Top 6 Airless Paint Sprayers for Commercial or Home Use

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You can already see it, right? The surface painted to perfection; silky smooth without any blemishes. If that’s your goal, chances are you need one of the best airless paint sprayer models the market has. It’s an excellent painting option for domestic or commercial use, because you’re guaranteed a smooth finish. That’s because this unique equipment doesn’t mix the paint with air, preventing the chance of bubbles forming on the surface. And no, you don’t have to hire a professional. You can do this yourself.

To make it easy for you to get started, we researched the market and picked a few of the best models. We checked important aspects such as air pressure and flow rate, because that will determine your final result. Of course, most people need a portable unit, too and one that’s easy to use on any terrain. For that we compared weight and hose length.

Our experts—a few construction engineers that work with this equipment on a daily basis—tested out the products at their homes and in real-life scenarios on work sites. The paint spayers that remained on our top 6 list after rigorous use are the ones worth your investment. All of them are impressive, but you can find the ideal one for your project on the comparison table. Alternatively, read our in-depth reviews and the buying guide below if you want to make sure you pick the perfect long term solution. Important note: yes, painting with an airless sprayer is lots of fun. Once you start painting this way, you’ll wish you bought a paint sprayer sooner. Enjoy!

Top 6 Airless Paint Sprayers Review 2021


Graco Magnum 262805 X7Editor’s Choice

  • Air pressure: 3000 psi
  • Flow rate: 31 gpm
  • Hose length: 25 feet
  • Weight: 23 lbs

Extra features: power flush for easy cleaning, reverse-a-clean spray tip

The designers thought of almost every aspect of painting and made it easier & faster for anyone who wants to try. We love that this unit has a wheeled cart, so you can easily pull it along, making it easier if you’re carrying other equipment too. Thanks to the long hose you can reach far, so you can even work in hard to reach places. Note that though it comes with a 25ft hose the frame can support up to 100ft. That makes it practical for working on large construction jobs or even painting upper stories, without lugging it upstairs.

Working it is just as user-friendly, as this model will pull the paint straight from the bucket. The cart even has a space you can place the bucket in, so you don’t have to carry it separately. Just note that it doesn’t cater for larger buckets.

You don’t even have to thin the paint because the piston pump is powerful enough to push paint through the nozzle. The unit also allows you to adjust pressure so the spray will suit the type of paint and job you’re busy with.

Afterwards clean up is relatively easy, as you can connect it to a normal water hose and rinse the parts that way.

Its recommended usage is fairly impressive: you can spray up to 125 gallons/yr. That makes it a viable option for professionals, too.

This is a versatile option that can spray different types of paint onto different surfaces such as fences, your house or a wooden deck.

Why did it make our list?

  • Cart enhances portability
  • Draw paint straight from bucket
  • Easy cleaning
  • Quality nozzle
  • Long hose

What is not ideal about it?

  • Won’t hold large buckets
  • 100ft hose not included
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Graco 17N163Best Small Airless Paint Sprayer

  • Air pressure: 500-2000 psi
  • Flow rate: 0.2 gpm
  • Hose length: n/a – corded
  • Weight: 7.6 lbs

Extra features: compatible with a range of precision cut TC Pro Tips

So, with this model you will have to transfer paint to its canister, but for the amazing portability you get, it’s worth it. Just remember to calculate time for refilling when estimating how long a job will take you.

You can carry this relatively light sprayer anywhere you need to paint and it’s so lightweight you won’t quickly feel fatigued using it.

This is a great example of Graco’s innovation, as the unique design makes it very easy to replace components: three simple steps are all you need to exchange the pump, and you don’t need fancy tools to get it right. You can also trust Graco to manufacture durable, trustworthy machinery and this one will start up quickly & easily each time thanks to its impressive piston pump.

For such a small unit it’s quite versatile as you can adjust motor speed. The result is consistent spray, so your final product will seem professionally done. You can also use many TC Pro Tips with this model, so no matter the consistency of your product, this will suffice.

Cleaning is easier than with many other units as there’s no suction tube that you’ll have to rinse out. This saves you time. You know you’ll use tools more when they’re more user friendly, compared to larger units whose maintenance takes too long. You’ll use this a lot more, which means it’s value for money.

Why are we impressed?

  • Very portable
  • Powerful
  • Easy cleaning in short time span
  • Consistent spray

What negatives must you be aware of?

