guitar among manufacturers and guitarists. Both hollow type and semi-hollow type are favored by various genres such as jazz and blues, the solid body type is preferred by punk, hard rock, and metal genres. Of course, either body type can be used for any genre with adequate technique.

Bridge system

electric guitar bridge

While there are several types of bridges out there with many adjustments possible, one thing stays constant between all of them – it has a big impact on the sound and performance of the guitar.

Although choosing between different types of bridges can be a difficult decision, to make things easier, it is better to pick one that is suitable for your personal music taste and your skill level.


A country player may have a frustrating time with the one bridge that is suitable for the heavy metal genre. For people that have many guitars at reach, each of your instruments could have a different bridge to fit that music style or situation. The most common bridges, however, are the Floyd Rose, Synchronized Tremelos, Tune-O-Matic, Fixed Bridge, Hard-Tail, and several others.

Pickup configuration

Whether it’s a hambucker or a single coil, each electric guitar incorporates some sort of electronics. It is what enables you to convert the strings vibrations into signals to be caught by the amp.

Single coils are ageless and contain a magnet that has been wrapped by a few yards of wire. They provide crisp and bright sounds but are susceptible to static and distortion most probably because of magnetic interference. Single coil pickups are perfect for people that play lighter music genres and are used on several models on our list, including the Squier by Fender Mini Strat and the LyxPro.

Humbuckers are basically two single coils utilized to separate the magnetic interference by being combined. The result of this is a powerful, crisp, and bright sound without the hum, noise, and static. Humbuckers are suitable for people that play heavier music genres and are used on the Epiphone PPEG-EGL1VSCH1 Les Paul Electric Guitar and the C-1 SGR by Schecter Beginner Electric Guitar.


You also need to consider the number of accessories. Your ideal beginner electric guitar needs to come with as many as possible. Some accessories, like the cable and amplifier (they come in different price ranges and can be purchased for under 200 and 300 dollars) are things you can’t play without. Others such as a case, stand, or additional strings are totally your perspective. Make sure you take some time to consider your choice of add-ons and accessories. Models like the Best Choice Products Blue Electric Guitar come with several accessories and add-ons.

Extra Features


You also need to consider extra features such as fret scale and the number of frets. Usually, an electric guitar has 21, 22, or 24 frets. While frets are integral to the quality of music produced by your guitar, it is unnecessary to make adjustments to it unless you’re are experienced and find it absolutely necessary.


While you can tune your electric guitar by ear, it’s best done by making use of an electric tuner. Electric tuners are small devices that clasp onto the guitar’s headstock and you can buy them for an affordable cost online or at your local music store.

When you are ready to tune your guitar, you only need to pluck it and the tuning device ought to light up. The arrow is going to center on the device’s screen and the light will turn to green when you are in tune. When you are out of tune, the light will turn red and the arrow is going to point off to the right or left.

Any electric guitar you choose cannot sound like your favorite rock bands. Electric guitar comes with different features and attributes, so expecting each of them to sound like your favorite rock bands could be a task too high.

A whammy bar is a component usually found on several electric guitars that enable guitarists to create a vibrato effect – a sequence of pitch changes on notes. Believed originally to be a replacement for the subtle finger movement of a guitarist on the frets, the vibrato effect can be utilized for extreme or gentle pitch changes.

The bridge type installed on your guitar has a big impact on the sound and performance of the instrument. Whether you are buying a new electric guitar or you are upgrading an old mode, it is vital to know the differences between the bridges available.

There is really no best answer to this question. Accomplished professional players have adopted a wide variety of various bridges for different purposes. Which one you choose between a tremolo or fixed bridge system is a decision that usually comes down to your personal preference and music style.

A full-sized guitar would be too heavy for children in the five to eight age range. Even the electric child-sized guitar might be too weighty for this class. We recommend buying a classical guitar for kids as they are usually lighter and come in four sizes so you’ll able to get the perfect fit.

Our Verdict

Based on every key criterion we considered, our top pick is the Epiphone PPEG-EGL1VSCH1 Les Paul Electric Guitar. Coming with almost every essential accessory necessary for a superb playing experience, it is easy to see that this model is aimed at serious beginners. Apart from the awesome sound it produces, the unit also comes in a premium-quality construction, which is impressive considering it comes at an affordable cost.

Our second pick is the Best Choice Products Blue Electric Guitar, which we also regard as the most versatile model on this list. Made with classic hardwood with a glossy finish, this electric guitar sports an amazing appearance. Not only that, but the model also produces an incredible sound, which can be further enhanced by the included whammy bar and tremolo bridge.

For its simplicity and efficiency, the Davison Guitars Electric Guitar Starter Package comes third on our list. Apart from being made by a brand that is respectable in the industry, it packs a high-quality performance. Featuring a sophisticated construction and great aesthetics, this model is also effortless to play.

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