  • Can’t suck paint from bucket

HomeRight Power Flo Pro 2800Best for Home Owners

  • Air pressure: 2800 psi
  • Flow rate: 0.24 gpm
  • Hose length: 25 feet
  • Weight: 21 lbs

Extra features: reversible tip, easy pressure control adjustment

This is specifically designed to help homeowners become better DIYers, so consider this for your personal projects, not necessarily for professional ones.

That doesn’t mean you can’t attempt large projects: it’s powerful enough to produce 2800psi, so it will push through unthinned paint with ease. It can also draw the paint directly from a container whether you purchase 1 gallon or 5 gallon buckets. This makes DIY simple.

A homeowner has absolute control during the project as you can adjust the pressure with a simple knob function. You’ll achieve a smooth finish with a variety of paints and liquids. We also loved the unique hose with its kink-free design. This makes it easy to maintain the same quality spray, you won’t waste time on untangling the hose and it minimizes the chance of damages through wear & tear. The hose’s length is comfortable to use and long enough for most home projects.

It’s designed to help you paint a variety of surfaces with different types of paint, which means DIYers only need one tool to paint it all. That saves money, removing the need to purchase additional equipment.

Even carrying this is easy, thanks to the nifty handle that’s party of the body. While it’s not the lightest unit on our list, loading it into your vehicle or carrying it to where you need it is made easy. In addition. the compact design makes it easier for homeowners to work in hard to reach areas.

What makes it special?

  • Compact design
  • Perfect for home use
  • Kink-free hose
  • Easy carrying

What cons did we find?

  • Not meant for professional and industrial use

Graco 17G177 Magnum ProX17Best Airless Paint Sprayer for Latex

  • Air pressure: 3000 psi
  • Flow rate: 0.34 gpm
  • Hose length: 50 feet
  • Weight: 27 lbs

Extra features: ProXChange pump replacement system, Power Flush for fast hose cleanup

This is a wonderfully made unit for heavy duty use. With recommended use of up to 300 gallons per year, the more professional users will find this quite sufficient.

It becomes even more practical as you look at each part: the sturdy framework can support up to 150ft of hose, so you’ll cover a lot of ground without having to move the unit itself. Just note that this specific design doesn’t have wheels, but it’s not too heavy to carry around over short distances. Because it will easily suck paint from the bucket itself (various sized buckets will work) there’s even less effort during each painting sessions – no transferring paint to canisters.

When you’re finished, your clean up process will be relatively quick because this model can connect to a garden hose. That will flush out the system sufficiently.

You can adjust the pressure of this unit so you stay in control of the spray process.

Maintenance on this is super easy because replacing the pump doesn’t require special tools. This also means less downtime which is another plus, especially for professionals who need to keep to strict timelines. The pros also appreciate that you can spray almost anything, even latex. Only some products require thinning, but most can be used in their original forms.

The brand provides you with clear guides and manuals, so even a DIYer will quickly get the hang of this one.

What makes it special?

  • Paint with almost anything
  • Long hose
  • Adjustable settings

What cons did we find?

  • No cart
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Goplus Airless Paint SprayerBudget Pick

  • Air pressure: 3000 psi
  • Flow rate: 0.32 gpm
  • Hose length: 25 feet
  • Weight: 18.5 lbs

Extra features: polyurethane cover, resistant to flex fatigue, dissipates static charge

Luckily you can enjoy the benefits of an airless sprayer even if you’re working on a tight budget. This one comes in at a low price, but still impressed us with its ease of use and functionality.

Firstly, it’s not too heavy, which makes it easy to transport to wherever you need it. There’s a handle which makes it fairly comfortable to carry.

This budget buy has quite innovative features, such as being resistant to flex fatigue. You can use the hose in quite tight bends without it getting damaged or developing blockages. You can also spray almost any type of chemical or paint—it’s proven not to swell or get damaged in the process.

Even though this is a compact, small unit it still draws paint straight out of the bucket which makes larger projects a breeze. Users have tried this on multiple big spray jobs and the Goplus didn’t disappoint: it keeps going and consistently creates a smooth finish! Surprisingly for such a small machine, you can get up to 3000psi.

It’s another machine that saves you money in the long run as well: because you can adjust the pressure yourself this works for a variety of jobs. You don’t have to purchase different machines to complete a variety of projects.

It continues to impress when it’s time to clean up. You can simply force water with some solvent through and it will be clean enough to store or use again.

What makes it special?

  • Good price
  • Cleans easily
  • Powerful machine

What cons did we find?

  • Not made in the US

Titan ControlMax 1500Best Airless Paint Sprayer for DIY

  • Air pressure: 1500 psi
  • Flow rate: 0.29 gpm
  • Hose length: 25 feet
  • Weight: 19.4 lbs

Extra features: paint filter to prevent debris from entering system

This design is all about getting a very professional result. You have exceptional control over the spraying and instead of simply blasting the surface with paint, there’s a softer spray option. This improves your control even more and gives you that consistent finish you’re after. And it’s so easy to use, any DIYer and home owner can now be proud of their final products.

This one beats other airless sprayers in quite a few categories. The design decreases overspray by as much as 55% than what you’re used to with other similar models. It’s also known for its durability: the pump will last three times longer than some others on this list. The brand even offers a two year warranty in an industry where the norm is much less.

Longevity doesn’t mean it lacks power. This one can handle unthinned products too, so you can spray almost anything. Also, draw the paint directly from the tub if you want. Just note that this specific model doesn’t have the space to store or transport the tub on the framework. Other Titan products do have this feature though.

We also appreciate the unique features that help streamline the user’s workflow. You can store some tools in the sprayer’s body underneath a protective lid. You’ll have fewer things to carry around and you can protect personal items from getting sprayed.

This isn’t a super light model and there are no wheels, but it is of a manageable weight as long as you don’t have to carry it over long distances. With ample hose length to work with it becomes useful in many work environments.

What do we love it for?

  • Strong, powerful machine
  • Handy storage area
  • 55% less overspray
  • Softer spray ensures smooth result

What were we disappointed with?

  • No cart
  • No place to store paint bucket

Things to Consider

You can see the market offers quite a vast range. How do you know which to pick? We listed some must-know facts to make it easier for you to decide and motivate you to get yours soon. It’s so worth it: Complete projects easier and improve your quality overnight.

Advantages of getting an airless paint sprayer

Painting walls

If you’re wondering why you shouldn’t simply settle for an ordinary sprayer, there are definite benefits when you pick this:

  • Less chance of air bubbles spoiling your surface – you’ll get an ultra-smooth result
  • You’ll work faster because paint is pushed through the nozzle faster; you can save up to 50% of your time compared to ordinary sprayers
  • Many sprayers can work by pumping paint straight from the bucket so you don’t waste time or paint scooping it into cannisters

The big win here is about saving time and effort, while getting an evenly painted surface. It’s an aesthetic and a practical choice, making this a wise investment for both DIYers & professionals.

Features to consider when choosing an airless paint sprayer

To help you understand some of the facts above and to help you vet the models you’re interested in, here’s your tool: use this as a priority list of what your airless paint sprayer needs to have. These features matter if you want fast, effortless workflow.

Air pressure

Pressure isn’t only about buying the model that can create the most pressure. Some paints and surfaces may actually require lower pressure and you must be able to control these settings. That will make one machine appropriate to various applications. You may also have to adjust the pressure settings in relation to the size of the paint bucket you use.

Flow rate

Flow rate is stated in gpm (gallons per minute). It tells you how powerful the unit can be in pushing paint through the nozzle. You must ensure this rating aligns with the tip you use (see below). The tip size must be able to handle the amount of paint you want to force through every minute. You’ll find handy charts online to help you determine what you need.


If you’re planning on using thick paint you’ll need more power to push the liquid through your machine.
That’s why you must look at each unit’s capacity. In general, a 5/8hp which can produce 3000psi is impressive. However, for general DIY jobs, you may only require a unit such as the Titan which produces up to 1500psi. Don’t waste money on a powerful machine if you know you’ll do smaller jobs with thin liquids.

Hose length and maximum extended hose length

As you can see in our examples, many airless paint sprayers have at least 25ft of hose. Luckily, many of them have the space and framework to carry longer units such as 50ft or even 100ft, seen in the Graco Magnum 262805 X7. This is important if you want to:

  • Work on a second story without carrying the machine upstairs
  • Leave the machine in one place while working over a large area or around a large object

25ft is more than enough for most DIY jobs, though.

It’s also important that the hose won’t damage easily, even if often extended to its full length.

Ease of cleaning

Let’s be clear: You can’t neglect the cleaning aspect with these sprayers. Especially when using oil-based paints, you must prevent clogging and usually remove parts to clean them properly. This is one thing that’s more tedious than some other types of sprayers. If you find a model with easy cleaning options such as ‘power flush’ in some Graco models, it’s of course worth saving you some time and effort. Even reverse tipping helps shorten the cleaning time, so research this aspect well. Thankfully most of the models we found, such as the Graco 17G177 can be cleaned by attaching it to a garden hose—very user friendly.



As you can see on the Graco Magnum 262805 X7, a cart can make your life extremely easy: Wheel your paint sprayer around instead of carrying it. With the right design you can even place your paint bucket on the cart so you don’t have to lug anything around.

This isn’t an essential feature for everyone, but if you’re a professional working with a large machine, you need all the help you can get. For home use you’ll probably work with a smaller unit which is easy enough to carry around.

Maximum tip size

The substance you’ll use and the size of the surface determine the tools you’ll need, as well as the maximum tip size . A tip size determines speed of work and thickness of paint layers. Tip sizes’ numbers relate to two aspects:

  • The orifice size, where you’ll use a smaller number for thinner paints
  • The fan width, where a larger number means you’ll distribute a thinner layer of the paint

If you work with thick paint and you want your paint to last long, your airless paint sprayer must be compatible with a high tip size.

Handy hint: Invest in reversible airless tips which are easy to unclog.

Recommended annual usage

The average homeowner may not use a sprayer on a regular basis, but if you’re buying for professional application you must look at this rating. You’ll see the brand’s advisable yearly usage. Units for professional use often have high processing capacities. Even though it doesn’t operate at maximum capacity at all times, the benefit is that this aspect prolongs its life cycle.

If you purchase a lower end model and use it more than recommended, you’re bound to wear it out quickly or even damage it from overuse. Purchase a model that’s made for your scenario: domestic or professional.

Woman painting furniture outside


Here’s another aspect that’s all about portability. You want to be able to carry this as close to the point of use as possible; and if you’re working on a large project you’ll move it often. A lighter model will require less effort. Of course it matters less if your unit is on wheels, but remember: you also have to clean these machines quite diligently. If it’s lighter, it’s easier to handle.

Will you load this into a vehicle often when using it for your business? Make sure it’s possible for one person to handle, so you can work on your own when necessary.


A warranty is essential when purchasing any tools. Only trust brands that offer this. For starters it’s proof that you’re purchasing a quality product. You also want this as backup if something should go wrong, instead of buying a new device.

The best airless paint sprayer products are usually available with warranties valid for a few months. That’s one of the reasons the Titan ControlMax 1500 is so remarkable, as the brand keeps you covered for up to two years.


Please briefly answer the following questions:

Thanks to changes in the industry you can now use almost any paint or substance with your airless paint sprayer. For example, latex (previously not sprayer friendly) has become water compatible and is much thinner than products of years ago. Therefore it’s safe to use in paint sprayers too. In addition, the sprayers’ cleaning methods have improved which make it less risky to use substances such as oily paint. As long as you thoroughly clean your machine, it will work well each time.

The machines are also powerful enough (produce enough pressure) to push thick paint through the nozzle, even without thinning.

Substances that can create problems include sealers used with asphalt or block fillers.

As you can see with most units above, even with the smaller Titan ControlMax 1500, there’s no need to thin the paint. Although it’s wise to check with the manufacturer if you use a unique product, in most cases you can use it straight from its original container: no transferring it to a canister and no need to add a thinner.

An airless paint sprayer invariably creates a mist of paint which will eventually settle on the floor or other objects. Therefore you have to cover everything you don’t plan on painting.

A handy option is a spray shelter or paint booth which you can pitch over the object you’re painting. This will limit the amount of paint that reaches the rest of the room.

Also beware of the paint fumes: wear protective clothing to prevent it ruining your outfit and add a mask so you don’t inhale the droplets.

What do you want to paint? Chances are you can get it done with an airless paint sprayer. Because you can use so many different types of paint, you can paint doors or other wooden surfaces, walls, metal gates and more. The technique also works for all these different surfaces, creating a smooth finish each time.

Our Verdict

This tool will make your life so much easier, but you need to purchase the best one for the job. In almost any scenario the Graco Magnum 252805 X7 is a winner. Who doesn’t want the convenient feature of the cart? Moving around your job site will be easy and this is a powerful machine that can handle almost any project.

You can also consider the brand’s 17N163 model. This is a small machine which you can use almost anywhere. It helps you paint in confined areas and is easy to control, even if you’re new at this task. The only drawback is filling the canister, but this is understandable in handheld models.

HomeRight also impresses with its easy to carry model. It’s quite powerful for a smaller machine, so you can use this for all your DIY jobs from now on, no matter the paint you use.

You can instantly improve the quality of your work while cutting down on the time you spend. Great combination, right? All you need is the best airless paint sprayer for your scenario. Which one will you take home?

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